Yorkie Dachshund Mix (Dorkie) – Everything There Is To Know!

Both the Yorkie and the dachshund are extremely popular breeds of dogs. They are playful, fun, and fantastic family pets. Both of them are relatively small, but with quite large personalities. So, if these dogs are both great together you’d imagine they’d be pretty darn great as a mix. So is a Yorkie dachshund mix a good family dog?

If you’re thinking that the answer is yes, you’d be right. The Yorkie dachshund mix, known affectionately as the “dorkie,” is a great dog for families and single folks alike. Read on to find out all the reasons the dorkie is such a fantastic man’s best friend!

A devoted companion

The dorkie is an excellent companion dog. Much like its parents, the Yorkie and the dachshund, these dogs will shadow their owners quite closely, making them fantastic companion dogs. They even love to nap in your lap!

Many owners like this, and many owners don’t find it desirable in their dogs. Make sure you like a bit of a clingy man’s best friend before getting a dorkie, as it’s in their nature to be that way, and you won’t really be able to train it out of them!

As an extension of this, dorkies can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety. If you’re out of sight, out of the house, or go for extended periods of time, this can stress your dorkie out quite a bit. If you’re extremely busy, they might not be the pet for you (unless you can take them with you where you go!).  

Ease of care

Dorkies are actually quite easy to care for, which is another reason they are a great option for would-be owners looking for a new furry pal. 

Firstly, they don’t take up very much space at all. Fully grown dorkies are around 5 to 10 inches tall and max out at around 12 pounds. Talk about a small dog! This means not only are they small, but so are their beds, bowls, kennels, and other things you’ll need to care for them. This makes them a major space saver when you compare them to larger breeds. 

They also don’t require a ton of maintenance. Keeping your dorkie healthy and looking beautiful is as simple as feeding it a healthy diet, taking them on some walks for exercise, and brushing its coat twice or so monthly. Beyond that, there’s nothing really special you have to do to take care of a dorkie!

A proper diet for your dorkie is around 1 or 2 cups of dry food daily. Make sure you are also giving them plenty of freshwaters as well! Yorkies are picky eaters, so dorkies can sometimes be as well. Watch out for this and react accordingly!

As far as exercise, 30 to 45 minutes daily should be enough to keep your dorkie active and healthy. Short bursts of activity are great, as these guys tire out quickly. A walk or just some indoor playtime can be enough, but trips to the dog park can be great for your dorkie’s physical health as well. 

Allergies no more!

Dorkies are a hypoallergenic breed. This means that people who are normally allergic to dogs may be able to hang around dorkies without being affected by their allergies. This is a trait they have inherited from their Yorkshire terrier parents. 

As well as being hypoallergenic, dorkies also very rarely shed, and when they do it’s very little. Not only will this help people who are even allergic to hypoallergenic dogs, but is just less of a mess you have to clean in general. 

Friendly and cooperative

Dorkies are an extremely friendly breed of dog and get along well with children, other pets, strangers, and other people’s dogs as well. This is also a trait that comes from their Yorkie parents! 

The breed is known for being laid back and easygoing most of the time. They are rarely aggressive, territorial, or excessively violent in any way, which is part of what makes them so easy to care for and such excellent dogs for any owner!

Things to watch out for

Although dorkies are such a fantastic breed, they are not without their problems! Like all dogs, there are some things to watch out for when raising and caring for a dorkie. 

First of all, dorkies can be a bit difficult to train. Although dorkies are quite intelligent and love to please their owners, they can also be stubborn and stuck in their ways. This can make training behaviors out of them very difficult. They mostly respond to positive reinforcement, not negative, if you are looking to train them out of certain behaviors. 

This difficulty in training them wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t have some relatively annoying habits. They’re nothing dangerous or too consequential, but there are some things your dorkie might do regularly that could get on anyone’s nerves. 

Both dachshunds and Yorkies are known for being yappy breeds, so, as one would assume, the dorkie can be quite the shrill and incessant barker as well. With enough training, though, this can be trained out of dorkies. 

When training your dorkie, make sure that you always have a positive tone and attitude. This intelligent breed is very perceptive and reactive to things like your tone and attitude, and will often mirror them. The more positive and productive you are, the more your dorkie will be as well. 

Lastly, although dorkies are good family dogs, be careful with children that are too young. They can be overly aggressive with dogs sometimes, and dorkies have been known to nip at children in self-defense. 

Ready for a dorkie?

So, are you ready to be the owner of this fun and fantastic tiny little dog? These laid-back, loyal, and intelligent dogs are fantastic for any would-be owner, provided they are ready to put in the time and effort to give their dorkie the life it deserves!