Is the Yorkie-Cocker Spaniel a Good Mixed Breed Dog?  (Solved!)

Yes, this designer breed takes the positive qualities from both its parents making it a smart, loving, alert dog and therefore, an ideal mixed breed. Further, this canine is average-sized, hypoallergenic, and easily trained. 

What is a Cocker Spaniel Yorkie Mix Called?

As with other breeds involving Yorkies as one parent, this combination follows the standard mixed breed naming formula. 

Taking the “C” of the Cocker Spaniel and the suffix of the Yorkie, you have the Corkie. Which is frequently used when referring to the offspring of the two breeds.

What is the Lifespan of the Corkie?

Corkies typically live anywhere from 11 to 15 years. Where they fall on that spectrum is impacted by various factors such as their specific genetics (health of their parents), how well they are taken care of, their diet, and lifestyle.

However, as they are a mixed breed, they are less prone to the health risks common in pure-breds due to continuous inbreeding.

Do Corkies Have Health Problems?

Corkies do come with health concerns as most live beings do. The most common and frequent of them include eye problems and skin problems. These could be exacerbated by possible allergies to dust, pollen, and grass. 

Amenia, Hypothyroidism, and Epilepsy are a few other more serious health concerns observed in the breed. We suggest visiting your local veterinarian for regular checkups just as you would for yourself to make sure your pup is healthy and if not, to catch it early enough to help.

How Big Do Corkies Get?

The Cocker Spaniel is considered a medium-sized dog while the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) is classified as a toy breed. Thus, the Corkie is a small- to medium-sized dog.

This will fluctuate according to the size of the canine’s parents.

You can expect your Corkie to be around 12 inches tall (measured to its shoulders) and to weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds.

What is the Temperament of the Corkie?

These pups are intelligent because of their parents’ keen minds. While they are also sweet, loving, and expressive. Not to mention, friendly with both people and other pups.

As there are hunting dog tendencies in their lineage, Corkies are also very alert. If you’re looking for one of the cutest watchdogs out there who will also be a loyal companion, look no further than a Corkie.

What Color is a Corkie?

The most common solid colors for Corkies are brown and beige. They are often multi-colored, with bodies that are mixtures of brown and white, black and beige, and even yellow or blonde.

As Corkies are a designer mixed breed, there is no way to predict their coloring. Each puppy will come out unique. Which we think is part of the fun!

Grooming Your Corkie

Corkies have medium to long silky coats. They are soft and can even be compared to human hair. Thus, they require consistent grooming. 

Whether the grooming is completed by you or a professional, you will need to regularly brush, bathe, and cut your Corkies coat to maintain its silky and luscious texture. If you follow this hair care routine, your pup will have the most beautiful hair on the block!

Are Corkies Hypoallergenic?

One reason for the popularity of the Corkie is their hypoallergenic nature. Though no dog (or mammal for that matter) can be entirely hypoallergenic, the Corkie comes very close. You won’t find yourself sneezing or your guests getting red in the eyes with your pup around.

Plus, their shedding is limited so you won’t find hair covering your furniture and in your food. 

Do Corkies Require a lot of Exercise?

This breed’s small- to medium- size makes it relatively easy for them to get all the exercise they need with just two 15-minute walks per day. 

They love to play too so if you can find some time a few days a week to take them to a dog park to socialize and run about, they will be happy campers.

Do Corkies Get Along with Children?

It is a safer bet to have a Corkie around older children than babies or toddlers simply because of the Yorkshire Terrier in them which can become annoyed quickly. 

Older children will understand when their Corkie barks or walks away while younger may become distressed.

Do Corkies Get Along with Other Animals

If you socialize your Corkie with other dogs as soon as it has its necessary vaccines, it will get along very well with them. Cocker Spaniels are playful and gentle in nature which neutralizes the Yorkie’s preference for independence. 

In terms of other pets, however, you may find your Corkie’s hunting dog instincts kick in. It could think of your other pets as prey depending on their type and size. However, if socialized from infancy, they should embrace these other animals too.

Can I Leave my Corkie Alone in the House?

Corkies live well in apartments and enclosed spaces that other breeds often struggle with. They aren’t disruptive as other dogs either, so you won’t have to worry as much about coming home to ripped apart pillows. 

However, Corkies can suffer from separation anxiety. So, be sure not to leave your pup alone for long periods of time. If you need to, we suggest having someone come and check on them or sending them to doggy daycare.

Will My Corkie be Easy to Train? 

These pups are considered relatively easy to train. They respond well to positive encouragement so treats, praise, and extra love when they behave well will work wonders.

They are rather intelligent dogs so if you keep consistent and make it clear that you are in charge and the one making the rules, they will train well.

How Much Does a Corkie Cost?

This designer mixed breed will cost anywhere from $200 to $450 US. Where the dog falls on that spectrum depends on their parents, size, coat, coloring, and age. 

With food, toys, and the other important comforts for dogs, your Corkie should cost somewhere between $680 to $780 US per annum. 

We also recommend checking out your local non-profits and dog rescues to see if any Corkies need adopting.