Yorkie Chihuahua Mix (Must Read Before You Choose)

Yorkie/Chihuahua mix breeds, also known as Chorkies, are a mixed breed of dog bred by artificial selection between Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas.

This breed first gained its popularity in the early 90s and has since become more popular over time.

People who adopt the Chorkie breed are very happy with their pets. This breed is also very famous for its easy domestic adaptation, friendly nature, and a high degree of cuteness!

What Are The General Characteristics of Chorkies?

Chorkies are a family favorite, and there are tons of reasons why we recommend you make one a new addition to the family.

But so you can decide for yourself, here are a few general characteristics:

The Standard Demographics of a Chorkie:

Size: Small (Average 5-8 inches)

Weight: Average (8-10 inches)

Lifetime: 12-15 years

Energy Level: Chorkies have a high energy level, so meeting their necessary energy needs is a must.

Training: Chorkies are an intelligent breed, due to their genetic coding. They are great learners, and they learn fast. However, they can be stubborn, as most terriers are. 

Chorkies like to be alpha of the pack and their instinct to lead is very strong.

Grooming: Despite their long hair, Chorkies don’t shed that much, but they do require daily brushing to prevent knotting.

Vocal level: Chorkies may generally react to strangers by barking in a loud tone to show that they are wary of foreign guests. However, they do not do this often and are not habitual barkers.

Health issues: Because of its mixed nature, Chorkies do not have any specific ancestral health issues, rather they may display inherited health issues from with breed at random. However, depending on their diet, they can be vulnerable to skin sensitivity and allergies.

Lifestyle: Chorkies live more comfortably in mild and colder climates, rather than in hot climates due to their long hair. 

It is not recommended for families with very young children to adopt this breed as they are hyperactive, and the terrier in them loves to chase. Otherwise, they live very harmoniously in a family of adults and older children.

What are the Personality Traits of a Chorkie?

In general, Chorkies are a combination of two breeds that are affectionate and warm. These breeds make great companions that are highly compatible with domestic family and social life.

The Yorkshire Terrier gene gives the Chorkie its playful aspects and strong ‘hunt and chase’ instinct. While the Chihuahua gene adds a sense of courage and quickness to their distinctive character. 

The result is an excellent breed!

What Should I Know About Chorkies?

In hybrid breed selections, people make their choices based on the characters of the selected breeds.

Since the Chorkie breed is a crossbreed, their offspring will not necessarily emerge with the full characteristics of the parent Chorkie, even when you breed with another Chorkie! 

Puppies of parent Chorkies usually display new characteristics of varying degrees and their physical structure from the combination of the parent’s genes.

This is important to know when adopting a Chorkie, as the gene strengths between the parents can be different, as in all mixed breeds.

To give an example, Chorkies have more energy than a Chihuahua and they need to get rid of this energy with activities such as regular walking and running. A person who is not aware of this may make a mistake while choosing a puppy, thinking that it only has a small amount of physical energy needs because of the Chihuahua gene.

Chorkies generally do not get along very well with very small children, they often display nervous and moody attitudes in families with very young children and infants. 

This is because Chorkies have inherited a strong hunting instinct from their parent Yorkshire Terrier. While Chorkies may not be as instinctive as the Yorkie, this is a trait that can vary.

Chihuahuas, on the other hand, are the opposite, their delicate and slender build allows them to get along well with children of all ages, and they show very harmonious attitudes within the family.

If you have a Chorkie whose temperament is mostly inherited from their Chihuahua parent then you may be okay if you have small children. However, it is hard to know this if you adopt your Chorkie as a puppy. So be mindful when you make your selection.

Are Chorkies Suitable Indoors?

As with their common ancestors, Chorkies are suitable animals to live in the home environment. Both their harmony in the family and their behavior in the home make Chorkies a great house dog.

Of course, there are also some issues with sharing a house with a Chorkie.

Chorkies require more combing and separating their hairs from the stem because they have a longer hair-feather structure compared to Chihuahuas. You should groom your Chorkie daily if you don’t want your seats to get lint and covered in fur.

Unfortunately, Chorkies are not the most hygienic pet inside the home. Compared to other breeds, their ability to be toilet trained is lower. But it is far from impossible.

Is Chorkie The Right Breed For You?

If you want to adopt a lively, loving, cheeky, and cheerful pup, you are in the right place. Chorkies are a breed for you.

We do not recommend this breed for people who are constantly at work and do not spend much time at home. If you can spend most of your time with this puppy pal, then they are a great companion to adopt.

Average Life Span Of Chorkies

Chorkies live an average of 12-15 years. Depending on the life expectancy of the parents and how well the Chorkies are cared for, their lifespan could exceed 15 years.

In general, small breed dogs live longer than large breed dogs. Large breed dogs cannot do the necessary exercises due to their limited mobility, especially in middle age and old age. 

Just like in the human body, regular exercise and a good diet make dogs more vigorous and protects against disease. A healthy Chorkie is a happy Chorkie and one with a longer lifespan too!

Considering that the two ancestors of the Chorkies are long-lived species, they have a long lifespan as well.