Can Yorkies Eat Beef Jerky? (Solved & Explained!)

You should avoid giving your dog beef jerky as it typically contains way above a dog’s recommended daily sodium intake. If you are able to find an unsalted version then your Yorkie may eat this.

In this article we will be exploring everything that you need to know about feeding your Yorkie beef jerky, including whether or not you should feed it to them, how much they can have and how often.

Can Yorkies eat beef jerky?

Technically yes and no. Whether or not your Yorkie can eat the beef jerky will depend on the brand and product itself. This is because different beef jerkies use different seasonings.

There are some seasonings that are toxic to dogs and should be avoided at all costs, these include onions and garlic.

So, before giving your dog any beef jerky you should check the ingredients to make sure that it is safe for them to eat.

If you are able to find a beef jerky that has not been seasoned then this will make a great snack for your Yorkie as the dried meat is full of important vitamins and minerals to help keep them healthy.

How much beef jerky can a Yorkie eat?

However, although beef jerky can be a very nutritious snack for your Yorkie, it should also be given in moderation. This is because your dog will need a balanced diet and one food should not take up too many of their calories.

So, you should include any beef jerky in their “treats” category for their daily calories. Your Yorkie’s treats should account for no more than 10% of all of their daily calories.

So, because Yorkies are small dogs that should aim to eat around 150 calories a day, you should not be giving your Yorkie any more than 15 calories worth of beef jerky a day.

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Can I give my Yorkie beef jerky every day?

Although beef jerky (plain) is a healthy treat, it is best if you give your dog other treats as well. This will ensure that they are getting a good overall diet and that they are not being exposed to too much of one particular food.

You can give your dog beef jerky several times a week, but by not giving it to them every day you are helping to keep their gut healthy and avoid them developing any allergies to the jerky.

How much sodium can a dog have in a day?

One of the biggest risks with giving your Yorkie beef jerky is that most brands use a lot of salt to coat their jerky. This means that they are very unhealthy for dogs.

For example, sodium can actually become toxic to dogs beyond a certain threshold. Your dog should not consume more than 3 grams of sodium for every one kilogram that they weigh.

The average adult Yorkie weighs around 2.5kg, meaning that sodium becomes toxic at 7.5 grams.

Is beef jerky bad for dogs?

Beef jerky can be bad for dogs or healthy depending on how it is prepared. If the beef jerky is plain then it will give your dog all of the health benefits of the beef.

But, if the beef jerky is seasoned then these health benefits can be outweighed by the negative consequences of the seasonings.

You should always check the ingredients and nutritional value of the beef jerky before giving it to your dog in order to make sure that it is safe for them to eat and to calculate how much they can have.

Can dogs eat beef?

Yes, dogs can eat beef. Beef is a great food for dogs because it is high in protein and other important minerals such as potassium, iron and vitamin B6.

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However, you should always opt for lean cuts of beef in order to avoid giving your dog too much fat.

The health benefits of beef are way unsalted and unseasoned beef jerky makes a great treat for your Yorkie.

Can dogs eat dried meat?

Yes, dogs can eat dried meat and it is a great way to give them a tasty but healthy snack. You should always ensure that the dried meat is plain so that it does not pose any health risks for your dog.

In particular, lean dried meats are very healthy for dogs. If your dog is on a diet then opting for dehydrated turkey is a very good way to get them the protein that they need without the calories.

This is because dehydrated meats are very protein-dense.

What are good treats for dogs?

There are many things that make great treats for dogs and do not pose any health risks. For example, you can buy treats from the store, give your dog pieces of fruit or even make your own from scratch.

There are a large number of treats that are easy to make yourself such as dog-friendly ice cream from blended banana, cookies from sweet potato, flour and peanut and ice lollies.

You can even choose to make your own jerky at home using your dog’s favorite meat!

How to make beef jerky for dogs

If you have a dehydrator at home then you can use this to dry out your meat, however, here we will be using an oven for simplicity.

Take your beef and grind it. You can do this yourself or buy it from a store. Then add a little water under it forms a paste. Spread the paste out on a flat surface and cut it into strips.

Place these strips into a preheated oven at 200 degrees until cooked. Prop the door open to help dry out the meat.

Remove from the oven and if the jerky just bends then it is ready.

What happens if a Yorkie eats seasoned beef jerky?

If a Yorkie eats seasoned beef jerky then they may have stomach issues and exhibit symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhoea.

If your Yorkie has eaten a lot of seasoning you should take them to the vets as they can become toxic.

How do you cure salt poisoning in dogs?

If your dog has consumed too much salt you should give them water often to help rehydrate them. You should then call your local vet for advice and take them in for treatment.