Why Does My Yorkie Shake So Much? (Solved!)

A Yorkie will shake for several emotional, behavioral, and physical reasons. Some of those reasons are serious concerns, some are just what they are (learn to live with it!), and some of the reasons can be downright cute.

When I saw my first Yorkie, I fell head-over-heels in love. I had to learn about my new friend’s quirks by trial and error, and its shaking was one quirk that took some time to comprehend. I figured out most of the reasons for it in time, and I’ll share them with you, if you read on, to save you some time and trouble.

Is Your Yorkie Cold?

Yorkies are single-coated canines. That means they lack an undercoat, which helps keep other breeds warm. Yorkies may shake because they are having difficulty regulating their body temperature.

You can help your Yorkie by providing them with a comfortable, plush bed away from drafts. A bed in the sun will make your little one feel like it is on the beach. Mine loved to sunbathe. You can also use your body temperature to warm the little one, holding it on your lap and covering it with a blanket.

Has Your Yorkie Ate Breakfast, Lunch, And Supper?

Some Yorkies are susceptible to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. A dog in this condition may shake and also appear to be weak or tired.

Make sure you feed your pet several times a day. If it still experiences a drop in blood sugar, have treats ready to help it raise its blood sugar.

Is The Little One Afraid?

Imagine living in a world where everything but the house mouse is bigger than you! Your little one is small, and it knows it. I bet you would tremble now and then, too.

I used a strategy of making myself smaller to comfort my little guy (His name was Little One, by the way). I would simply lay down on the floor, flat on my back or stomach. I’m not sure if it made him feel bigger, but he loved it, and it made him feel better.

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Is The  Power Transformer Overloaded?

Every Yorkie I have ever seen has been full of energy. Sometimes they virtually vibrate. I swear they have the power of a Great Dane stuffed into their little bodies.

It is vital to make sure your Yorkie gets enough exercise to releases that Great Dane. Little One loved to go out in the backyard and run all around. Then, he would grab a ball, and I would toss it for him to fetch until he wore me out.

What Was That?

Loud noises such as fireworks, slamming doors, sirens, doorbells, or telephones can trigger a nervous reaction in a Yorkie. It is similar to when we are startled or shudder. My little guy used to run under the couch and hide from July 3rd to July 5th.

Remember your pet is sensitive to your emotional state. If your Yorkie is stressed out, the best thing you can do is remain calm and speak in a soothing tone, offering reassurance.

Hey! Here I am! Look At What I Can Do. Do You See Me?

Yorkies may be tiny, but they have lots of smarts; they are not dummies. They easily associate what they like, such as attention, with how they behave. Maybe your little one was cold a few times, but if trembling got your attention then, it might think it can get your attention now by shaking.

Sometimes we have to be smarter than our dogs and refuse to give in to their tricks. If your Yorkie is shaking for no reason but to coerce you into giving it attention, don’t give in. The best thing you can do is give it exactly what it doesn’t want. Put it in a closed area for a time-out to discourage it from manipulating you in the future.

I Don’t Feel Good. Will You Help Me?

Trembling or shaking because of an emotional or behavioral issue is one thing. When your pet shakes because it is hurt or sick is quite another. Look for the following symptoms to decide if your little one is calling for help.


From time to time, your Yorkie might pant. That’s okay if it’s only on occasion. They can’t burn off all that energy inside of them without getting a bit out of breath now and then.

However, constant panting may indicate a respiratory problem. If it continues for several hours or other symptoms appear, you should have a vet take a look.

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Young Yorkies may experience a condition as old as creation that causes them to shake. They are teething, and it hurts!

You can’t do much about teething. It would be best if you remained tolerant and compassionate. Oh, and leave lots of chew toys lying around!

Old Age

Likewise, senior dogs may have age-related causes for shaking. They can tremble because of weakened leg muscles, joint pain, or arthritis. A vet will be able to recommend an appropriate treatment to bring your pet some relief.


Seizures are severe medical conditions that are different than shaking or trembling. They may be violent convulsions, or your pet may only twitch and seem disoriented and confused.

In either case, your vet needs to be aware of the problem. In the meantime, try to keep your little one from hurting itself on stairs or furniture; do not try to hold down your pet, try to control it, or try to stop it from seizing. Let the seizure come to an end naturally.

Remember, your pet doesn’t understand what happened, and it is likely to be afraid. Long strokes off your hand on its back from head to tail, along with a warm, friendly voice, will help calm your little one. It will probably want to sleep afterward, so take it to its bed, cover it up, and stay with it until it calms.  

Other Signs

Other symptoms that may indicate a medical issue are hiding (except for the 4th of July), crying, vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite. If any of these occur along with shaking or trembling, get your little one to a vet. Now.

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