Why Is My Yorkie Licking? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies lick for a number of reasons, so you need to pay close attention to the context in order to understand the reasoning behind it. For instance, most Yorkies will lick you out of affection, but you might notice them licking you more after exercise or a hot walk to get home – this is because of the salt in your sweet!

Sometimes they will lick out of curiosity and this can include furniture, carpet, or very surprised housecats. A Yorkie that is licking at the air, however, might have some plaque buildup on their teeth and warrant getting some doggy toothpaste and a toothbrush to help out so that this doesn’t become an issue.

If your dogs is excessively licking their paws or a specific body area, it can mean that there is an allergy, a flea bite, or even a cut or abrasion there, although if nothing is readily apparent then excess licking can also be a sign of stress.

So, watch carefully for the context and see if the behavior persists. Your dog should typically only lick excessively when grooming, so if it goes on for prolonged periods then it might just be time for a checkup with their vet.

Today we’ve got a collection of questions for you, submitted from Yorkie owners just like you, on the subject of licking behaviors and what they mean when you see them. Read on for important information to decipher your own Yorkie’s licking behavior – it’s waiting for you below!

Why is my Yorkie excessively licking?

If you’ve just brought your dog home, then you might just have a ‘licky’ Yorkie. Dogs lick for different reasons, such as showing affection, getting your attention, tasting something, or even to help a sore spot or a wound that they’ve gotten outside.

That said, if this behavior is abnormal, excess licking can be a sign of stress, or if it is focused in one area then your dog may even have an injury which is not readily visible.

Bring your dog in for a checkup is this is the case – if it’s stress related, a bit more playtime or distracting toys can help, but if it’s an injury or infection then your vet can quickly get it sorted out.

Why is my Yorkie licking his paws so much?

Parasites, allergies, skin infections, and other medical conditions can lead to excess licking of the paws. A quick checkup with the vet can help to rule this out, but if they get a clean bill of health then you may be looking at anxiety or simply boredom.

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Try to see if it only occurs in a certain room or around specific people, to help determine if it is stress related. If nothing sticks out, try giving your dog some new toys to play with or if they haven’t visited a dog park yet, this might be a good time to introduce them to this.

Sometimes these licking behaviors are simply from boredom, and a little extra stimulation can make the licking happen less often or even disappear completely.

How do I stop my Yorkie from excessive licking?

If your dog seems fonder of licking you than you are of it, then there are a few strategies which you can try to help minimize this. First off, when your dog licks you, try ignoring it and simply walking away.

Sometimes this is enough to communicate that you will move when you are licked and your dog may stop doing this. Distraction is another good technique. When your dog try to lick you say ‘no’ and tell your dog to ‘sit’. When they do, give them a treat and a pat on the head and repeat as needed.

In this way, you are giving them attention, and they’ll notice this in time and the licking behavior should be reduced considerably once they do.

Why is my Yorkie licking the floor all of a sudden?

Some dogs just like the texture, but if your dog seems to be doing this ‘out of the blue’ then it’s quite possibly a health issue. This can often indicate a gastrointestinal problem or it can even be the result of anxiety, stress, or even obsessive-compulsive disorder (yes, this happens with dogs, just like with people!).

A quick trip to the vet can help to sort out what your next steps will be, but if your dog has been ignoring the carpet until now then this is definitely worth looking in to.

Why do Yorkies lick the bottom of their paws?

This is most commonly done for the simple reason that your Yorkie’s paw-pads are feeling itchy! Flea bites, allergies, or even a simple irritation from abrasion or a minor cut can cause your dog to lick that area to soothe it.

Take a peek to see if anything sticks out, but it will generally be nothing to worry about unless this behavior continues for another 48 to 72 hours. At this point, a vet checkup is advised to find out what is irritating your dog’s paw so much!

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How often should Yorkies lick their paws?

Typically, your Yorkie should only lick their paws when they are grooming or if they have accidentally managed to step on some sort of tasty food. Any other licking, especially if it goes on for a prolonged period, might be a sign of mental distress that will warrant a closer look with the help of your vet.

See if the behavior persists, as sometimes it’s simply a one-day affair due to an itch or other irritant that you cannot see. If the behavior doesn’t go away after a day or two, then it’s time to visit the vet for further investigation.

Why do Yorkies lick the floor and furniture?

If they have previously ignored the furniture, then it could be a sign of stress, but if the furniture is new or your dog is new to the house, then they might just be bored or curious if it tastes the same way that it smells!

Dogs sometimes just like to lick things, but if you’ve had your dog for awhile and the licking is out of character than it might well be a red flag that you should look into immediately.

Can I put apple cider vinegar on my Yorkies paws?

If you think that your dog is licking from itchy paws, then soaking them briefly in a mix of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water can help to reduce the itching and the taste might also encourage them not to lick there.

That said, some dogs like the taste, but as it’s harmless and should relieve the itch, then after they’ve licked it off they should ideally leave their paws alone.

Should I take my Yorkie to the vet for licking paws?

The first thing to do is to inspect the paw yourself to see if there is a visible cause for the licking. If you don’t see anything, it could simply be an itch, and a little diluted apple cider vinegar can help or you might even just give their paws a wash with warm water and a washcloth.

If the licking persists and it’s out of character for your dog, however, then a vet visit is a good idea just to rule out any potential health issues. Your dog should only be licking their paws for grooming, so prolonged licking should be considered a possible red flag to share with their vet.

Why does my Yorkie lick the bed before sleeping?

A dog will sometimes do this when they are stressed and, in such cases, the licking is generally excessive. That said, before you worry, make sure you haven’t been snacking in the bed. You might not notice a crumb or two but most Yorkies definitely WILL.

If they only lick 2 of 3 times, then that’s a different story. While we aren’t sure why they do it, we suspect that some dogs actually give their bed a lick or two as a sign of affection.

So, if they only lick those 2 or 3 times, then you shouldn’t need to worry about your dog. It’s certainly a little weird, but it’s normal behavior with some Yorkies.