Why Do Vets Hate Raw Food? (Solved & Explained!)

Veterinarians don’t like the fact that raw food might very well carry parasites, which can take up residence in a dog’s gut and make them real sick. Raw meat, like you might get from a butcher, might have worms in it if you don’t cook it.

According to noted small animal vet Dr. Alison Birken, dogs can also get these parasites from eating wild food like rodents. Both wild-caught raw foods as well as those that come from grocery stores are all lumped in the same category as a result.

Can Dogs Get Worms from Raw Meat?

Dogs can get roundworms and tapeworms from eating raw meat. People can get worms from raw meat as well, which is one of the major reasons that you should always make sure that it’s cooked to a safe temperature.

What Do Vets Think About Raw Feeding?

A majority of professional vets are opposed to raw feeding of dogs if the raw food in question is grocery meat designated for human consumption. There are some natural dog food products that are made of all organic ingredients that a number of vets have indeed endorsed, but these usually aren’t made of raw grocery meat.

Why Raw Diet Is Bad for Dogs?

A raw diet is bad because domestic dogs can’t handle parasites very well, so they breed out of control. Timber wolves in the wild are able to eat their prey because of how tough their digestive tracts are, but domestic dogs have lost a lot of their grit over the many centuries that they’ve been bred.

As a result, they can’t eat the same foods that wild predators do.

Is a Raw Diet Good for Dogs?

Diets that are rich in raw meats aren’t good for dogs because of the strong risk of parasites. On the other hand, there’s a good chance that your dog could eat certain types of raw vegetables quite well.

Do Vets Ever Recommend Raw Diets?

They used to, at one point in the past. A majority of those who are members of modern professional vet organizations won’t recommend raw diets, though they might suggest the use of cooked chicken and rice.

Some dogs might do well with raw vegetables, so vets may tell owners to give their dogs these on a case by case basis.

What’s the Best Raw Food for Dogs?

Carrots are good for a dog’s teeth since they’re hard and might help to get rid of some debris. Raw carrots are actually a lot like chew toys in this respect, though they’re also tastier than most so dogs might like them occasionally.

Plain green beans straight out of a can are quite good for dogs as well, though they’re technically cooked before they they go in the can.

Can Raw Food Make My Dog Sick?

Vegetables that are safe for dogs to eat usually won’t cause a problem, though you’ll want to make sure to wash them before that. On the other hand, most types of raw meat are unsafe because of the risk of parasites and bacteria that could cause various types of infections.

Is Raw Food Really Better for Cats?

Fish that are safe to eat raw, such as those caught in salt water and then cleaned, are probably some of the best things to feed cats. You don’t want to feed them raw grocery meats, but something like this is going to be able to fulfill almost all of their nutritional needs.

Many organic cat food products are actually little more than this with a little extra fat and oil to make sure that your cat gets all of the vitamins that he or she needs.

Can My Dog Lick Me After Eating Raw Food?

The enzymes in your dog’s mouth are more than likely going to take care of any parasites that might be sitting around in the food that they just ate, but you don’t want your dog to lick you right away if he or she has eaten anything particularly dangerous. Raw foods that are collected from the wild are a serious problem, so you might want to avoid immediate contact if your dog has been eating bush meat.

Can I Mix Raw and Dry Dog Food?

Mixing in a few raw vegetables might be a good idea, especially if your vet diagnosed your dog with some sort of nutritional deficiency. You don’t want to mix in raw deli meat, however, since this might introduce worms into your dog’s food.

Take a look at natural organic wet dog food brands. You can mix these safely into dry dog food and you might even be able to get away with only using a small amount at a time to make your dog’s kibble more palatable.

Does Raw Food Make Dogs Poop Less?

Due to the higher fiber intake dogs that eat raw vegetables might provide a dog with, there’s a good chance it would actually make your dog go more often. If your dog ever developed worms as a result of a raw diet, then your dog would really have to start going a lot.

Some vets will recommend certain types of raw vegetables in order to improve a dog’s digestion if he or she isn’t going as often as they’re supposed to.

Is it Expensive to Feed a Dog a Raw Diet?

Assuming that you might raw food with dry dog kibble or another prepared food product, you probably aren’t looking at spending much more on your dog’s diet than you currently do. Those who feed their dogs a diet exclusively of raw food are probably going to end up spending much more than they do right now.

Larger dogs that eat a greater amount of food in general will have the biggest bills when you feed them nothing but raw food products.