Why Is Pedigree So Cheap? (Solved & Explained!)

Pedigree is a dog food that is geared towards being affordable, so instead of being mostly meat-based proteins, Pedigree uses a lot of wheat, corn, and other plant-based proteins to make their product cheaper to produce while still remaining nutritious.

Like any dog food, is consistently tested to ensure that it meets your dog’s nutritional requirements nicely while still tasting good, so that they’ll keep coming back for more when it’s time for their next meal.

Using the filler materials is simply a way to ensure a consistent nutritional profile while keeping the kibble both affordable and competitive in the pet food’s market.

In today’s article, we’re going to answer the most popular questions trending about Pedigree dog food this week. Read on to fine out how it compares to Royal Canin, which Pedigree product is considered the best, and more! Let’s take a closer look at what people are asking about this famous brand!

Is Pedigree dog food good for dogs?

Pedigree is a very basic dog food, in that it relies largely on plant-based proteins, with a smaller amount of bone meal, as well as poultry byproducts as far as actual meat content in the product.

With many competing brands using more meat in their dog foods, this puts Pedigree dry food on the lower end of the scale as far as dog foods go, though you want to consider the overall nutritional profile. It essentially boils down to around 47% on the fat to protein ratio and a probably carbohydrate level of around 55%.

 Is Pedigree dry dog food killing dogs?

No, Pedigree is certainly not killing dogs, it’s just not considered to the best food in a very competitive market. The high amounts of plant-based proteins, rather than meat-based, does get a bit of attention, but it’s certainly not killing dogs.

That said, there are a number of options when it comes to feeding your dog. The best and easiest way to determine what is best for your dog and your budget is simply reading the nutrition labelling on the products to compare them.

Which dog food is better Pedigree or Purina?

Pedigree is a better budget-food, though it will have a lower meat-based protein count, as it relies heavily on corn and wheat fillers to provide plant proteins instead. Purina has fillers as well, but higher quality meat proteins are present in their dry food than Pedigree.

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While Purina is a bit more expensive, it is considered by most to be the better food due to the improved meat quality and volume present in their dry kibble.

Can dogs eat Pedigree every day?

Yes, dogs can certainly eat Pedigree every day, you’ll just want to determine the ideal calories per day for your dog and divide up the appropriate amount of Pedigree into 2 to 3 servings per day.

This will ensure that your dog is eating enough to stay happy and healthy and spreading out the meals ensures that they won’t get hungry later in the evening.

Which Pedigree is best?

The Pedigree Pro lines are considered to be some of the best dry foods, as these are designed for both joint health, as well as digestive health. These particular kibbles are specifically designed in puppy and adult dog varieties so that they have nutrition levels specifically targeted for these ages and stages of your dog’s development.

Is Royal Canin better than Pedigree?

If we are comparing the two dry dog foods, they each have areas where they score a little better than the other. Starting with protein, Pedigree has about 21%, compared to Royal Canin’s 25% protein content. This is because Royal Canin uses dehydrated poultry product protein in high amounts in their kibble.

For crude fiber, Pedigree scores better with 3.8%, while Royal Canin only scored at 1.8%. Finally, Pedigree has less fat content, with 11% compared to Royal Canin’s 14%. As such, it’s really a personal choice, though Pedigree is likely better for overweight dogs with its plant-based proteins.

What company owns Pedigree dog food?

Mars Incorporated owns Pedigree and they also own a number of other brands, such as Royal Canin, AniCura, VCA, Wisdom Panel,  and Whiska, though this is only a sampling as Mars includes over 50+ global pet food brands distributed worldwide.

Can I mix Pedigree with milk?

Yes, mixing in hot milk or even bouillon into dry food kibble is a great way to make it more appealing and nutritious for your dog. You need to give it a minute or two to cool down, and then the food will soften and expand, turning your dry kibble into a makeshift wet food.

Many dogs love eating their food this way, so if your dog is a little picky then give this trick a try. Sometimes it’s all about how something is ‘cooked’, after all, that really makes the difference!

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Why is Pedigree not good for dogs?

Pedigree is perfectly healthy, but with the high plant-protein content it may be a little harder on your dog’s system over a timespan of many years. That said, for overweight dogs the plant protein means that they can get their protein with less fat in it.

If you are overly worried, you can always get a small bag of higher-end food to mix in with the Pedigree, in order to balance it out a little with some extra animal proteins instead of plant, but check with your vet first.

The odds are, you won’t need to mix it with anything, as this dog food is formulated specifically to be safe and nourishing for your dog.

Is Pedigree a bad brand?

Not at all. While it’s not necessarily the best brand in a competitive market, dogs seem to love Pedigree and it definitely meets their nutritional requirements. Keep in mind that this company has been around since 1957 and they wouldn’t still be around if they didn’t produce a consistently nutritious and safe product.

If your dog likes eating Pedigree, rest assured that it’s completely fine for them to have it.