Why Is Mobile Grooming So Expensive? (Solved & Explained!)

The main reason why mobile grooming is so expensive is because you are paying for the posh convenience of it. You don’t have to go through the whole rigmarole of putting your pooch into the car and driving them to a brick-and-mortar salon. The mobile salon is incurring the burden of travel costs and vehicle wear-and-tear.

Plus, the lack of space in a mobile vehicle means more frequent cleanup and other types of maintenance not common to a stand-alone salon. Their expenses also include things like insurance, registration, proper licensing, vehicle upkeep, gas and grooming supplies.


How Much Does Mobile Grooming Cost?

On average, mobile grooming services for dogs or cats usually start somewhere in the ballpark of $75. When it comes to dogs in particular, it can be more or less depending on the size of the dog, how dirty the dog is, how ill-tempered the animal is and how long the overall session takes.

In many cases, there’s an initial charge for first-time customers. Once the groomer understands your pet, its coat and how long it takes, then there will usually be a flat price for every visit thereafter.

What Factors Go into the Price of Mobile Grooming?

There are many factors behind the price of mobile grooming. The main reason is because it’s a luxury service that comes directly to your home. All you have to do is schedule your appointment and bring your dog outside.

Price of Vehicle Maintenance & Upkeep

But it’s because the mobile grooming occurs in a large vehicle like a bus or van, the cost of gas and regular maintenance will be higher than for a car with normal use. This means frequent oil changes, repairs, tire changes, brakes, spark plugs and other typical upkeep.

Additional Bills & Expenses

Also, there are usually bills like rent and phone along with insurance and supplies. This will include things like finding power sources for electric and water within the vehicle. All of this makes for a more costly operation than in a regular pet salon.

What’s more, due to the lack of space, mobile groomers will only take one customer at a time. Since furry friends are, well, furry, this can get messy quick. They have to cleanup during and between appointments to stay on top of hygiene. Keeping the work area free of bacteria, flying fur and other potential hazards is a must and an added expense.

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How Do Mobile Groomers Charge for Their Services?

There are many ways that mobile groomers charge for their services. In general, though, they don’t itemize for things like they do at a salon. Mobile groomers often charge based on how long it takes and frequently have an hourly price for their services. However, others have a flat rate or offer package bundles.

That said, they will itemize for things like special hair coloring, bedazzling, hair clips and other accessories. These things will usually entail services not essential to a normal bath, clip, dry and brush with a bit of style.

Why Are Mobile Groomers Better than Chain Store Groomers?

Mobile groomers usually have far better and more thorough training. They know they’re in a small space and in competition with other salons in the area. Therefore, they make themselves more credible and desirable in various ways.

Intimate Knowledge of & Love for Animals

They often have an intimate knowledge of animals, their temperaments, their coats and how to care for them. Additionally, it’s incredibly likely that a mobile groomer will love what they do and take pride in their job. The most popular and sought-after pros in this industry always mention their love for animals.

Salon Groomers Have Minimal Training

Alternatively, many groomers at brick-and-mortar establishments receive the bare minimum on how to groom dogs and cats. What’s more is that these groomers work for hourly pay with commission based on how many pets they complete. So, they are more concerned about getting your pet through rather than catering to the animal’s needs.

This doesn’t often equate to someone developing a passion for the job and see this as a means to earn money, not because they love what they do. Therefore, the quality and care your pet gets may not be the same as what a mobile groomer will dedicate.

Who Should Utilize a Mobile Groomer?

Mobile grooming is good for any pet owner without the impetus to bathe, clip, comb, style and clip nails of their beloved fur baby. But, it’s most ideal for elderly pets and/or pet owners as well as for those who do not have a means of personal transportation. It’s also good for busy professionals and college students.

However, it’s also good for pets that don’t travel well in the car or have anxiety about being at a salon with many other pets. Also, dogs and cats that easily experience stress with too many people or pets around will find their grooming experience a little more agreeable. This means they’ll behave a lot better too.

Which Takes Longer? Salon or Mobile Grooming?

On the whole, grooming at a salon is infinitely longer than it is in a mobile grooming van. It can easily take four hours for a single grooming session at a salon. Most mobile grooming can happen within 1½ to two hours.

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This is because there are many distractions for pets at a salon. There are a lot of various people, other animals, noises and smells that aren’t as prevalent in a mobile grooming van. Your dog or cat is free of stress and can connect with the groomer in a one-on-one basis.

Plus, there’s a lot of waiting on the part of your dog between grooming steps. This is because a groomer will usually handle several animals at once, thus making it take longer to the complete the service. With a mobile groomer, your pet is the star of the show and all the groomer’s attention focuses on your furry friend.