Why Should Dogs Walk on the Left Side? (Solved & Explained!)

When walking a dog, it is important to have the animal walk on the left side. When the dog walks to the left of its owner, it shows the dog that their owner is the dominant leader. When dominance is established, the dog is less likely to pull and misbehave while on walks.

The rest of the article will go in to detail about how to train a dog to walk properly and make sure that the dog does not pull when other dogs pass, the best training leashes and techniques and common mistakes that are made when training a pet how to walk on the left side.

Is walking on the right a bad habit for a dog?

Teaching a dog to walk on the right side of its owners is not a bad habit, however when the animals walks to the left of their owner, it frees the right hand. If the owner is going to signal to the dog, they will have the ability to do so with a more dominant hand.

Should a dog be walking in front of its owner?

Often, when a dog walks in front of its owner, it is trying to walk faster. When a dog wants to walk faster, they tend to pull their owner. Keeping them to the left will ensure that the dog is not pulling the owner and it will make for a smoother walk.

What is the best way to train a dog to walk to the left?

When training a dog to walk on the left, be sure to have plenty of treats. It is important to show the dog that you want them to walk on the left by calling their name and showing the dog the heel side. Once the dog is to the left, reward them with a treat and positive affirmation.

What if the dog jumps while walking?

When training a dog to walk correctly, teaching them not to jump is very important. Often, when a dog jumps, they are trying to get attention. If the goal is to teach the dog not to jump, do not reward their behavior with attention. Turning away from or crossing your arms will not reward their behavior. When they do not jump, treats are always a welcome reward.

How should I train a dog not to pull when other dogs pass?

The most effective way to show a dog not to react to a passing dog is not to react to it yourself. This means that when a dog is passing on a walk, do not stop and tighten your dog’s leash. Doing so will make them want to pull the opposite direction, towards the other dog. Training them to walk by without giving the other animal extra attention is ideal.

Is walking the same route important?

When training a dog to walk correctly, keeping the route consistent can assist with the training process. However, mixing up the route occasionally can help create excitement for the dog, as well as give the dog the chance to take in new scenery and smells.

What leashes are ideal for training a dog how to walk properly?

Professional dog trainers tend to use slip lead leashes. Slip leads look like a leash but they have metal ring on the end, which allows the owner to pull the leash through a larger ring, hence securing the ring around the dog’s neck. The leads are easy to put on and take off an animal. Altertive leashes are the prong collar, which will pinch the dog when it tries to pull away. Although it sounds painful, as long as you dont pull hard the discomfort should be minimal.

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Why should a dog’s leash fit properly?

It is important when training a dog to walk on the left side properly to also have a leash that fits correctly. Without a proper leash, a dog can escape and run away when the dog owner is trying to lead them in a different direction.

What is my dog bites the leash while walking?

When a dog bites the leash it is often because they do not know they should not bite the leash. When a dog is biting the leash, drop the leash, hold the dog by the collar and wait for them to stop biting. Once the biting stops, reward the dog with a treat and praise.

How long does it typically take to train a dog how to walk correctly?

When training a dog, consistency is key. Although training can be frustrating, sticking with a routine will ensure that the dog will catch on to what is required of them. Typically, training a dog to walk properly can take 4-6 weeks, with consistent practice and routine.

What are some common mistakes when training a dog proper walking technique?

Many pet owners make the mistake of thinking they have to walk in a straight line with their dog. If you mix up the path, the animal is less likely to wander. It is also effective not to hold the leash too tight, as this can push the dog to react by trying to get away. Instead, offer them slack when on a walk.

What are some tips to keeping your cool when training a dog to walk on leash?

Training a dog can be a frustrating process. When training a dog to walk on the left, if you feel yourself becoming frustrated, step away for a brief break. Once on the break, take calming breaths to help relax further. Once relaxed, picking up training is important because consistency is key.

Why are walks important for dogs?

Training dogs to walk properly is important because exercise for pets is essential. Regular walks can help a dog to keep their weight under control, which leads to less health issues later in their life. It ensures their joints stay strong and they maintain their digestive health. Walking your pet is a good start to ensuring they have a healthy life.