Why Do Chihuahuas Blink So Much? (Solved & Explained!)

Chihuahuas have very sensitive eyes, which can cause them to blink very often. Blinking is part of the eye’s natural process to keep themselves healthy and free of contaminants, but Chihuahuas can also communicate through their blinks. 

Additionally, a Chihuahua’s eyes can tell you a lot about their health. Thus, it’s important to know why your Chihuahua is blinking in case it’s indicative of a health issue that needs to be addressed. 

Why Do Chihuahuas Blink So Much?

Your Chihuahua will naturally blink in order to keep any debris or dust out of their eyes. They will also blink to help produce tears, which help keep their eyes clean and promote clear vision. If your Chihuahua’s eyes are dry, they may blink more often in order to try and produce more tears. 

What Causes Chihuahuas To Blink So Much?

Many Chihuahuas will have a natural eye deformity that affects the way the eyes grow. Typically, this means that their eyelids and eyelashes grow inwards instead of outwards. Since this impacts how eyes can protect themselves, your Chihuahua might blink a lot to aid in protecting their eyes. 

Do Chihuahuas Blink At Other Dogs?

It’s common for dogs to blink at one another after engaging in a staring contest. When Chihuahuas blink and look away from a dog, that’s their way of saying that they are surrendering and no longer want to compete with the other pup. 

Do Chihuahuas Blink At Humans?

You might wonder if your Chihuahua’s blinking at you is similar to a cat’s blink; a common sign from a cat that they love you. Chihuahuas are known to exhibit similar behavior towards their pet parents. They could be showing you that they love you and appreciate you by slowly blinking at you. 

Chihuahuas will use their eyes to communicate with you. They might also blink at you when they have been naughty and you’ve caught them in the act, possibly because they’re trying to make you forget about it by reminding you how cute and endearing they are. 

Do Chihuahuas Understand When You Blink Back?

Just like cats, when you slow blink at your Chihuahua when they look at you, they will understand that you’re expressing your love to them. Chances are, they will blink back at you slowly. 

Do Chihuahuas Blink When They’re Nervous?

Any Chihuahua parent knows that their pups have a tendency to get nervous and anxious. This might be because they are easily startled, or it could be because they have an abundance of energy that they need to expel. Regardless of the reason, part of your Chihuahua’s nervous behavior could be blinking a lot. 

Do Chihuahuas Blink More Than Other Dogs?

There are very few breeds that will blink as much as a Chihuahua does. They have the same sensitive eyes as a Chihuahua, and these sensitivities can lead to more frequent allergies and eye issues. 

What Happens If A Chihuahua Gets Debris In Their Eyes?

If any debris gets into your Chihuahua’s eyes, they may just naturally blink it out. If it remains in the eye for too long and causes an injury to the eye, your Chihuahua can develop conjunctivitis. This can be easily remedied through some medicated eye drops. 

In some cases, your Chihuahua can also develop an eye infection. Before giving your Chihuahua any kind of eye drops, you should have a vet examine them to determine the right cause for their irritated eyes. 

Can Chihuahuas Get Glaucoma?

Chihuahuas can develop glaucoma, and one of the symptoms of this condition is excessive blinking. However, there will be other signs that might lead you to conclude glaucoma is the cause. Ultimately, a vet will have to diagnose them. 

If you notice that your Chihuahua’s eyes seem to be cloudy and appear to be swollen, take them to the vet. They can recommend how to take care of your Chihuahua in this instance. Sadly, glaucoma can cause your Chihuahua to go blind. 

Do Chihuahuas Experience Eye Issues As They Get Older?

It’s possible that your Chihuahua’s eye health could deteriorate as they age. It becomes increasingly important to not only monitor your Chihuahua’s eyes, but any chances in their behavior. When Chihuahua’s start to lose their senses as they age, it’s possible that they could become more nervous or withdrawn as a result. 

Why Do Chihuahuas Always Look Like They’re Crying?

Chihuahuas will typically either have eyes that seem to always be watering, or they will be dry. Because of how Chihuahua’s eyes produce tears and the way they protrude out of their head, their eyes will water often and it’ll look like your Chihuahua’s crying. 

This is just a natural part about how they look. However, you should be looking for other symptoms and need to ensure you clean their eyes and face frequently. If something looks off, take your Chihuahua to the vet. 

How Else Can I Know My Chihuahua Has Eye Problems?

There are a plethora of symptoms that your Chihuahua will show that will indicate whether or not they need their eyes examined by a vet. It’s important to take notice of when your Chihuahua is blinking excessively to check for other symptoms. 

Some other signs your Chihuahua’s eyes are bothering them include:

  • Swelling or signs of irritation around the eyes
  • Discharge from the eyes that is discolored
  • Difficulty opening the eyes after naptime 
  • Constant rubbing of the eye area
  • A filmy, cloudy appearance

How Can I Prevent My Chihuahua From Eye Issues?

You should take the time to wipe your Chihuahua’s face to keep it clean, including around the eye area. You can do so with a pet-safe wipe or a warm cloth that doesn’t have a lot of loose fibers. Be sure the cloth is clean so you don’t accidentally get any debris in their eyes. 

You should also minimize any potential allergens in the home such as dust, and ensure you take a look at their eyes after they’ve been outside walking or playing.