Why Is My Chihuahua Honking? (Solved & Explained!)

Small toy dogs like chihuahuas can develop a health condition called collapsed trachea that can make them sound like they are honking. This condition is treatable, so it’s best to consult with your vet if you hear your chihuahua honking. 

Dogs can make some interesting noises that can sound very silly, and some of them should be more concerning than others.

Why Is My Chihuahua Honking?

A tracheal collapse sounds scary, but it is manageable. It’s caused by cartilage within your chihuahua’s throat closing or “collapsing.” Often, all that’s needed is some medication to help relax the cartilage, which will reduce the honking sound.

There are some cases where a chihuahua will require surgery to remedy this issue, but that’s only if it cannot be fixed with medicine. 

Is Honking Common For Chihuahuas?

This condition is known to occur often in chihuahuas. It’s unfortunately due to genetics, and there is not much that you can do to prevent your chihuahua from developing this issue.

That being said, one common mistake many pet parents make with chihuahuas that can contribute to tracheal collapse is using a leash attached to a dog collar. This can put undue pressure on the throat, which could exacerbate or even cause tracheal collapse. It’s best to opt for a harness to avoid this.

Are There Other Signs That My Chihuahua’s Honking Is Tracheal Collapse?

There are some other symptoms of tracheal collapse that your chihuahua might exhibit. You’ll want to tell your vet about any of these other symptoms in order for them to diagnose and treat as soon as possible.

Some of these symptoms include breathing difficulty, wheezing or gagging, as well as more frequent honking when your chihuahua is excited or after they drink a lot of water.

How Do I Stop My Chihuahua From Honking?

You will have to get veterinary assistance to help your chihuahua with their honking issue. Your vet will perform an X-ray to confirm the diagnosis.

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If the cause is tracheal collapse, it can be treated using medications that might include a cough suppressant or antibiotics. You will also have to monitor them and try to reduce any potential sources of stress or anxiety that could make the condition worse. 

Surgery won’t be performed unless absolutely necessary, and it will typically only be done when the tracheal collapse is severe. This is partially because surgery can be a lot for a pet to handle, but also because the surgery isn’t always successful.

What Is Reverse Sneezing?

Reverse sneezing is another sound that you might hear your chihuahua make. It’s referred to as this confusing term because it sounds kind of like a sneeze, but also like a snort as air sounds to be sucked in through the nose.

Your chihuahua might make this sound because something is bothering their airways, such as too much dust, smoke, or allergies. There could also be something stuck in their throat or nose, so be sure to keep your eye on them.

In rarer cases, this could be your chihuahua’s way of trying to tell you they aren’t feeling well, either because of an illness or infection, or because they are feeling nervous or anxious. 

Why Does My Chihuahua Bark When They’re Sleeping?

This is an adorable habit of many dogs, including chihuahuas, that doesn’t need to be of concern. Your dog is just in a deep sleep, and is most likely having an enjoyable dream.

It’s best to just leave them be when they’re sleeping like this, as you don’t want to scare them awake. It takes a lot for a dog to let themselves be vulnerable enough to sleep around you, and you don’t want to lose their trust.

Why Is My Chihuahua Hiccuping?

Your chihuahua might hiccup if they have eaten too fast, or started running around shortly after eating. This isn’t dangerous, but it can be unsettling for your chihuahua as they might not understand how to stop themselves from hiccuping. 

You can try to encourage your chihuahua to drink some water, which will hopefully distract their bodies from continuing to hiccup. Be sure they take a quick break after so they don’t cause themselves to hiccup again.

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Why Is My Chihuahua Coughing?

It’s somewhat normal to hear your chihuahua cough sporadically, and it could be for a number of reasons. They might have smelled something they didn’t quite like, or got some dust stuck in their throat. You only really need to be mindful when their coughing is persistent, sounds especially dry, or sounds especially wet.

It can be unsettling as chihuahuas could cough for a number of reasons, some of which are more serious than others. When in doubt, take your chihuahua to the vet in order to get checked out. Then, you can get them on the proper treatment plan to fix the issue instead of just hoping it gets better.

Why Is My Chihuahua Shaking?

There are a few reasons why your chihuahua might shake a lot. They tend to shake when they are excited or engaged in something. Chihuahuas have pretty dynamic, active metabolisms, so they burn off a lot of energy really quickly.

This can cause your chihuahua to get cold very easily. They don’t like being cold, so if you notice your chihuahua seems to shiver a lot, it might be worth investing in a cute little sweater for them.

Why Does My Chihuahua Look Like They’re Crying All The Time?

Your chihuahua has very sensitive eyes, and it’s common for them to look teary if they get any debris in them. This could also be a sign that they are sick, so be sure to look out for any other symptoms.

Why Is My Chihuahua Barking So Much?

Chihuahuas are notorious for barking a lot, and it could be because they want your attention. It might also be because they have so much pent up energy that they need to release. Try playing with them or taking them for a walk to ease their excitement.