Why Does My Chihuahua Cry at Night? (Solved & Explained!)

There are different things that can cause a Chihuahua to cray at night. If you’ve just brought them home, then it’s usually just fear of their new place. If it’s a puppy, then they might well need a potty break, as they can only wait 1 hour for every month of age.

If the crying is a new thing, then it could be a health condition, and with older Chihuahuas this is especially the case, as this is one of the early warning signs of the onset of dog dementia.

So, when your Chi cries out at night, be sure to check and make sure that they get a walk outside and a quick check to ensure they aren’t hurting or showing any signs of potential health issues. It only takes a moment and that way you can make sure that you are there for your furry friend when they need you.

Just be sure that you check only the first time if it’s a new dog – if their needs are met and they aren’t hurting, then the cries are for attention and you can safely ignore them for the next hour or two.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about Chihuahua crying and important facts that you need to know – read on for the answers to the questions trending the most this week on vocal Chihuahuas and what you should do!

How can I get my Chihuahua to stop crying at night?

The trick is that you need to provide comfort, without providing attention. What we mean is that you need to make sure that your Chihuahua doesn’t need a potty break by taking them outside, you should also check them gently to ensure they aren’t injured or ill, and after that just provide them with a bed and some toys.

When your Chihuahua is feeling fine and doesn’t need the potty, those cries are for attention, and you don’t want to encourage this behavior. So, meet their needs but after that you need to ignore those cries or you’ll be hearing even more of them at all hours!

Why is my Chihuahua all of a sudden crying at night?

Sudden crying out can be a response to different things, most notably it could be a sound that they’ve heard, such as a neighbor coming in late, or more importantly it could mean that your Chihuahua needs to go out or is not feeling well.

Take your Chihuahua out for a potty break and after this, lift them up gently and prod at their body in different spots with a light touch to see if your dog has any injuries that you cannot easily see.

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If you don’t find anything and they are still crying at night even after a potty break, it’s best to get a vet involved to investigate this further.

Should I ignore my Chihuahua crying at night?

If your dog has had a potty break and a brief check tells you that there are no health issues, then yes, you need to ignore their crying at night.

If you have a pup, however, remember that they can only wait 1 hour for every month of age between potty breaks, so crying out later might mean that you need to take them outside.

Don’t worry – by the time they reach 6 months of age, they should be able to sleep through at least most of the night, but for now they will need a little extra help to avoid any potty ‘incidents’.

What does it mean when a Chihuahua cries?

Chihuahuas cry for different reasons. They will cry when they are frightened, for instance, and sometimes you will hear little cries when they get frustrated (right before barking when it turns to ‘angry’), and even in their sleep when they are dreaming.

Chis also cry out when they are hurt, as well, so don’t get in the habit of ignoring all of their cries. Always investigate the first cry to make sure your dog doesn’t need to go out and isn’t hurting – that way if they really need you, then you’ll be there.

How long will a Chihuahua cry at night?

While it seems like 100 years, most Chihuahuas will ‘complain’ whine for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes with the light out in the room before giving up and trying to sleep. This can be a bit rough, but don’t put in earplugs – especially if you have a puppy.

They may well need to go out later in the night or if they are ill, and you want to be able to respond if they cry and happen to really need you.

Can Chihuahuas cry tears?

Yes, but it’s not so much an emotional response — probably. Many Chi owners report that their Chihuahuas cry real tears when they are stressed, but you need to keep in mind that nasal congestion or blockage can lead to this, among other reasons.

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That said, some swear that their Chihuahuas do this when very upset, so it’s possible that they cry similar to the way that we do. We just don’t have enough studies to confirm this as a fact.

Why do Chihuahuas shed tears?

Most often, when your dog is shedding tears, it’s going to be allergy related or it could be a condition known as epiphora. Epiphora is basically just an overflow of tears, though if you see a bit of redness or puffiness around your Chi’s eyes, then allergies are more likely to be the culprit.

Bring your dog in for a quick checkup and your vet can rule this out or treat it if necessary.

Why is my Chihuahua so clingy at night?

If your Chihuahua is a bit on the clingy side at night, it could be a case of separation anxiety – especially if you live alone with them.

If this is the case, socialization training is a good idea, so be sure to take your Chi to a local dog park and invite some friends over to meet your dog as well to make them a little less codependent on you. That said, your dog can also get clingy if YOU are showing signs of stress of depression.

Your Chihuahua can smell it on you, even if you hide it pretty well, and when they notice then they are going to try to comfort you as much as they can.

Why is my Chihuahua only anxious at night?

If your dog is suddenly become anxious and active at odd periods of the night and it’s not potty related, then it’s time for a vet checkup. Changes in your dog’s sleeping or potty habits are generally a red flag that you don’t want to ignore.

With older dogs, this kind of activity can mean that your dog may be suffering from the beginning of dementia, for instance, so get your Chi in to the vet to help rule out any medical conditions that might be causing this behavior.

Is my Chihuahua lonely at night?

If your dog seems to be sleeping extra during the day and staying up at night, then this might be a sign of boredom. Try getting your dog some more toys and give them a little more daily stimulation in the form of walks, visits to the dog park, and simple play together at home.

When dogs sleep overmuch during the day, they are trying to fill in the empty time as much as possible, so take notice when you see this and try to make the day a little more for them. You’ll quickly find out that the day will turn out to be more fun for the BOTH of you if you do this.