Why Is Cat Grooming More Expensive? (Solved & Explained!)

Cat grooming is more expensive primarily for two main reasons. First, your cat has extremely thin and sensitive skin, so extra care needs to be taken to avoid inadvertently harming your cat while grooming. The second reason you already know if you’ve tried to bathe your cat – it’s dangerous. So, it costs a little more, but it’s also a bargain!

For the remainder of this article, we’ll answer questions trending this week from cat owners just like you on the subjects of bathing and grooming. Let’s take a look at the most popular questions this week!

How much should it cost to groom a cat?

Getting your cat groomed by a professional will run you about $50 on average, though the most common price range will fall in between as little as $30 up to $70 for a basic grooming session.

Check around, as many groomers offer some attractive package deals that can really get you a lot of extra grooming options at a very reasonable price.

Is getting your cat groomed worth it?

Yes, grooming is actually a very good thing for your cat. While these creatures meticulously groom themselves, regular grooming sessions will help to minimize dirt and loose fur and with conditioning treatments they can make a big difference on your cat’s coat.

The average cat has in the neighborhood of 40 million hairs all over their bodies – the average human has 100,000 on their head – so if grooming is good for you, you can bet it’s good for your kitty!

How much does it cost to bathe a cat?

The average cost for bathing a cat based on national statistics is around $50 to $70. That said, if you look around you can certainly find some bargains, with bathing and brushing for short haired kitties running anywhere from $15 to $20, while medium or larger cats will sometimes be around $20 to $25.

If your cat really hates bathing, then it might well be closer to the $50 to $70 mark, but otherwise you should definitely shop around as there are bargains to be had!

How much is a lion cut for a cat?

The ‘lion mane’ cut is a fun option that will really get your kitty a lot of attention. Expect to spend in the neighborhood of $80 up to $120 for this cut at some of the ‘fancier’ kitty boutiques but if you check around, a shave and a lion cut can also be found for as little as $35 to $60.

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These cuts are great for summer, as the kitties body hair can be shaved down a little, while the ‘lion style’ haircut provides the proud look of a fierce, little lion.

How much does a vet charge to shave a cat?

On average, a shave from the vet is going to run around$35, or a little more if your cat happens to be very matted or a large breed kitty. Typically, they’ll bathe and dry your kitty, making sure that mats and tangles are well dealt with before they get to actually shaving your cat.

So, when it’s done, your cat will have a good shave on their coat and they’ll also be fresh and clean.

Do cats like being groomed?

Most cats actually love being groomed. When kitties are close, they regularly groom each other, and when your cat start licking you from time to time, that’s also an example of your kitty trying to groom you!

Professional grooming sessions may be a little awkward the first visit or two, but once they know the groomer they often react much more positively to being cleaned, brush, and otherwise groomed.

How often should a cat be professionally groomed?

While cats do a pretty good job of grooming themselves, regular grooming visits once every 4 to 6 weeks are a good idea. This helps to ensure that your cat is almost immaculate and it is also quite good for their coats.

The regular care and conditioning really shows and having extra-clean hair also helps to reduce the chances of health issues that could arise from licking unclean fur at the wrong time!

Does cat grooming help with shedding?

Yes, it does, but the type of grooming we are talking about is more the home-grooming than professional grooming. Most specifically, daily brushing of your cat. If your cat loves the brush (and most do!), then a daily ritual of brushing makes for a happy cat that’s going to shed less on your furniture.

Regular brushing gets rid of the dead hairs in your kitty’s coat and it’s also good for their skin. Try to brush your cat every day if possible, or at least 2 to 3 times per week. It can really make a difference!

Why is grooming your cat important?

Your cat has a lot of hair to take care of, with over 40 million individual hairs on the average cat’s coat. As such, bathing and brushing your cat is definitely good for their health. It helps to reduce or even almost eliminate matting, while helping to remove loose hairs and dead skin.

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It also gets out the dirt bits that your cat misses – after all, while they’re pretty clean, there’s no way that they get it all on their own. Home grooming and regular pro grooming visits are a very good idea for your kitty.

How often should you bathe a cat?

You don’t want to bathe your kitty too much. Every 4 to 6 weeks is just about perfect, as too many baths can actually be bad for your cat’s fur. Cats have a lot of it – and Nature has provided for this in the form of special oils that are all over your cats’ fur.

Too-frequent bathing can wash those oils out and you definitely don’t want to do that. Stick to once every 4 to 6 weeks and you’ll be able to get everything that your cat couldn’t clean themselves while still keeping the fur oily and healthy as Nature intended.