Where Should a Puppy Sleep the First Night? (Solved!)

Your puppy should sleep in the same bed that you plan to have them sleep in. Since puppies tend to be very confused during their first night in a new home, you’ll want to put this bedding near you.

If you plan to have your dog sleep in a dog bed, then you’ll want to fluff it up and make it as comfortable as possible. Put the bed near you and let them sleep in it.

Those who want to crate train their puppies will want to put the crate near their bed and encourage their puppy to sleep in it to reinforce the idea that it’s a safe space for them to go.

Can My Puppy Sleep With Me the First Night?

Your puppy should sleep in the same area as you the first night, but he or she shouldn’t sleep in your bed necessarily. While puppies naturally like to cuddle because it’s what they’d do when they’re with their mother.

However, your puppy is likely to be quite underweight at this point, and you don’t want to accidentally roll over and smother them. Keeping them in the same room but on a puppy bed can help a lot.

How Do You Calm a Puppy Down the First Night?

Make sure that they’re near you and can smell you. The youngest puppies can’t see so they navigate the world through their noses.

Speak to them in a nice calming voice and don’t have TVs or stereos up too loud. Their hearing is especially sensitive at this point and they’ll appreciate learning the sound of your voice.

Do I Ignore My Puppy Crying at Night?

Don’t ignore the crying of extremely young puppies, since it means that they’re scared and probably don’t know where they are. However, as they get slightly older you should start to ignore it until your puppy falls asleep.

Going to check on your puppy too much will teach him or her to cry to get your attention, which is not what you want to do. Over time, your puppy should simply stop crying and get to sleep.

You’ll be free to give them attention in the morning when they wake up.

Should Puppies Sleep in the Dark?

Puppies should sleep in the dark and might find it uncomfortable to sleep with too much light. While adult dogs are comfortable with napping during the day, puppies are often more tuned to the position of the sun.

If they see a lamp in their room, then they might think that it’s already sunrise and it’s time to get up. Very young puppies can’t really open their eyes anyway, which makes the question of whether to use nightlights a moot point.

How Long Will Puppy Cry in Crate at Night?

Normally, your puppy should only cry until they fall asleep. Don’t get your dog excited before you put them in the crate.

Make it seem like this is a restful time and they’re going to a safe space, which can help to ensure that your puppy learns to sleep in their crate as opposed to repeatedly trying to get your attention.

Should I Use Puppy Pads at Night?

You should definitely use puppy pads at night. Most puppies can’t hold their bladders for more than maybe 3-4 hours at a time, so they’ll usually go uncontrollably during the night.

Using a puppy pad is a good way to give your dog a safe place in case they have an accident.

What Time Should a Puppy Go to Bed?

Usually, your puppy should head to sleep around whenever the sun sets in your location. However, they need around 18 hours of sleep a day, so this is only true for their main sleeping period.

Chances are that your puppy is going to be taking naps all through the day and then heading to bed for good around sundown.

Can a Puppy Cry Itself to Death?

No, a puppy can’t cry itself to death. Though the cries of a puppy might sound extremely pitiful and even dangerous, they actually can’t die from crying.

If you make sure not to get your dog too excited before bed, then you’ll be able to cut down on the amount of crying. Put a favored toy or something else that makes them feel more comfortable in their space.

Should I Wake My Puppy up to Pee at Night?

Only wake your puppy up to pee if he or she is less than four months old. At this age, dogs start to be able to hold their bladder.

Any dog that’s younger than this probably can’t hold their bladder for more than maybe 3-4 hours, so you’ll want to either wake them up or be extra vigilant about taking them out to do their business.

You might also want to consider using puppy pads, especially if your dog can’t normally hold their bladder through the whole night.

Is it Cruel to Crate a Puppy at Night?

Crating isn’t cruel if done the right way. Encourage your dog to think of the crate as a safe space or den for them to relax in.

Eventually, they’ll learn that it’s a great place to sleep where they can feel protected. Don’t get your dog too excited before he or she goes in the crate, however, because this will make them feel more confined.

Can a Puppy Go All Night Without Eating?

Puppies will normally go all night without eating as long as they’re able to sleep comfortably. Even if they still have access to food, they’re usually more interested in sleeping once they get sufficiently tired out.

Creating a routine is important, so you’ll want to feed your puppy early enough that he or she doesn’t want to eat when it’s time to go to sleep.