What Tricks Can Yorkies Do? (Solved & Explained!)

Tricks that Yorkies can do include:

  1. Spin
  2. Back up
  3. Fetch
  4. Sit
  5. Sit pretty
  6. Paw
  7. Lay down
  8. Crawl
  9. Roll over

Do you want to teach your Yorkie some new tricks? Use this guide to learn how to teach your Yorkie nine awesome tricks!

What kinds of tricks can Yorkies do?

Yorkies can do any trick that other dogs can do!

Because Yorkies are small, they have a few limitations. For example, they can’t fetch large objects the way that big dogs can.

But each trick can be adapted to a Yorkie’s size and there is nothing a Yorkie can’t accomplish!

How do you teach your Yorkie to spin?

Spin is a trick where your Yorkie spins around in a circle. It is a great way to teach your Yorkie to focus on you so it is a good first trick.

First, get your Yorkie’s attention by using a treat. Say “spin” and turn your hand in a circle while your dog follows the treat. 

Some dogs might get confused and sit down while they’re learning. As long as your Yorkie completes at least a partial turn, give your dog a treat.

How do you teach your Yorkie to back up?

The American Kennel Club explains that back up is a trick that can eventually be commanded from a distance, so it has the potential to be very impressive.

Your Yorkie will start from a standing position. Put a treat in front of his nose.

Now move the treat slightly backwards. At first, any steps backwards should get a treat and praise, as well as the command “back.”

Each time, try to increase the amount of steps your Yorkie takes backwards. 

Once he can walk backwards without following a treat, gradually increase the distance from which you give the command.

How do you teach your Yorkie to fetch?

Fetch comes very naturally to some dogs, while others have no desire to bring a toy back after it is thrown.

First teach your Yorkie how to hold a toy. Put a toy in front of him and reward him for sniffing it.

Slowly withhold treats and only give them for long periods of sniffing. Then only give them for further investigation of the toy.

Lastly, only give treats when your Yorkie holds the toy in his mouth. Give the verbal command “hold.”

Now it is time to teach fetch. First have your Yorkie hold the toy.

Gradually start tossing the toy further and further away from you and command your Yorkie to hold the toy once he chases it.

Call your dog back to you and he will bring the toy with him! It may take a lot of practice depending on how inclined your Yorkie is to playing fetch, but it is well worth it.

How do you teach your Yorkie to sit?

Sit is one of the most basic tricks. 

To teach your Yorkie to sit, put pressure on his behind until it reaches the floor. 

When he is in a seated position, give him a treat and say “sit.” 

Because this trick is relatively easy, your Yorkie should pick up on it in no time.

How do you teach your Yorkie to sit pretty?

Sit pretty is when your dog lifts up his front legs while in a seated position. He has to know how to sit before he can learn how to sit pretty.

According to Wag!, sit pretty can calm your Yorkie down before meeting new people.

Since Yorkies are small, it may take a month or two for your dog to build up the muscles necessary to do this trick.

First, have your Yorkie sit. Then hold a treat above his nose and slowly raise it higher. 

Your Yorkie should raise his front paws off the ground to try to reach the treat.

Once his front paws leave the ground, praise him and give him the treat. Tell him “sit pretty” so he associates the words with the action.

Aim to go higher each time.

How do you teach your Yorkie to paw?

First, have your Yorkie sit.

Now pick up one of your Yorkie’s paws. Say “paw” and give him a treat. Repeat this many times.

Eventually you should be able to say “paw” with your hand outstretched and your Yorkie will offer up his paw on his own. Always use the same paw.

Once you have perfected one paw, you can teach your dog “other” to give the other paw. Repeat the process of holding your dog’s paw, except hold the other paw this time and use the command “other.”

Over time your dog will be able to distinguish which paw you want based on which command you give.

How do you teach your Yorkie to lay down?

Ask your Yorkie to sit and give him a treat. Now use another treat and put it by his nose.

Slowly drag the treat down towards the floor. Hopefully your pup will follow the treat and lay down in order to reach it.

Some dogs try to bend down to reach the treat instead of laying down. You can press gently on his back to encourage him to lay down.

When he lays down, use the verbal command “lay down” and give him the treat as well as praise.

How do you teach your Yorkie to crawl?

Now that your Yorkie knows how to lay down, you can teach him to crawl.

Ask your Yorkie to lay down. Give him a treat.

Put another treat in front of your Yorkie’s nose. Slowly move the treat away from your Yorkie.

At this point, he may stand up and walk towards the treat. Ask him to lay down again. 

Give him a treat for any amount of crawling forward, even if it’s just one step. 

How do you teach your Yorkie to roll over?

First, have your Yorkie lay down.

Next, guide your Yorkie to lay on his side by moving a treat in that direction. 

Lastly, complete the rollover motion with the treat in your hand and your dog should roll over. You may have to guide his body if he’s having trouble following the treat.