What Is Microchip Cat Feeder? (Solved & Explained!)

A microchip cat feeder is a feeder that is designed to respond to a specific cat by means of a microchip key that opens their food tray when the cat is close and closes it when your cat moves away. This is a great solution for multi-cat households where the other cats may bully each other and steal food.

Today we’re going to take a look at Automated feeder options and strategies that you can use to ensure that your cats aren’t eating each other’s food. This is based on the questions trending the most this week on the subject, so read on to learn more!

Are microchip feeders good?

Microchip feeders can be great! Depending on the model, you’ve got a few different features to choose from, such as scheduled feeding amounts at specific times or even a ‘proximity’ option where a specific cat can get close to a feeder and get an allotment of food.

The latter option is good for multi-cat households, where one cat might be missing out on feedings due to the other cats, as it allows them to approach the feeder on their own so that they can get their daily nutrition when they like.

How does a microchip cat feeder work?

A microchip feeder basically provides your cat or cats with their own keys to a specific feeder. This feeder will open when the cat is close and it senses the chip in their collar but more importantly, it will close when the cat leaves.

This can keep other cats in the house from ‘bullying’ another cat and taking their food, helping to ensure that all of the cats are getting proper nutrition each day.

What is the best microchip cat feeder?

The SureFeed microchip feeder is among the most popular varieties for both efficacy and ease of use. Using the SureFeed is basically a matter of filling it up with food and providing the cat you will be feeding with a proximity microchip for their collar.

After this, the feeder will open when they are close to it to give them access to the food and it will quickly close when they move away – keeping it safe from other cats until the microchipped kitty comes near it again.

How do you keep cats from eating separate food?

If you aren’t employing an automated feeder, there are still a few ways to help keep cats from bullying each other when it comes to food. First, you should ensure that the bowls are separated a goodly distance. This gives cats time to eat their own food quickly while separated.

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You can also simply feed them in separate rooms, closing the door to ensure that the cats are separated for their meals. Finally, consider upgraded to an automated feeder. The technology has been around for awhile and it’s relatively inexpensive these days and can take a lot of hassle out of feeding your cats!

How does a pet feeder work?

A pet feeder can work in a few different ways, though most commonly it will be microchip-managed so that it opens when a specific cat is close and closes when they are away. You also have electronically scheduled feeders, which simply deposit the cat’s food at specific times and in specific amounts.

Finally, there are non-electronic pet feeders that simply employ gravity to ensure that the cat’s bowl is always full.

How do I stop the dog from eating the cats food?

You can teach your dog the ‘leave it’ command, but if they are resistant to this then you’ve got a few other options. The easiest, is simply moving your cat’s bowl to a higher location. The dog can’t go there, but your cat can, and so the problem is solved.

You can also feed your cat in a separate room or simply let the dog outside for their own meals, while your cat eats safely inside.

Is there a microchip feeder for dogs?

Yes, there are microchip feeders for dogs that work much the same as the models for cats. The Sureflap feeder is one example, designed for smaller breed dogs and for cats as well, and the AutoDiet SMART feeder is a good fit for larger breeds.

Just be sure to check the overall size to ensure that it can meet your dog’s food volume needs and after that, just check that it is filled and that no lights are flashing that warrant your attention.

Why is my SureFeed flashing orange?

The SureFeed model comes with a ‘training mode’, which is designed to help your pet get used to the automatic feeder without getting frightened by it. If you’re cat has already gone through that training, simply press the function key until the light on your SureFeed turns green to indicate it in now in normal operation mode.

How do you reset a microchip cat feeder?

This will depend a lot on the model that you are using, so you’ll need to check your owner’s manual to find the reset button for your specific feeder. If you are using a SureFeed cat feeder, then resetting is easy.

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Simply press and hold the ‘add pet’ button for approximately 10 seconds and this should cause the feeder to open and close, while the lights will flash both red and green to indicate that the unit has been restored to factory defaults.

Are automatic cat feeders bad?

No, automatic cat feeders are certainly not bad. Cats are creatures of habit and an automatic feeder ensures that your cat can eat on their own schedule without you having to get up and fill the bowl on your own.

They can also be scheduled or you can purchase feeders that only open for each specific cat, to ensure that no kitty is eating another cat’s food. Provided that you fill them regularly and check daily to ensure that they are working, automatic cat feeders can be quite helpful indeed.

How long can you leave a cat with an automatic feeder?

It is only recommended that you leave your cat alone for no longer than 24 hours, even with an automatic feeder. If you will be away longer, then you should enlist the assistance of a friend or family member to check in on your cat and to ensure that there are no problems with the feeder.

While automatic feeders are nice, machines fail from time to time, plus there is also the matter of socializing. Your cat is used to you being there and when they are left alone, this is actually stressful for them. Having someone check in on your cat can help them to feel less lonely and ensure the feeder is fully functional.