What Is an Invisible Pet Fence? (For Beginners!)

What Is an Invisible Pet Fence? This is a term to describe a particular pet containment technology. These fences work to keep your pet in a designated area through a wire which sends out an electronic radio signal to a mechanism in your pet’s color each time they approach the wire. 

How Does an Invisible Fence for Pets Work? 

The term “Invisible Fence” comes from one company making containment systems for animals that exist underground. A wire is placed underground enclosing a desired space. This wire connects to a collar worn by your pet, which will beep as your pet comes close to the perimeter. If they attempt to cross the line designated by the wire, the collar will shock them.

What is the Point of the Invisible Pet Fence?

The idea is to train your animal to stay within a specific area through conditioning. If your property is not enclosed, it can be both frustrating and dangerous to let your pet run off-leash. 

An invisible fence will teach them to stay within a certain area to avoid being shocked. This will give you peace of mind to let your pet roam about within their designated area. 

Does an Invisible Fence Hurt Animals?

Unfortunately, invisible fences can hurt animals. The strength of the shock may be too aggressive for your pet which can physically hurt them and psychologically traumatize them.

The strength of the shock can be set using the system’s controls. The strength to which you set your system is very dependent upon your pet and is also extremely important to produce the desired effects. 

How Do I Properly Set my Invisible Fence to Not Hurt my Animal?

We recommend setting your fence so that it gives your pet a fair warning when approaching the perimeter. The initial beep is an important factor because it alerts your pet that the shock will follow. If you set this beep far enough away from the fence that it gives them ample time to acknowledge it and turn back, it will teach your pet to stop and avoid being hurt from an overly aggressive shock. 

What Happens if my Pet Runs Through the Invisible Fence? 

Your pet will only run past the perimeter of the invisible fence if they do not feel the negative effects. If this continues happening, you will likely need to increase the shock level of the collar.

Further, you may need to adjust the tightness of your pet’s collar or thin their fur so that it reaches their skin. The fence will only be effective if your dog dislikes the resulting consequences of crossing the border.

What Happens if Another Animal Crosses the Invisible Fence?

If you’re afraid an innocent squirrel will be hurt crossing your invisible fence, you have nothing to fear. The wire is connected to the specific collar your pet is wearing. Thus, it will only be triggered by that one mechanism. In this sense, the fence is truly invisible to everyone except the pet wearing the collar. 

Is an Invisible Fence Dangerous Around Children?

No, because the fence will only impact the pet wearing the connected device. However, be very careful to keep the invisible fence remote far out of reach from children. If your child accidentally changes the fence settings using the remote, it could hurt your pet without your knowledge.

How Much Do Invisible Fences Cost?

Invisible fences are charged according to their length. So, the larger the space you wish to enclose, the pricier your total fence cost will be. On average, you can expect to pay about $2.25 US per linear foot. This cost includes the materials and installment fee. The price will vary depending on the company you use.

How Long Do Invisible Fences Take to Install?

The amount of time it takes to install your invisible fence system depends on how large the area you intend to enclose is. However, on average, installation shouldn’t take more than 1 or 2 days. 

How Long Do Invisible Fence Systems Last?

The lifetime of your invisible fence depends on the wire used as well as your climate. On average, you can expect your invisible fence to last upwards of 27 years. This could vary depending on the harshness of the weather in your region. For example, severe rain and snow could shorten your fence’s life expectancy.

What is the Biggest Issue with Invisible Fences?

The biggest drawback with invisible fence systems is the risk that your pet will react negatively. The goal is to shock your pet just enough that they do not cross the line. However, judging how strong this shock must be to do so can be difficult. 

If the shock is too light, your pet may not be bothered and thus, learn nothing from the system. On the other hand, the shock may be too aggressive in which case the animal could become frightened, traumatized, or angry. 

How Do I Take my Pet out of the Fenced Area?

If you’re suddenly wondering if your pet will receive a shock when you’re simply trying to take them for a walk, do not worry. Your pet will only be shocked if they are wearing the collar connected to the fence. So, be sure to get into the habit of taking the specific collar with the invisible fence mechanism on and off your pet.

We recommend buying a distinct regular collar (perhaps a very bright color or pattern) so that you always remember which one they are wearing and do not run the risk of an unnecessary shock.

Does My Invisible Fence Have to be Set into a Perfect Shape or can it be Irregular?

If you have a strangely shaped yard, have no fear. Because the fence is created using wire, it can be bent into various shapes. We recommend aligning your fence as closely as you can to your desired space so that your pet has as much room as possible to roam about. 

Further, the closer the barrier is to the clear indication of where your yard ends, the better your pet may understand and be able to visualize the parameters they have to stay within.