What Is A Dog Tracker?

A dog tracker is a electronic device that can be used to keep tabs on the location of your dog. This is a device that comes in several forms. The most popular model is the one that includes GPS as one of its most salient features. Dog trackers have been on the market for several decades and are becoming more widespread.

The reason for their popularity has to do with the fact that they have become much more advanced in the past few years. A dog tracker that contains a GPS system is one that is much more likely to be able to do its job in a thorough and satisfactory manner. This is all the more important for owners who work during the day.

You obviously can’t be at home at all hours of the day to keep a close eye on the doings of your dog. During this time, they may well have the chance to slip out of the yard and into the wider world. If this is the case, you will need to have a GPS tracking device on your dog. This will be the best way to trace and get them back.

Microchips Vs GPS Dog Trackers

Some people think that putting a microchip on their dog is a good idea. In theory, it is. However, there are a few wrong ideas that people seem to have about these chips. One of the biggest ones is that microchips can be fitted with a GPS system. At the moment, this is not true. No chip now exists that also has GPS tracking functions.

In fact, a chip is mostly useful at the moment after your dog is found, not while they are still at large. A person who finds your dog may choose to bring them to a vet. At the vet’s office, the chip can be found and read. If you’re lucky, the vet will then call you to tell you that your dog has been found. A lot here is being left to chance.

A GPS tracker is a device that can be fitted on to the collar of your dog. The point will be to provide you with a device that can give you the location of your furry friend no matter where they have run off to. The main difference here is that the device can not, at the moment at least, be downsized to fit into a handy microchip.

How Does a Dog Tracker Work?

A dog tracker that has been fitted into a microchip will not be able to use GPS system functioning in order to help locate your dog. The chip is indeed planted inside of your dog. However, it will really only be useful if your dog is found by someone, such as a vet, who can read the chip. They will then be able to return your dog to you.

A dog tracker that has been been fitted with a GPS system is one that attaches on to the collar of your dog. It is usually lightweight and very portable. This is, of course, by necessity since it needs to be light enough to be easily carried around by your dog. At the moment, it is not small enough to fit into the inside of a microchip.

A dog tracker works via the GPS system that is included. As long as your dog is wearing the collar, it will transmit the location of your furry friend. This is a great way to keep tabs on them so that they will not get too far away. Most GPS collars are shock proof, waterproof, and able to resist a good deal of wear and tear.

Can You Put A Tracking Device In Your Dog?

If you are talking about a device in the form of a chip, the answer is no. At the moment, there is no microchip that has been evolved to include GPS tracking. As a result, the most that a chip can do is give the person who reads it all the relevant info about you and your dog. A chip by itself is useless as a tracking device.

You can put a tracking device on, not in, your dog. You can do this by making use of a modern tracking collar that has been specially equipped with a GPS tracking device. This type of collar is light and portable in order to allow your dog to wear it with no trouble. Most of them are waterproof, shock proof, and able to stand up to abuse.

The day is sure to come when a GPS tracking device will be able to fit securely into a chip. But that day has not yet arrived. As a result, your best bet will definitely be to make use of a normal GPS tracking collar. This is the surest way to keep day to day tabs on your dog so that they won’t escape. It’s the best way to find them if they do.

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Tracker In A Dog?

The cost of a dog tracker will vary. Some may be as low as $25 to $30. Others may be as high as $200 to $300. The cost of the tracker that you buy will depend on a few factors. Some of them will be longevity, durability, or whether or not the device you buy is warrantied with a full guarantee of quality that comes direct from the maker.

It should also be noted that many devices will require you to agree to a subscription plan. This could cause the ultimate price of the unit to be higher than you originally expected.

For all of these reasons and many more, it’s a very good idea to do a bit of on the web research. You want to make sure that the tracker you buy will fit your personal needs.