What Does A Dog Kennel Need?

Depending on the age of your dog, your kennel will need a few things. One is a blanket. Dogs need something comfortable to lay on since they’re going to be spending most of their time in their kennel asleep. Different kinds of blankets are needed based on the age of the dog.

Puppies will need chew-proof and waterproof blankets. Because they’re teething, puppies will chew through everything. That includes blankets, t-shirts, and any other kind of fabric. You may think that putting their puppy blanket or your t-shirt in the kennel with them is a good idea, but they’ll probably chew through it.

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Waterproof blankets are also ideal. Puppies will have accidents inside of their kennels. They haven’t learned bladder control yet. Waterproof blankets ensure that the urine isn’t trapped inside of the fabric or that it doesn’t ruin the fabric. You’ll also want blankets that are easily washable.

Adult dogs are easy to buy for in terms of blankets. You only need a blanket that they find comfortable. Unless you have a dog that’s a heavy chewer, any standard dog blanket should do.

Senior dogs, on the other hand, will need something similar to puppy blankets. You don’t have to worry about chewing, but you should consider something that is waterproof. Older dogs have a hard time holding their bladder. They may not even realize they’re urinating. A waterproof blanket can ensure the blanket lasts longer and can be easily washed.

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Other items that you should have in the kennel is easy access to food and water. You’ll want to choose bowls that can be clipped onto the side of the kennel. Even a kennel that has a built-in bowl area is ideal. This ensures that dogs don’t accidentally step in their food or send it scattering everywhere.

Some owners may choose to do away with food until they return home. Dogs can typically go some time without food, but you’ll want to make sure that you feed them as soon as you’re home.

Toys should also be included, but you’ll need to be mindful of the kind of toys that you place in the kennel. Some can break or shatter into pieces that your dog can then choke on. Without you there to help your dog, you may come home to a tragedy.

One great option is a puzzle toy. These are toys designed to make your dog think about how to access their inner compartments. Inside of that compartment is some sort of treat. Puzzle toys can entertain your dog for hours and ensure they remain mentally stimulated while you’re gone.

Other toys that give them something to safely chew are also ideal.

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So in summary, what does a dog kennel need? Every kennel needs a blanket or bed, water bowl or bottle, and something safe to chew.

What Is The Best Thing To Put In A Dog Kennel?

The best thing to put in a dog kennel is a toy that can keep them stimulated. Dogs are like humans in that they can become bored. When they’re bored, they’ll start performing destructive behavior. Perhaps you walked into your home and found your dog had chewed through some of the wires on the kennel. This is destructive behavior.

To correct it, you need to keep your dog mentally stimulated while you’re away. Puzzle toys can be a great solution. Certain chew toys can also keep them entertained.

One of the best things to put near a dog kennel for your own sake is a dog camera. The camera can record your dog inside of the kennel and ensure that it’s alright. If the dog starts to misbehave, a camera that allows you to speak to your dog through it is ideal. It can also make your dog think you’re somewhere close which can reduce its anxiety.

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Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Dogs don’t necessarily need blankets to survive. They can improve their mood and happiness though. Puppies may enjoy the warmth that a blanket offers. They’re used to the warmth that a puppy pile typically gives them. Since they’re on their own, finding that level of warmth isn’t easy. A big blanket can allow them to wrap themselves in and recreate that sense of security and warmth that they received from their litter.

Older dogs may also benefit from a blanket. When they start to have joint problems, a blanket can help ease some of their suffering. Laying on the kennel floor isn’t always comfortable. Bunching up a blanket on one side of the kennel allows your senior dog to make the decision for themselves. If they get too hot, then they can always cool off on the bare floor of the kennel.

Some dogs may also find that certain blankets that carry your scent to be comforting. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, then try placing a blanket that you often use in their kennel with them. They may find laying within it and being surrounded by your scent something that calms them.

Can A Dog Kennel Be Too Big Or Too Crowded With Stuff?

If you don’t size your kennel properly, then it can easily start to be filled with too much stuff. The biggest example is a food and water bowl. If you put in a standard bowl for water and food, then there’s a good chance that your dog will step in it. Dogs don’t realize how little space they have to maneuver inside of a kennel.

If they become too excited, then their paws will end up in their food and in their water. Even worse, if the bowls topple over, then you’re going to have to clean up soggy dog food at the bottom of their kennel. It’s a good way to contaminate themselves, too. If they spill food on the floor, then end up having an accident, then they eat the food, then they just ingested tainted food.

When it comes to kennels, more space is always better than less space. Consider the size of your dog and then the objects you want inside of it to figure out the best size kennel for your dog.