58 Unique Dog Kennel Names

1. FullMoonDogKennel.com
2. LunarEclipseDogKennel.com
3. NewLifeDogKennel.com
4. NewLifePetKennel.com
5. VanguardPetKennel.com
6. VanguardDogKennel.com
7. DogForgeKennel.com
8. PetForgeKennel.com
9. JackpotPetKennel.Com
10. JackpotDogKennel.com
11. CrescentDogKennel.com
12. UtopiaDogKennel.com
13. UtopiaPetKennel.com
14. OldschoolDogKennel.com
15. OldDogKennel.com
16. HelixDogKennel.com
17. HelixPetKennel.com
18. DominionDogKennel.com
19. CelebrationPetKennel.com
20. ClearwaterDogKennel.com
21. ClearwaterPetKennel.com
22. MultipleDogKennel.com
23. MultiplePetKennel.com
24. ProdigyDogKennel.com
25. ProdigyPetKennel.com
26. BullseyeDogKennel.com
27. BullseyePetKennel.com
28. JumpstartDogKennel.com
29. JumpstartPetKennel.com
30. FirstChoiceDogKennel.com
31. FirstChoisePetKennel.com
32. EthosDogKennel.com
33. EthosPetKennel.com
34. MemorableMomentsDogKennel.com
35. MemorableMomentsPetKennel.com
36. WaterfrontDogKennel.com
37. WaterfrontPetKennel.com
38. RedwoodDogKennel.com
39. RedwoodPetKennel.com
40. ChampionsDogKennel.com
41. AegisDogKennel.com
42. AegisPetKennel.com
43. BlueMoonDogKennel.com
44. TransitionDogKennel.com
45. TransitionPetKennel.com
46. LegionDogKennel.com
47. LegionPetKennel.com
48. DogRealm.com
49. RegencyDogKennel.com
50. RegencyPetKennel.com
51. GreenleafDogKennel.com
52. GreenleafPetKennel.com
53. DogFortress.com
54. PetFortress.com
55. HilltopDogKennel.com
56. HilltopPetKennel.com
57. DogEmbassy.com
58. PetEmbassy.com

What To Check Before Choosing A Business Name

Before you can open your doors and start your kennel business, you first need to come up with a unique business name. Business names are basically brands. The name you choose is something that people will associate with your business message and operations. It needs to be clear, distinct, and memorable.

There are a few important things to check before you simply register your business and start operations. You need to ensure that the business name you’ve chosen has a domain available for it online. It also needs to be not already trademarked by another business.

Here’s a brief template on how to choose a business name and ensure that you’re able to use it.

Is It Easy To Say And Remember?

One of the most important aspects of choosing your business name is determining whether or not it’s easy to say and remember. Customers are more likely to choose your business if they can remember it. If they’re unable to, then you likely won’t ever see them again. It’s not vindictive on their part. They just don’t remember your business.

Part of making a name memorable is making it unique and catchy. It should also invoke an image in their mind. Customers have an easier time remembering things if it’s associated with an image. A name that stimulates some form of an image, be it the woods, a hilltop, or something else, will help boost their memory.

It should also be reflective of the kind of business that you’re running. It isn’t any good to have a catchy name if no one recalls what the business even does. A name like the HilltopSanctuary may sound catchy and unique, but does it tell your customers what it does exactly?

You can refine that name to something like HilltopDogKennelSanctuary. While it’s a bit longer, it’s easier to remember thanks to the visual of the hilltop. Customers also know what services you provide thanks to the use of “dog kennel” in the name.

Finally, the name needs to be easy to say. Customers won’t embarrass themselves by attempting to pronounce a complicated name. They’ll opt for something simpler every time. HilltopDogKennelSanctuary may be a bit of a mouthful for some people. Shortening it to HilltopDogKennel may be more ideal. You can always invoke the feeling of a sanctuary through marketing and logos later.

Is The URL Available?

The next step after you’ve chosen your business name is to see if the URL is available. Called a domain, this is the name of the URL that you see when you type it into a search bar. It’s important that you’re able to use a URL that has your business name in it. When you tell someone your business name, they should be able to plug that name into Google and immediately see your website.

Telling them a different website URL than your business name can be confusing. They may not remember it and thus never find your website.

You also want to stay away from having to add “2” or “3” to the end of your URL. For example, if your domain is HilltopDogKennel2, then customers may search for “HilltopDogKennel” and be met with the user who has the original URL. They’ll click on that one rather than HilltopDogKennel2. As a result, you lose their business and the customer is left confused.

It’s important to purchase or lockdown a URL once you know that it’s available. If other people get wind that you’re trying to buy a URL, then they may go it before you and hold the URL hostage. They’ll require you to buy it from them at an incredible price. You’ll want to move quickly in order to secure your URL for yourself.

Need to brainstorm more names and check if the URL is available? We do this with leandomainsearch.com. Type in a few words and it’ll generate suggestions, all of which have URLs ready to go. Then simply register them with your favorite registrar. We use namecheap.com.

Are There Any Trademarks?

Another vital search that you need to make before choosing a business name officially is to determine whether or not it’s trademarked. When businesses are made and named, they file a patent for a trademark with the government. This means that other businesses are unable to use the same name.

This can protect the business for their advertising and marketing plans in the future. Other businesses won’t be able to rake in the customers or revenue simply by sharing the same name.

Besides trademarking your own business name, you’ll want to make sure that it isn’t already trademarked. If you do use a business name that’s trademarked, then you may be sued down the line at an incredible amount.

You can easily check to see if the name is trademarked by visiting the US Patent and Trademark Office online.

Is It Available To Register As A Business In Your State?

Your last step should be to register your business within your state. You may find that your state has additional rules for the naming of your business. Some states, for example, don’t allow businesses to use names that are similar to other businesses. It has to be wholly unique.

Searching through your local Secretary of State’s business information will give you a list of the businesses that share your name or are similar to it. You may need to adjust your name accordingly.

Once you finally have a unique name that can be trademarked, you can register it in your state.