What Type of Dog Kennel Is Best? (Solved & Explained!)

Some of the best kennels on the market include the Petmate Ultra Vari and the Midwest Ultima pro. The latter offers a double-door, which is quite nice to have, while the Petmate is lightweight and fits standards for airline travel in case you need to go mobile.

In this article we’ll answer the most popular kennel and crate questions so that you’ll have the facts that you need to meet your dog’s kennel needs. Let’s take a look at what people are asking the most!


What is the safest dog kennel?

Gunner kennels come highly recommended and are considered quite durable. They have double-walls and are also rotomolded, making them quite long-lasting and sturdy, and the manufacturer gives them a lifetime guarantee. These will give you an example of some qualities to look for when selecting a kennel for your own dog.

Is a metal or plastic dog crate better?

Metal tends to be the best option for larger dogs. They are slightly more spacious than their plastic counterparts and the wire is going to definitely be better aerated than a molded plastic option.

Cleaning is a bit more meticulous with a metal wire crate and plastic models are easier to carry, so it’s all going to boil down to your specific needs.

What is the difference between a dog crate and a kennel?

Dog crates are more lightweight and intended for travel, though they can and often are used as a ‘personal space’ for dogs by leaving them open in the house in a specific spot.

Kennels are much more durable and built to be a semi-permanent option for securing your dog and for giving them a personal space in the house of their own. The biggest differences are in construction and mobility.

Is it cruel to put a dog in kennels?

Kennels aren’t cruel unless they are overused or if they are used with a dog that already has separation anxiety. Dogs are very social and they need frequent interaction in order to feel normal, as they have a pack mentality and aren’t really ‘wired’ to function well on their own.

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As long as the dog is not being isolated for long periods of time, using a kennel is just fine, you just want to make sure that it’s not an everyday, longtime occurrence or your dog may become very depressed.

What is a dog kennel used for?

A kennel can refer to two things. First, it is simply a structure that is designed with the intent of housing or isolating your dog when needed. Secondly, kennel can refer to a boarding-house style option where a dog is stored with other dogs when the owner must be away.

A home kennel can function both for isolation and for providing a personal indoor ‘dog house’ for owners who do not have access to a backyard.

Is a dog kennel a good idea?

Kennels can be excellent training tools and also give your dog a place to go when they are feeling stressed or simply wish to chew on one of their toys in peace.

Having a kennel or a crate is indeed a good idea, as necessity dictates that there are some times when you will need to secure the dog – whether it be from aggressive or from the dog being overly friendly. They can also be quite useful for potty training, so a kennel is definitely worth considering.

Is it better to kennel or crate?

This really depends on your needs. The advantage of a kennel is that it is semi-permanent, providing a safe space for your dog for many years to come. The advantage of a crate is that it is more lightweight and allows you to transport your dog, which is useful for vet visits, vacations, and more.

Ultimately it boils down to the question ‘semi-permanent enclosure vs. mobile lightweight enclosure… which do you need?’.

Are Diggs crates worth it?

Diggs crates have won some awards and have gotten a lot of praise, so they are well worth looking into. One of their selling points is that they incorporate standards used with human babies, so they are considered quite safe, and they offer features such as collapsibility and ergonomic doors.

They are rated for dogs of up to 30 pounds, so they may or may not be a good fit for your dog.

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What are the pros and cons of crate training?

A crate provides your dog with their own personal space, which is quite useful if you don’t have a yard that you can stick a dog house in. It can help with potty training and keep your dog safe by restricting them when you cannot supervise them.

The caveats are that some people may end up viewing the crate as ‘doggy storage’ and may overuse it, which can lead to the dog becoming distressed or depressed. Crates can also be dangerous if they have a sub-standard assembly, and so careful selection is required.

Where should a dog sleep at night?

The best place for your dog to sleep is wherever you are sleeping. Dogs do best when they are sleeping close by. As pack animals, it’s in their nature to be close to you and your family.

If this is not possible, you can use a baby barrier to cordon off a room for your dog, but if it’s not too big of an imposition the best place for your dog is with you!

Should you put your puppy in a crate at night?

Crating is a very good idea for puppies. They wake up in the middle of the night quite often and can end up wandering unchecked. This is unsafe, as it’s easy for them to get stuck somewhere or to ingest something toxic.

They also have poor bladder control and this makes them likely to have ‘accidents’ around the house. If you don’t have a crate, the best option is to set up some bedding in the bedroom and then close the door when you go to sleep.