How Do You Trim a Yorkie’s Paws? (Solved & Explained!)

This is how you trim a Yorkie’s paws:

  • Brush the hair up from the paw pads and toes.
  • First trim along the outside of the foot.
  • Then cut the hair in between the paw pads and toes. The fur should sit at the same height as the paw pads.
  • Work slowly and carefully to ensure you do not poke or cut your yorkie’s paw.

This handy guide will inform you how to trim a yorkie’s paws and all you need to know about grooming your pet yorkie.

How Do You Trim a Yorkie’s Paws at Home?

Use small scissors with rounded edges or a hair clipper and a soft brush. Begin with your yorkie’s back paws first so they get used to the feeling before doing the front.

  • Brush the hair up from the paw pads and toes.
  • First trim along the outside of the foot.
  • Then cut the hair in between the paw pads and toes. The fur should sit at the same height as the paw pads.

Work slowly and carefully to ensure you do not cut your yorkie’s paw. You can use a clipper around the paw pads to avoid poking with scissors.

Why Do You Need to Trim a Yorkie’s Paws?

Long hair can grow between your pet’s paw pads and toes and become uncomfortable as it bunches, becomes matted, and causes irritation. The long hair more easily picks up dirt or other debris when out on walks which can become stuck in the fur. It can cause your dog to slip if the hair grows over the paw pad.

How Do You Look After a Yorkie’s Paws?

You should regularly check your dog’s paw pads to make sure they are clean and not cracked or injured. Regularly trim the fur between the paw pads and clip the nails. If your dogs’ paws are cracked wash them with a dog-friendly soap and apply dog-safe cream.

What Equipment Do You Need to Trim a Yorkie?

  • Brush: sleek brushes are recommended for long-hair breeds.
  • Scissors: small scissors with rounded tips are best to avoid poking your dog.
  • Electric clipper: this helps if you like to keep your yorkie’s hair short or if you need to cut an area closely such as the pads of your dog’s feet.
  • Nail clippers: use specially designed clippers with safety guards to avoid cutting the nails too short. Many dog nail clippers have a spring which allows you to apply less pressure when cutting.
  • Shampoo and conditioner: dog-friendly, to wash the fur before or after the cut.

How Do You Trim a Yorkie’s Nails?

Yorkie’s have black nails, which can make them more difficult to trim. This is because the nail contains a blood vessel which cannot be seen on a dark nail. Trimming this causes pain, bleeding, and can lead to infection.

  • According to the American Kennel Club, you can avoid cutting this by clipping the hook-like part of the nail that points down and making sure the nail looks white inside.
  • Aim to cut at ground level so the nails almost touch the ground. Cut straight or downwards, not facing up.
  • Place the nail clippers in the right position and press.

Why Do You Need to Trim a Yorkie’s Nails?

  • Long nails make walking difficult and painful for dogs.
  • Long nails can break more easily and if this happens at the base of the nail this affects the blood vessels and nerves, causing pain and possible infection.
  • Long nails can cause wounds on the paws which can become infected.

How Do You Groom a Yorkie?

  1. You can bathe your dog either before or after their cut. Wash them with a dog-friendly shampoo and conditioner to get any dirt and tangles out of their coat.
  2. Brush your yorkie’s hair to remove any tangles or mats.
  3. Cut your yorkie’s hair with scissors first, and then if you want a shorter cut use clippers afterwards until it reaches the desired length. Use a brush to smooth the hair out as you cut it.
  4. Begin with the back, hind legs, and back paws. Then move to the belly, chest, and neck before cutting the front legs and paws.
  5. Do delicate areas such as the face and ears last. Make sure eyes and ears are clear.

How Often Do Yorkies Need Grooming?

  • Brushing: Every 2 days. Especially if the yorkie’s hair is long, to prevent tangling and mats.
  • Bathing: Every 2 weeks. This depends on your yorkie and how dirty they are, but washing them too often could strip their coat of its natural oils.
  • Trimming: Every 4-6 weeks. This depends on the length of the coat and how fast it grows.
  • Nail clipping: Every 2 weeks.

What Is Unique About Yorkie Hair?

Yorkie hair is incredibly long, silky, and straight. They do not have an undercoat, and this makes their fur more similar to human hair. Their hair is hypoallergenic, and they rarely shed, which make them great pets. Yet the hair still needs regular brushing and grooming to keep it clean and prevent tangling and mats.

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What Age Should a Yorkie First Be Groomed?

When a yorkie puppy is around 16 to 20 weeks, or 4 months old, they should be ready for their first groom. This will include having a bath, having a hair trim, and having their nails clipped.

Should You Take Your Yorkie to the Groomer?

You can take your yorkie to the groomer to be washed, groomed, trimmed and to have their nails cut. This is a great option if you are having trouble trimming or clipping your yorkie, or you need professional advice to complete the job, especially as yorkies have different hair to other breeds.

It is best to get your yorkie groomed regularly since they are a puppy either at home or at a groomer, so they get used to the experience. But if your dog is still apprehensive about grooming and is jerking away and you worry about injuring them, a professional groomer will be best to handle them.