Training A Chihuahua (House Training, Kind, Barking, Jumping)

How To House Train A Chihuahua

Here are a few steps on how you can house train your Chihuahua.

Step 1: Get Puppy Pads

You need a large puppy pad. The length and width should be greater than the crate you intend to use as the potty crate. Place the pad on the floor.

Step 2: Get Two Crates

You need two puppy crates for this training method. One should be larger than the other. The small one should be considered their den and should have their favorite bed in it. The other, larger, crate is the one they’ll use for their bathroom when you’re not home.

The two crates should have their doors open and facing one another. This allows the dog to step through one and into the other without escaping.

Step 3: Let Them Do Their Business

Dogs naturally seek a place other than their den to use the bathroom. Instead of the puppy pooping all over your home, they’ll instead do their business in the potty crate and relax in the crate designated to be their den.

Any time they go to the bathroom, you should praise and reward them. You should also let them out and play with them.

Step 4: Only Let Them Out When You Give Them Attention

In order to ingrain that the potty crate is their go-to place to use the bathroom, you should only let your puppy out when you want to give them your full attention. This ensures that you’re aware of them if they need to use the bathroom and can escort them back to their potty crate.

Step 5: Transition to Outdoors

This method is great for puppies that you want to keep contained in one area when you’re not home. Once they’re older, you can remove the potty crate and keep their den crate close to the door. They’ll now associate the outside with their potty area.

How Do You Train A Chihuahua To Pee On A Pad?

Confinement is the key method to helping your Chihuahua learn to pee on a pad. You can use the crate method above to help train them to use a pad. You can also do away with crates if you have gates. You can use the gate to corner off an area that you fill with pads.

How To Train A Chihuahua To Use A Litter Box

Here are a few steps you can use to train your Chihuahua to use a litter box.

Step 1: Setup

In order to encourage your dog to use the litter box, you need to have the right setup. You should have a large kennel that’s opened on the top to easily reach and clean out their litter box. The kennel should also have a comfy bed for them to use as their den.

In one corner of the kennel, you need a low-wall litter box. In order to train them, it’s best that the box is close to the bed. That enables them to quickly leave their bed and go right into the area they need to use the bathroom.

Step 2: Positive Reinforcement

Because dogs have a natural tendency to not use the bathroom where they sleep, training them is quite easy. They do most of the work themselves. It’s your job to ensure they remember what they’re learning. To do that, you can praise and reward them any time they use the litter box. A small treat works the best.

Step 3: Free Access

Once your dog uses the litter box, you can take them out of the kennel and let them play in the house. As a puppy, you’ll want to let them out for a short time before returning them to the kennel. Their bladders are small. Older dogs can stay out of the kennel for a longer duration.

Basic Commands

There are a few basic commands that you can teach to your Chihuahua. These commands can make owning and controlling them easier.


As with any training, you should always use positive reinforcement. Get a juicy treat of theirs that they love. Show them the treat to keep them interested.

Then start with a command word or gesture. You may need to physically place your dog in the position for them to get it initially.

Repeat the command word. Any time they sit down, you give them lots of praise and the treat. You may need to take a break and come back to it in order to alleviate confusion and frustration.


Just like with the previous command, you’ll need to come up with a command word or gesture. Start by only taking a few steps away from your dog. If they remain where they are, then give them a treat. If they move, then walk back to the same area and start again.

This basic command can be complex for dogs. It may take you several days, if not weeks, to get right.


Another important command is to come. This should be taught alongside the stay command. Once you’re at your designated spot, give them the command word or gesture. If they come to you, then feed them a treat. If not, then move to a different area and repeat the word.

The use of a clicker is sometimes helpful. It attracts their attention and gives them an audio cue.


This basic command can be taught when you’re out walking your dog. To keep them at your side, you’ll want to socialize your dog first. The less excited they are about other people and dogs, the easier training them to heel will be.

Use a clicker and tasty treat to get their attention. Give them the command word when they start to wander off. If they obey, then reward them. If not, then you may want to use the clicker or some sort of beeper to get their attention and try again.

Advanced Training

Other training commands that are more advanced will build on these basic commands. You’ll need a command word or gesture, a treat, and a clicker. You should always train them in an area with few distractions first. Then you can graduate to areas that have more and more distractions.

More complex training commands may be things like fetch, roll over, play dead, counting, and even dancing.

How To Train A Chihuahua To Let Others Pet Or Pick Them Up

If your dog is nervous, then it may not be to be picked by others. Here are a few steps you can use to make them more comfortable about being picked up by others.

Step 1: Get Them To Your Side

Because reaching over your dog can be seen as aggressive and frightening, it’s a better idea to train them to come to your side. You can easily do this by using a treat to guide them to your side.

Do this a few times to make them comfortable following your hand and standing by your side.

Step 2: Place Your Arm Over Them

The next step is to get them comfortable with an arm over them. You’ll want to use the same method as before. Use a treat to guide them to your side. Then lightly touch your hand to their ribs.

You’ll want to do this often to get them used to it.

Step 3: Lift Up

Once your dog is comfortable with your hand being on their ribs, you can start lifting them up. Use a treat to guide them to your side, then place your hand under them and lift them up against your side. You’ll want to feed them a treat once they’re comfortable in your arm and off the ground.

This may take several attempts.

How To Get Your Chihuahua To Be Nice To Strangers And Children

Here are a few steps you can use to help make your dog be friendly towards strangers and children.

Step 1: Socialization

The most important aspect of training your dog to be friendly towards others is to socialize them. As soon as you bring the puppy home, it should be handled by everyone. Chihuahuas like to bond with one person over others. You should do your best to let everyone bond with it.

Have lots of strangers over to get them comfortable with other people. You’ll also want to take them to dog parks to get them used to other dogs.

Step 2: Teach Them Commands

You can establish yourself as the Alpha of the pack by teaching your dog. Certain commands like Sit and Wait are useful. They tell your dog that you’re in charge and that they need to listen to you.

Once you establish yourself as the Alpha, the dog will look to you to find out how to react to certain situations.

Step 3: Disengage Aggressive Behavior

If your dog does start to act aggressively towards others, then you need to disengage it immediately. Don’t give them positive or negative reinforcement. The best thing you can do is ignore them. They won’t get your attention through bad behavior.

Keep your dog on a leash when around other people. The moment it starts to act aggressively, remove the dog elsewhere.

How To Train Your Chihuahua Not To Bark And Be Jumpy With Outside Noises

Here are a few steps you can use to help your dog bark less with outside noises.

Step 1: Socialize

Just like with encouraging a friendly attitude, your dog will also bark less if they experience more of life. Take them outside and let them hear the noises of the world around them. Let them associate certain sounds with visuals.

It’s natural for a dog to bark at something they deem threatening. It’s your job to make it seem normal and un-threatening.

Step 2: Establish Alpha Status

You need to make sure that your dog understands that you’re the Alpha. If they think they’re the Alpha, then they’re the ones who decide what is a threat and what isn’t. That means they may bark at anything and everything.

Establishing yourself as the Alpha means they’ll look to you to decide how to react to certain stimuli.

Step 3: Distractions

It’s unlikely that your dog is ever going to stop barking entirely. You can use distractions to direct their focus to something else. A squeaky ball or toy can be a great distraction for them.