How to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping on People

It’s a common behavior problem for dogs to jump up on people when they come home. The best way to train your dog not to do this is by teaching them the “sit” command, which will teach your pup that it’s good manners not to jump on people. It only takes about five minutes per day of training and patience from you!
The most important thing is consistency, so make sure you practice every day until your pup gets it right.

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping on People

  1. Stop rewarding their behavior.
  2. Teach them the sit command.
  3. Tell your visitors not to reward your dog for jumping on them.
  4. Have visitors command your dog to sit.
  5. Keep your dog on a leash so that it can’t jump on people with impunity.
  6. Keep toys by the front entrance so that your dog can be distracted by them.
  7. Keep a few tasty snacks by the front so that your dog can focus on them instead of jumping on people.
  8. Make use of dog gates to keep your dog safely out of range when people enter your home.

Why Does My Dog Jump on Everyone?

There may be any number of reasons why your dog loves to jump on people. They may be bored by a lack of stimulation or release for their energy around the home. If this is the case, you need to help them to get more active. Exercise and play with them as much as you can. Take them for a nice long walk so that they can tire out naturally.

When friends or family members come to visit, don’t reward your dog for jumping on them. The key is to ignore their bad behavior so as not to reinforce it. Keep them behind a dog gate or in a crate or kennel until you are sure they have calmed down. If they know they get rewards for good behavior, they will learn to stop acting out.

How Do I Train My Dog to Be Calm When Visitors Come Over?

  1. Keep them in a crate or kennel when guests arrive and keep them there until you are sure they have calmed down
  2. Keep your dog on a leash as you approach other people so they will learn not to jump on them
  3. If your dog takes longer to learn, don’t reward them. Ignore their jumping behavior and do not reinforce it
  4. Don’t give them pets or treats until they have calmed down and stopped their jumping
  5. Put them in time out, such as behind a dog gate or kennel, until they stop jumping on people

What to Do If a Dog Jumps on You?

If a dog jumps on you, the best thing that you can do is try to ignore them. You don’t want to shower them with attention of any kind. Doing so will only send them the message that their bad behavior is being rewarded. Instead of giving them validation for bad conduct, your best bet is not to give them any kind of attention at all.

Another thing to keep in mind is that dogs will sometimes jump on you for other reasons than to say hello. Sometimes they do so in order to try to establish a level of control or dominance. In a case like this, you definitely want to keep control of the situation. Ignore their behavior so that they don’t think they control you.

Why Does My Dog Go Crazy When We Have Visitors?

Your dog may be overly excited by the prospect of new visitors that they have never seen before. This excitement may override their ability to respond to your commands. If this is the case, you need to train them to stay calm and relaxed when visitors come. You can start by training them to stay on a mat when someone comes to the door.

The idea is simply to keep them from going crazy when you have visitors. Keep a toy or a snack on the mat so that your dog will have something to distract them. Give them a reward when they stay calmly on the mat without going crazy when the doorbell rings. Keep reinforcing this behavior until it becomes second nature to your dog.

Why Does My Dog Go Crazy When Someone Comes to the Door?

Your dog may suffer from a lack of outlets for their energy. As a result, they get way too excited when something new happens. A stranger coming to the door may not know how to react properly. If you aren’t curbing your dog’s behavior, they won’t get the message that they are doing bad.

Is it Bad to Let Your Dog Jump on You or Others?

It’s very bad because this is behavior that you should be working to correct. You should be training your dog not to display aggressive behavior of any kind when it is not warranted. You’re better off keeping your dog in a crate until they can be properly trained.

Is it Bad to Let Your Friend’s Dog Jump on You?

You shouldn’t allow any dog to jump on you when you aren’t expecting it. Since it isn’t your dog, your best bet will be to simply ignore their behavior. You don’t want to say or do anything that will let the dog think they are being rewarded in any way.

Why Do Dogs Jump on You When You Lay Down?

Sometimes a dog will choose the moment when you lay down to jump on you. There are a number of reasons why this may happen. Sometimes it may be a behavior left over from their childhood. Puppies love to jump on their parents in order to get attention. Your dog may still be doing this to you because you have not yet trained them out of it.

Should You Train Your Dog Not to Jump on People?

If you want to keep your guests happy and save your dog’s sanity, you will definitely need to train them not to jump on people. The sooner you can do this, the better. There is a wide variety of tactics that you can employ in order to reach this goal. The main point is to keep your dog safely distracted so they won’t jump on people.