The Top Dog Treadmill Manufacturers

A dog treadmill isn’t a luxury, in fact, it has plenty of benefits. Some people need a treadmill because they can’t take their dogs on a walk every day. Others need the treadmill because they live in areas where the weather is unstable almost all year.

Others get tired easily, and therefore can only walk their dogs for a certain distance, so they need the treadmill. Last but not least, your dog might need rehabilitation or physiotherapy, and the treadmill helps with that.

The reasons are different, but if you plan on buying a treadmill, then you’d better get one from the top dog treadmill manufacturers.

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The Top 5 Dog Treadmill Manufacturers Reviewed

Here’s a list of the top 5 dog treadmill manufacturers. These companies have the best-selling dog treadmills that are used at home or in rehab centers.


DogPACER specializes in manufacturing dog treadmills with different sizes. The designers are rocket scientists, so you know the treadmills should function well. Their treadmills should keep your dog active and in shape. Moreover, they create portable treadmills so that your dog can exercise anywhere.

In addition to that, their products have a lifetime warranty on the carbon steel frame and a two-year warranty in general. The treadmills come with side panels for your dog’s safety, and they’re all easy to use with clear manuals and 3 exercise patterns.

Their two most famous products are the Minipacer and the 3.1 dogPACER. The Minipacer is designed for small dogs like; Spaniel, Beagle, and German Spitz. It’s affordable and suitable for small areas. While the 3.1 dogPACER is for bigger dogs, and it’s also lightweight.

Both treadmills, along with the rest of the dogPACER’s treadmills are foldable for storage. It’s also worth noting that the company sells replacements for almost all parts, except the frame.

dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill
  • ADJUSTABLE:The treadmill speed can be set from .5 MPH up to 7.5 MPH in .1 MPH increments.
  • MOST AFFORDABLE:The dogPACER treadmill line is the lowest priced, highest value dog treadmill available on the market, because pet exercise equipment can be both reliable and economical.
  • COMPUTER FITNESS PROGRAMS:The included pet treadmill computer comes with multiple pre-set dog fitness and exercise programs to optimize dog health and happiness for your 4 legged pal.
  • SMALL-MEDIUM: This dogPACER Minipacer doggie home exercise equipment treadmill has a running area of 38"L x 16"W.

dogPACER 91641 LF 3.1 Full Size Dog Pacer Treadmill, Black and Red
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Dimensions folded: L-42.28" W-22" H-8.5" | Dimensions open: L-76.77" W-27.16" H-46.18" | Treadmill Height: 46 In | Overhead Bar Height: 36.5 In | Running area: 71" X 16.5" | Computer to ground height: 18.1" | Product Weight : 84.4 Lbs
  • HEALTHY WEIGHT – A consistent regiment of exercise and diet will lead to a healthier, happier and longer life for your dog.
  • TIME – Because of busy and hectic schedules, we often find it a challenge to walk our dogs after a long day spent in the office.
  • SAFETY – No worries about walking your dog at dawn or late at night or on a busy street. Exercising your dog indoor eliminates these issues.
  • IT FOLDS! - Our patented folding technology makes this the worlds only folding treadmill for dogs!


GoPet offers more than dog treadmills. They have treadwheels, dog view doors, as well as dog houses. The company was founded in 2006 to offer your dog high-quality rehabilitation equipment. Moreover, they’re the only distributor for the PetRun brand in the US.

All treadmills have remote controls to operate them easily, they also come with small wheels to move them, and a place to attach dog toys. They offer 5 models to suit different dogs from 44 pounds up to 264 pounds, with different running speeds.

Furthermore, their treadmills come with a one-horsepower quiet motor and a one-year warranty. Among their best-seller models are PR700 and PR720F. The PR700 is a pretty basic treadmill for dogs smaller than 44 pounds. While the PR720F is for dogs up to 132 pounds.

The two treadmills feature a gradual start, a safety lock, and a speed of 1 – 8 mph. GoPet might not produce the most affordable treadmills in the market, but they’re worth the money.

Go Pet Petrun Pr700 Dog Treadmill Indoor Exercise / Fitness Kit - For Dogs Upto 44 Pounds
  • For Dogs Up to 44 Pounds. Tread Running Area - 28X16.
  • Exercise Multiple Dogs. Low running platform.
  • Remote or manual control. Speed and timer control.
  • Emergency safety stop. Dog chain holder. Speed from 0.6 - 7.4 MPH.
  • Silent driving system for very quiet operation.

GOPET PetRun PR720F Dog Treadmill Indoor Exercise/Fitness Kit
  • For Dogs Up to 132 Pounds. Tread Running Area 52 X16
  • Air cylinder Auto-Fold. Exercise Multiple Dogs
  • Low running platform. Remote or manual control
  • Speed and timer control. Emergency safety stop. Dog chain holder
  • Speed from0.6 - 7.5 MPH. Silent driving system for very quiet operation.


DogTread’s treadmills are used in dog rehab centers for therapy. Their treadmills are gentle on your dog’s joints since they have shock-absorbent platforms. You can also adjust speed and inclination according to your dog’s needs.

They produce treadmills for large and small dogs. All the treadmills’ side guards are sturdy. We like how they have a treat holder to motivate your dog while exercising. Furthermore, they’re designed with storage in mind, which makes them easy to fold and store anywhere.

All of their treadmills come with silent motors, and their price is considered to be reasonable for the quality. Two examples of their treadmills are Premium Small Dog Treadmill and PetZen Medium Treadmill. They support dogs up to 30 and 60 pounds, respectively.

DogTread Premium Small Dog Treadmill
  • LCD Console – Program Speed, Distance and Time for each workout. Red Safety Start and Stop is easy to identify. Included remote control provides additional training versatility.
  • Recessed Treat Holder – Provides a convenient way to dispense and hold treats during the initial stages of training. NOT FOR WATER, TREATS ONLY.
  • Sturdy, Attractive Dog-Friendly Design – The DogTread is equipped with a whisper-quiet motor and is free of any holes, meshes or seams where a dog might get small paws caught.
  • Natural Running Platform & Manual Incline Options – Low training fence provides a more comfortable and positive experience while the Flip-bar Incline increases training intensity as needed to simulate outdoor terrain.
  • Space-saving Portable Design – Securely rests on its nose for convenient storage. Transportation wheels makes it easy move the DogTread to any location.

PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill, Up to 50-Pounds, Medium
  • Dog-specific treadmill designed for the way a dog learns, thinks, and moves
  • Open Stride low-profile running platform reinforces and aids in proper gait form
  • Programmable Speed ( 0-7 mph), Distance and Time; Pre-Program Workouts
  • Durable, portable, SlimLINE design Saves Space on its side or nose
  • Run Area: 47x17 inches; Product: 62 x24 x19 inches; 85 pounds; Minimum Assembly

Dog Runner

Dog Runner is a Belgian company located in Dendermonde. They sell their products in different countries around the world. They’re specialized in dog treadmills only, and that’s why they have a wide variety of models, to the extent that they produce an underwater treadmill.

Most of their treadmills are large, which makes them a nice option for all dogs. Their treadmills are sturdy, and some of them give you the ability to adjust the inclination as if your dog is running uphill or downhill.

Among their best treadmills is the Dog Runner Large. It’s a firm treadmill, with a bracket to attach your dog’s leash and a screen to let you monitor the time, distance, and calories. It also has an emergency stop for your dog’s safety.

However, the treadmill that really caught our attention, was the underwater one. Using water can be really effective in the dog’s rehabilitation to ease the pain and allow dogs to be more relaxed. Everything about this treadmill is adjustable to give your dog the best experience.

Dog Runner sometimes takes things to the next level and produces customized treadmills according to their customers’ preferences, in addition to 2 years of warranty on their treadmills.

No products found.


GoPlus is specialized in products for humans, such as furniture, fitness equipment, luggage, tool kits, automotive tools, and more. However, they also produce dog treadmills with outstanding features.

They have one model of dog treadmill. GoPlus dog treadmill is suitable for dogs up to 200 pounds. They designed the treadmill with a safety key to protect your dog. As for easy transportation, their treadmills have small wheels.

Moreover, it has an LCD display and remote control to help you handle everything. Their dog treadmill offers 12 different modes, as well as adjustable speed and timing for more versatility. Since they also produce treadmills for humans, you can get yourself one too.

Goplus Dog Treadmill, Pet Running Machine for Small/Medium-Sized Dogs Indoor Exercise, Pet Fitness Equipment with Remote Control and 1.4'' Display Screen (Black)
  • 【Give Your Dog a Healthy Body】Lack of exercise can cause your dog to have poor endurance, slow response and obesity. Our pet treadmill helps pet train, exercise, lose weight and have a healthy body. It is ideal for small and medium sized dogs. Even if it rains, you can keep your pet indoors for exercise, free from the weather problems.
  • 【Remote Controller & 1.4" LCD Screen】Our treadmill is equipped with remote control that can be remotely controlled wirelessly. There is also a display that clearly shows speed, time, distance and calories. It has 12 modes that can be set freely, multiple speed adjustable and timing functions. You can adjust the mode to suit your pet.
  • 【Double Protection】Our dog treadmill is equipped with a safety key that will stop when your dog pulls out the safety key. And there is an emergency stop button on the remote control. Once your pet is in danger, you can immediately stop treadmill by pressing the button. Let your dog train and exercise safely.
  • 【High-quality Material】Made of 600D oxford cloth, ABS and iron pipe, our pet treadmill has a solid structure and strong load-bearing capacity. Waterproof and detachable oxford cloth blocks the pet's line of sight, so they don't look around to improve their concentration. And it has a crossbar, which ties the dog's leash to help them exercise better.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & Adjustable Height】According to the instructions we provide you can easily install it in 20 minutes. And it has built-in wheels for easy movement and storage. The base is adjustable in three heights to meet the needs of different pets. Enable your pet love sports from now on, increase endurance and keep healthy.

Final Thoughts

I know that some people might recommend using a regular treadmill for a dog, but please don’t do that. Dogs are meant to use dog treadmills, as they’re designed for their safety, comfort, and size in mind.

These manufacturers produce versatile treadmills that can make your dog healthier and more fit. Instead of going to a rehab center, you can give your dog all they need at home.

Finally, keep in mind that your dog can have a hard time getting used to a treadmill, it’ll take practice, and consistency to get them running. Also, remember that a treadmill’s run can never be a constant substitute for a warm day’s walk.

So exercise your dog, but also take them out once in a while to see nature.