Top 20 YouTube Electronic Dog Door Videos

One of the best ways to be introduced to a new product is to see it in action. It’s also the best way to know how to put one together correctly!

Whether you want to learn how to install one or get your dog to use it, these videos will have you covered!

Today, we’ll provide you with a list of the top 20 youtube electronic dog door videos that you can find on the website!

Reviews and Showcasing Videos

The following list contains a number of showcasing videos, unboxing, and reviews made by independent creators as well as brand promotional demonstrations of their products. 

This can give you hands-on experience with the products before picking the ideal one for your dog.

1. Introducing the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Channel: Sure Petcare

This promotional video by Sure Petcare showcases one of the best electronic doors on the market. 

In this video, you’ll get introduced to some of the most brilliant features of the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door, which is great for small and medium-breed dogs.

2. Petsafe Electronic Smart Door

Channel: DR

A demo video that shows one of the most popular automatic doors and SureFlap’s biggest commercial rival, the Petsafe Electronic Smart Door.

3. Ideal Pet Products EZ Pass Electronic Pet Door Demo

Channel: Tony DeSavia

Another demonstration video that shows the EZ Pass Electronic Pet Door in action, which is great for dogs weighing up to 25 lbs!

4. Who Let the DOGS Out: Automatic Pet Doors

Channel: HighTechPet

A demonstration video of one of the best dog doors for the large dog breeds the High Tech Pet Electronic Dog Door.

5. Plexidor Electronic Dog Door

Channel: KondorSecurity

A quick demo of the Plexidor Electronic Dog Door in action, showing how quickly it opens and closes when the dogs use it.

6. Power Pet Door – Real User Video

Channel: High Tech Pet

Another quick video shows the Power Pet Electronic Door in action.

DIY Projects & Installation Guide Videos

If you want to know how to install the electronic dog door to your door or wall, these videos might come in handy!

This list contains some of the DIY projects and homemade electronic dog door videos that are made by dog owners as well as installation guides to install the most popular options on the market.

7. AC Power for Your PetSmart PetSafe Dog Door

Channel: RTaylorDen

This DIY tutorial video shows you how to convert the PetSafe Dog Door from battery power to AC current power. 

Keep in mind that such a project might void the warranty of the device. But, it saves a lot of money wasted on batteries!

8. Homemade Pneumatic Dog Door

Channel: Mack Tech

This video shows a Homemade hydraulic-powered dog door with RFID recognition made by the channel owner. Unfortunately, the creator is yet to post a tutorial video on how to replicate the project.

9. Electronic Dog Door

Channel: How to With Doc

In this video, you’ll know how to replace an old PetSafe electronic dog door with a newer one. The creator also has a cool blocker hack that you might apply to your door!

10. Electronic Dog Door High Tech Pet Battery Hack

Channel: DJs DIY

This video shows you how to replace the extremely expensive dog door batteries of the dog collar sensor of the High Tech Pet Dog Door using a very simple hack, saving you a lot of money!

11. DIY Automatic doggie door

Channel: Ams Gold

A quick yet informative video that shows you the concept behind making a DIY automatic doggie door with simple tools.

12. How to Install Petsmart Dog Door

Channel: Justin Built

A good how-to montage video that shows you how to install the Petsmart doggie door along with vlog-type shots of the adorable dog “Shyla” while the owner is installing the new door.

13. High Tech Pet Door Install

Channel: HowToDoItDude

A step by step video that shows you how to install the successful High Tech Pet Door for large breed dogs.

14. Installing The Ruff Weather Pet Door By Ideal Pet Products

Channel: Ideal Pet Products

A demonstration/ how to install video by the makers of the Ruff Weather Pet Door, which is one of the best value for money automatic doggie doors out there.

15. PetSafe Pet Door Smart Keys Pairing

Channel: Home Automation by SystronicsRF

This video shows you how you can easily pair the PetSafe Smart Keys to Your phone using the Iris Hub for home automation.

16. Automated Pet Door

Channel: Josh Montgomery

A video where the creator “Josh” explains and showcases his senior project for an electronic pet door. The explanation is so impressive that you can actually replicate it!

17. Automatic Pneumatic Dog Door (Doggy Door)

Channel: Adam’s Lab

A must-watch highly detailed video of a DIY project to make an automatic dog door.

How to Train the Dog to Use an Electronic Dog  Door Videos

In this section, you’ll find educational videos and tips from pet experts on how to train and get your dog familiar with electronic dog doors.

18. PetSafe — How to Install and Train Your Pet to Use the Smart Door

Channel: PetSafe

The information-packed videos will show you how to install one of the best selling electronic doggie doors on the market. 

Additionally, it features a section where it shows you how to train your dog for using it.

19. Teaching a Fearful Dog to Use the Dog Door

Channel: Zurison

If your dog shows signs of fear of the electronic door, this video might help! 

Although it’s about regular doors, the valuable information in it can be applied to electronic ones as well.

20. Kiba Uses New Automatic Dog Door 

Channel: Nai Wang

Lastly, in this video, the owners show a wholesome video of them while training their three-legged dog “Kiba” to use its new automatic door.

Despite the audio issues in the videos, it deserves a spot on the list because it shows how easy it is to get your dog to use the automatic door even with physical difficulties. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it. A complete list of the top 20 youtube electronic dog door videos that are quite worth your watch time.

As you can see, automatic doggie doors are an extremely beneficial product that you can definitely use in your house.