How Much Do You Tip a Self Employed Dog Groomer? (Solved!)

You should always tip a self-employed dog groomer an amount of money that you can afford. Tips are a token of appreciation and dog groomers don’t expect them from every appointment. However, they have definitely put in the work to earn a tip, so a tip that is between 15 and 20 % of the services is appreciated.

Knowing how much to tip is always tricky, especially if it’s your first time getting the service. On this page, we’re going to talk about the right amount of money to tip a self-employed dog groomer. We will also discuss why they deserve a tip and if you need to tip them every time you go. Keep reading to learn more.

What is an Acceptable Tip For a Self Employed Dog Groomer?

If you’re impressed with your dog groomer’s skills and the way they treat your pet, you may want to leave them a little extra to say “thank you“. Similar to eating at a nice restaurant, it’s appropriate to leave a tip that is between 15 to 20 %.

For example, if your total bill was $75 and you want to leave a 15 % tip, that would be $11.25. However, if you’re paying in cash, it’s acceptable to round down to $10 or up to $15.

Does Tipping a Self-Employed Dog Groomer Make a Difference?

Self-employed dog groomers only make money when they have clients booked, therefore, they are not guaranteed an hourly rate for the whole time they are in their shop. For this reason, even a small gratuity can go a long way.

A self-employed dog groomer isn’t making a straight profit from every client they serve. There are a lot of costs that they have to cover to keep the business running, which can often cost more than $50,000 per year.

Do You Have To Tip a Self Employed Dog Groomer?

The main reason a person will start a dog grooming business is that they love to be around dogs and wanted a career where they could spend time with them. While they are always grateful for a tip, dog groomers are not expecting them from clients.

Some clients are on a budget and simply can’t afford to pay extra and the dog groomers would not want to lose them as clients over something so small. Every dog groomer views a tip as a thank you gift from the client.

Should You Tip a Self-Employed Dog Groomer?

Some people haven’t been tipping their groomers simply because it didn’t occur to them that they should, however, the self-employed dog groomer has a particular set of skills that make your life more convenient. It takes a lot of patience to get a dog to stay still for their grooming appointment, yet your groomer always returns your dog back to you looking its best.

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The level of service your pet is being given is definitely deserving of a tip. As many happy clients have pointed out, they tip their hairdressers so their dog’s groomers should get the same token of appreciation.

Is it Acceptable to Only Tip a Self-Employed Dog Groomer Occasionally?

It is completely acceptable to only tip a self-employed dog groomer occasionally if you see them regularly. Some people will make a point to leave their dog groomers a handsome tip on the holidays and/ or around their birthdays.

If you would rather tip the groomer occasionally, it’s suggested to leave a higher tip. In most cases, a tip between 30 and 40 % is acceptable.

How Much Should You Tip a Self Employed Dog Groomer For Nail Trimming?

If your dog is only visiting the groomer for nail trimming, it will be a smaller bill so you won’t be required to tip a high amount. For nail trimmings, you can give your groomer an amount that reflects their level of service.

Mido Dog Guide recommends tipping $2 or more to thank the groomer for their time. They believe that every groomer who gives good service should be thanked with a tip.

How Often Does My Dog Need To Visit a Groomer?

Most dogs can benefit from visiting the groomer at least once a month. It is important that they get a good bath, and have their fur and nails trimmed monthly.

Some breeds of dogs will get matted fur if they are not cared for, which often results in having to shave the dog’s fur. Your dog will be clean and comfortable with monthly grooming.

Is Dog Grooming a Difficult Job?

Grooming a dog is actually a lot more challenging than cutting a human’s hair. This is because a dog groomer’s client keeps moving around on them and has more fur to trim, which includes areas around the feet and bum.

Some dog groomers even have to deal with pups that go to the bathroom on them. Not to mention, it takes much longer for a dog groomer to trim their clients than a hairstylist.

Do Self-Employed Dog Groomers Make Good Money?

Dog grooming can be a good business to get into because with the right client list and in the right area, there is potential to make up to $100,000 annually. However, that doesn’t happen for every self-employed dog groomer, and some live in areas where it’s more of a struggle to maintain that size of client list.

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Newly self-employed dog groomers typically don’t make that much much, with the average being less than $20,000 annually. This is why a small tip can be greatly appreciated by self-employed groomers.

How Do You Tip a Self Employed Dog Groomer?

If you have been going to your groomer often, you likely know the price ahead of your appointment. The easiest way to give them a tip is by having the money prepared before the appointment.

This way, you will be able to keep the payment for the service and the tip separate. However, if you are paying by debit or credit, the machine may have an option that allows you to enter your own tip amount.