Tiger Tough Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree House Furniture Review

Finding the best kind of furniture for your cat is key. It’s essential to know all their features as well as why they are beneficial to your pet. The best kind of furniture looks good and is fun for your cat.

The Tiger Tough Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree House is a great product because it meets this criterion. It’s a multi-level piece of furniture which your cat can play on.

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You can even allow more than 1 cat to play on it. It has 2 private homes for your cat to snuggle into and sleep. so whether you have one cat or two, you’re covered.

A great product like the Tiger Tough tree house is sturdy and functional. The posts of this tree house are fully covered with sisal rope. Because of this, your cat can scratch all it wants on the posts rather than on your furniture.

With this particular brand of tree house furniture, you have a lot of options. It’s available in a wide range of configurations and colors, all with their own prices.

It also comes with fun accessories which your cat can play with. It’s a great product which will look good in your space. And the best part is, your cat will really enjoy playing on it!


What makes a certain kind of cat and kitten furniture superior? Why pick this product over all others for your feline companion?

Before finalizing your choice, make sure you’ve gone through all the special features which make it unique. Here are some excellent features of this product:

  • This piece of furniture comes with a lot of levels for your cat to play on. Because of this, more than one cat or kitten can use it.
  • Includes 2 cat houses for your pet to sleep in.
  • The posts of the cat house are completely wrapped with sisal rope. This is a practical feature for your scratching purposes.
  • It comes with fun accessories. These accessories include a ball and mouse toy which are hanging plus a wand toy too.
  • Variations of this product come at different prices so you can choose one which fits into your budget.


  • Easy to set-up.
  • Includes toys for your cat to play with.
  • Available in different colors and different designs too.


  • The surfaces of the platforms aren’t very spacious.
  • Bigger cats might break some of the elements.
  • The fabric may peel off after some time.



Your feline companion will enjoy the Tiger Tough Cat Tree House immensely. It comes with a lot of levels for your cat to pounce on.

It also features posts covered in sisal, perfect for scratching. This is a great feature because cats love to scratch things up. So if your pet has something to scratch on, your other furniture is safe.

It comes with 2 mini houses for your cat to snuggle or sleep in. It’s also convenient if you have more than one cat because they will each have a place to sleep.

The Tiger Tough cat tree comes with a lot of levels. This will allow your feline buddy to play and pounce around for fun.

This is one great product. It comes with a lot of accessories to keep your cat entertained. It has a hanging mouse toy and a hanging ball.

It also has a toy wand for your cat or kitten to play with. This cool piece of furniture is beneficial for your you and your cat. It looks good so you can easily place it in any space in your home.

Aside from that, all the features will keep your cat happy and busy. It’s a great product which won’t break your budget.



Go Pet Club Cat Tree


If you don’t think that the Tiger Tough floor-to-ceiling Cat Tree House isn’t the right product for you, don’t worry about it. There are many other products available which are as great or even better than this one.

One such product is the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. It’s a charming piece of furniture which comes with 3 levels and 2 mini condos for your cat.

It’s a spacious cat tree, which means more than one cat can play around on it. This product has 5 posts which are all covered with sisal rope. This is important to fulfill your pet’s scratching needs.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree has a good amount of space for playing but it occupies little space on your flooring. It’s best suited for small to medium-sized cats.

The platforms of this cat tree are made from compressed wood. Because of this, it’s lightweight enough for you to move it around the house. It has a natural beige color and it comes with 2 mice toys.

These toys will definitely keep your pet entertained for hours. It’s an easy-to-assemble cat tree which comes with the required tools and instructions. This is definitely another great product for you to consider.


The Tiger Tough Cat Tree is more than just a simple piece of furniture. It has a retro look so it will also serve as a piece of decoration for your space.

This product is available in different sizes and designs, each with their own unique accessories and features. It’s a good-sized product which provides enough space for multiple cats to play on.

The covering of the posts is great for scratching. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about your pet scratching up any other pieces of furniture.

The Tiger Tough includes some toys for your cat to play with. These toys are very entertaining and fun for cats. It also includes 2 hideaways for your pet to sleep in. This is convenient if you have more than one pet cat.

Your cats can play together and can snuggle up in the little homes. It’s definitely a great product. We highly recommend the Tiger Tough because of all the amazing features it has.


Tiger Tough Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree House Furniture Review