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Right now a quick word from one of Petloverguy’s writers and trainers, Scott…

 Scott, writer for Petloverguy, and Ella

Hey there – this is Scott. 

I’ve been using the airplane method for a while now and I just wanted to let you know what it’s done for me.

You see, when I first got Ella she was a rescue dog. She was a sweetheart, but she was terrified of everything. Going for walks was a nightmare because she would pull and lunge at anything that moved. I tried everything to help her, but nothing worked until I found the airplane method.

The airplane method took only a few minutes a day and I finally got her attention on demand while walking and started alleviating some of her anxiety.

Ella paying attention using airplane game method after getting distracted in yard
Here’s Ella after some airplane game training. Even when she gets distracted by animals in the yard I can get her to pay attention.

I had to say I was impressed. So I dove deeper and took a look at the full Brain Training for Dogs course.

The course is designed to help dogs with a ton of issues but the ones specifically related to Ella were:

  • She didn’t listen to me when squirrels or other dogs were around
  • Ella would bark uncontrollably when someone knocked at the door (hello chihuahua breed, ha!)
  • She was always pulling on the leash (Brain Training plus no pull leashes helped!)
  • She wasn’t the nicest to my friends and family (another chihuahua mix trait!)

Do you have a dog that is disobedient, barks excessively, or has other bad behaviors?

There is a better way. Using this scientifically-backed brain training for dogs program, I was able to help Ella unlearn these bad behaviors and create a well-behaved rescue dog that I was proud to show my friends and family.

Imagine having a dog that always listens to your commands, never barks unnecessarily, and is overall well-behaved. You can make this dream a reality – all you need to do is enroll in the brain training for dogs program today.

It worked for Ella and it can work for you!

Ella with no pull harness behaving on walk
Here’s a shot of Ella after some Brain Training. Even without using the front clip on the no-pull harness, she’s doing much better!

Click here to learn more about the brain training for dogs program and sign up today!

Field Dogs 300 x 600

You also can learn some other weird tricks which are fun for friends to see like getting your dog to play the piano (haven’t got Ella there yet, ha!)

Teach Piano 336 x 280 - Animated 

Or teaching your dog to stack rings…

Teach Ring Stackers 336 x 280 - Animated 

For me Brain Training was good for the basics:

  • Getting Ella’s attention when distracted
  • Lowering her anxiety
  • Reducing barking at the door
  • Basic obedience – sit, stay, lay down, and come

But to be honest we’re starting to branch out into these other tricks. Why? To keep her mind sharp. 

I want Ella to live her best life for as long as possible and keeping her stimulated and learning is just one way we do that.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about the brain training for dogs program now!