How Much Does a Teacup Yorkie Cost? (Solved & Explained!)

Teacup Yorkies are one of the most expensive Yorkie breeds. You can now buy a Teacup Yorkie with a licensed pedigree for around $1500-2000.

If you wish, you can easily buy an undocumented and unlicensed Teacup Yorkie from a breeder but there are risks. This option will cost you around $600-800 on average.

If you want to have a Teacup Yorkie that has a guaranteed purebred bloodline and exactly meets the breeding standards, you should get your Teacup Yorkie from a professional dog breeder.

These dogs have been thoroughly screened and any health problems you may encounter in the future have been eliminated beforehand.

Why Should I Choose Professional Breeders?

Professional breeders are highly knowledgeable and competent about dog breeding. They use the best quality dogs with the best genes.

This ensures that you have healthy puppies that have passed health tests and are free from genetic disorders.

These breeders dominate every aspect of dog production so they are easy to find. They perform all the detailed tasks involved with dog breeding, including prenatal pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care with an expert eye.

They go through great efforts to ensure the quality and care of your pup by pairing dogs with purebred bloodlines and no health issues.

They do their job with love. No dogs are neglected or harmed during the process.

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The puppies you buy from professional breeders will come with all health screening information and vaccinations this will be evidenced with certificates given to you upon purchase.

If someone claims to be a registered breeder and does not have certificates available, then be wary and do not buy from these breeders.

What Does Pedigree Mean?

Pedigree refers to a Teacup Yorkie or any other pedigree breed that is descended solely from a long line of single breeds with no other breeds mixed in.

When you buy a Pedigree Teacup Yorkie you will receive a pedigree document that describes your Yorkie’s bloodline. This pedigree document includes your dog’s parents and older known ancestors.

With a pedigree certificate, you confirm that your dog comes from a purebred dog breed. A pedigree dog means that you have a dog with a physical and characteristic structure that complies with breeding standards

Why Are Teacup Yorkies Expensive?

Teacup Yorkies are one of the best quality crossbreeds among Yorkie dogs. Teacup Yorkies are very affectionate and intelligent, have recently become popular among many dog ​​lovers.

This high demand for Teacup Yorkies has led to an increase in prices. They’re also licensed and select, which means they’re genuine and in demand.

The genealogy factor is also one of the reasons for the high price of this breed. If you wish, you can buy Teacup Yorkie at more affordable prices from a non-registered breeder but this is risky and there is no guarantee that the pup is a genuine Teacup Yorkie or that they were treated well.

Teacup Yorkies from unlicensed breeders may have no health or breed guarantees.

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Some Teacup Yorkies bought from unregistered breeders can die or become ill from commonly known youth diseases because the breeders have not completed the necessary vaccinations.

So if you’re planning to get a Teacup Yorkie, you should get a Teacup Yorkie that meets breeding standards, regardless of price.

Is it Right to Buy Cheap Teacup Yorkie?

Of course, you can buy a Teacup Yorkie for however much you are willing to pay and however much the breeder is willing to charge. But the point you need to pay attention to here is that you should make sure that your pup has undergone health screenings.

You should not buy a Teacup Yorkie that has not completed their vaccinations or has been separated from their mother too early.

If they have not completed their vaccinations with the breeder then the breeder should make you aware of this and dock the price of the vaccinations from the price of the sale so you can complete them yourself.

However, some veterinary care needs to be com[pleted before they leave their mothers, so breeders who have not consulted a vet about the pups at all before putting them up for sale should be avoided.

Can I Adopt a Teacup Yorkie from the Shelter?

Adopting a Teacup Yorkie instead of buying it,  give it a new home and life. Teacup Yorkies are rarely found in shelters but do come in on occasion. They are usually adults but it is not impossible to find pups in there too.

Adopting any dog from a shelter is much more meaningful. But they may have some behavioral disorders depending on the life they had before they got there.

If you are ready to deal with such problems, you should definitely consider adoption. Some families prefer to adopt dogs from shelters instead of paying high prices from breeders.

This is actually a wonderful act that gives a mistreated or lonely dog a new life. Shelters also complete all the necessary health and behavioral checks before putting the dogs up for adoption.

Why Do Teacup Yorkie Breeders Put The Prices So High?

In general buying dogs including Teacup Yorkies, does not mean they are a cheap commodity for profit.

If someone is ready to pay the price for a dog, it means that they are ready to do whatever it takes to care for them, plus breeding dogs is very time and resource-intensive and breeders should be fairly compensated for their work.

Considering the cost of finding a bull (a pedigree Teacup Yorkie male) to breed with a female, then the cost of check-ups and any care during pregnancy.

Then consider the overheads of running a warm comfortable place for birth, then caring for the pups, being awake all hours of the night to check on them, feed them, clean out their living space, etc…breeding puppies is no easy task.

What Are The Extra Costs Of Teacup Yorkie?

When you own a Teacup Yorkie or any other dog, you will probably incur some extra costs. First of all, you will need a carry cage, a bed, and some toys and bowls for your Teacup Yorkie.

In addition, you will need to quality professional dog food regularly, and hygiene tools such as shampoo, toothbrush, and comb. Sweaters and cardigans will be needed for Teacup Yorkies in cold seasons.

In addition, monthly coat care, nail clippings, vaccinations, and general health screenings. These costs vary from state to state, but the monthly overheads of having a Teacup Yorkie can vary between $150 – $500 a month.