How Do You Take Care of a Yorkie Poo? (Solved & Explained!)

Owning a Yorkie Poo comes with a number of responsibilities such as walking, grooming, feeding and training. You must fulfill these responsibilities to meet their basic needs and to keep them happy and healthy.

Yorkie Poos are not very difficult to care for. Daily brushing, weekly baths, and monthly grooming will make them happier dogs overall, and they do not eat much due to their small size.

Playing with them and training them will keep your Yorkie Poo entertained and well behaved, and you will feel a stronger bond with them too.

How Do I Clean My Yorkie Poo’s Eyes?

Yorkie Poo’s eyes are very sensitive. They might sometimes have eye discharge because of some environmental factors such as cold winds and dust particles.

Cleanse your Yorkie Poo’s eyes often by wiping them with a tepid damp cloth. Do not leave it too long as eye discharge can become difficult to clean after a while and discolor your Yorkies fur around the face.

A tissue dipped in boiling water will help to clean your Yorkie Poo’s eyes and surrounding areas. In addition, eye cleaning solutions specifically designed for Yorkies are available from local veterinarians.

Eye solutions work best for Yorkies who are prone to eye discharge and infections. There are no ingredients in these solutions that can harm their eyes, and they will also protect your Yorkie Poo’s eye health. 

Yorkie Poo’s eyes tend to run frequently. Burr and discharge are common, especially in older Yorkie Poos.

You should cleanse your Yorkie Poo’s eyes at least once a week. If you do not have the necessary time for this, this process should be done at least once a month.

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How Do I Clean My Yorkie Poos Ears?

Yorkie Poos’ ears are easy to get dirty because their ears are large. You should clean your Yorkie Poo’s ear and pinna well with the help of an earbud.

If you do not wish to use an earbud, you should wipe the pinna with a wet tissue or cloth. Make sure the water is tepid, and wipe gently.

Your Yorkie Poo probably won’t like having their ears cleaned, but it is essential. That’s why you should make this process as short and fast as possible, and begin ear cleaning when they are young, so they get used to it.

Why Should I Groom My Yorkie Poo?

Grooming is very important for Yorkie Poos. Although Yorkie Poos do not tend to shed much, they should still be brushed weekly as their wavy or curly fur can become knotted easily.

Yorkie Poos are classified as non-shedding and hypoallergenic dog breeds, but the reality is that they do shed, it is just that the hairs do not come away by themselves and need to be brushed out.

Brush your Yorkie Poo regularly to remove dead hair and skin cells. Regular brushing will make your dog’s coat look more lively and shiny. 

Some Yorkie Poos may not like to be brushed but over time they will get used to it after a few grooming sessions.

How Can I Make My Yorkie Poo Comfortable?

Your Yorkie Poo should have a living space of his own as a member of the household. You should have a comfortable bed and some toys in this living area. 

A comfortable bed will ensure your Yorkie Poo has a good night’s sleep if they do not co-sleep with you. Also, your Yorkie Poo’s love having their own place, it will also give her a safe space to spend time on her own.

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Yorkie Poos have a strong urge to embrace places that belong to them. It’s a territorial instinct so it is important to not let children or other animals invade the space too often.

Known for their fondness for family members, Yorkie Poos do like to spend time with family, including other pets. So open and clean communal spaces are also important for socialization.

When choosing a place for your Yorkie Poo, be sure to allocate a quiet and convenient corner of the house for them.

Considering that Yorkie Poos sleep frequently during the day, a quiet environment is always better for their sleep quality.

How Often Should I Walk My Yorkie Poo?

The answer to this question all depends on you. But you should never forget that Yorkie Poos are very high-energy dogs and their exercise needs to be met regularly. 

According to veterinarians Yorkie Poos should be taken out at least 3 times a day for exercise, socialization, and their toileting needs.

Some Yorkie Poo owners might not have time to take their Yorkie Poos out that much, but there are other options to make sure their needs are met.

You can hire a dog walker to walk your Yorkie Poo, or you can take them out for two longer walks per day.

If you don’t meet their exercise needs, you might also have some problems in the house. The Yorkie Poos that can’t release their energy, might make some mess or become destructive, that’s why you should walk your Yorkie Poo often and let them play around.

What Do Yorkie Poos Like to Do?

Yorkie Poos are very social dogs that want to spend time with family members and they like to socialize.

They love to play catch and fetch with their owners and various other ball games. Basically, anything that requires running or agility.

Yorkie Poos are also lap dogs. Sometimes their greatest pleasure may be to lie sluggishly on your lap for hours. During these times they like to be petted and cuddled.

Are Yorkie Poos Good For Single People?

Generally, Yorkie Poo owners are very fond of their dogs and they make great companions for singles. Although they are great in families too, if you have the time and resources to dedicate to a Yorkie Poo, they will return your affection threefold.

Caring for and meeting your Yorkie Poo’s needs is the most basic thing you should do as a dog owner. If you can give them the time that they need, they are excellent companion dogs.