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SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts Review

SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts Review

Choosing the right kind of cat tree for your feline companion is very important. Especially if you’re planning to spend money on it. You don’t want to shell out hard-earned bucks on a product which is inferior.

That’s why you should consider the SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts. It’s an excellent cat tree which is both fun and functional. This unit comes with all the basic functions plus more.

It can also serve as your cat’s scratching post. Natural sisal rope covers the posts. This is great for scratching and it also aids in your cat’s climbing.

The best kind of cat tree is also comfortable for your pet. The SONGMICS cat tree is a great choice because it’s covered in plush material. This soft material will provide your pet with a comfortable place to lounge around and sleep.

As if these features weren’t enough, it also comes with some great toys. The rope and hanging ball will keep your cat entertained while on the cat tree. It also has a hammock which your pet can relax in.

You can assemble the whole unit using screws. It’s a sturdy product which is best placed against a wall or in the corner of the room to ensure safety.

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What makes this particular cat furniture better than the rest? Why should you choose this one over all other products?

Before making a choice, go through all the product specifications to learn the special features. Here are some great features to look forward to:

  • This cat tree also serves as a scratching post. It’s covered in sisal rope, making it perfect for scratching and climbing.
  • Soft, plush material covers the perches completely. This means that your cat can relax and sleep on them.
  • Includes entertaining toys for your cat to play with. These toys are a hanging ball, a rope, and a comfy hammock.
  • They made the base of the tree with a strengthened base board. It’s also heavier, making the whole unit more stable.
  • You can assemble the whole unit by screwing all the elements together. Placing this unit against a wall or in a corner will ensure its safety and stability.


  • The price of the cat tree is competitive.
  • Provides your cat with mental stimulation.
  • Also provides an avenue for your cat to have physical exercise.
  • Comes with a home for your cat.
  • Posts are covered with sisal.


  • Needs to be aired out first before use.
  • Assembling the unit is quite challenging.
  • Difficult to move around because of its weight.


Cats cannot have a better time than with the SONGMICS multi-tier Cat Tree. It can provide both home and play features for your feline friend. The built itself is strong, durable and skin friendly.

It’s made of top-quality plush fabrics as well as CARB-certified boards. It’s designed like a condo/tower with several platforms. It comes in colors of black and white. This unique play tower will certainly provide aesthetic value when positioned well in your home.

The cat tree will not be complete unless there are the cat’s playthings and accessories. These come in the form of hanging fun and interactive toys for playing.

There are also padded perches just for idling around. Your cat can also enjoy a comfortable hammock on the ground floor. The multiple tiers will allow your cat to play, climb, scratch, and rest.

The posts have natural sisal rope to avoid scratch marks and damages. With all these comforts, safety and entertainment features, expect your cat to maybe invite friends to sleep over.

There is more than enough room to sleep in. Furthermore, you will find less time chasing them away from your furniture as they will have a home of their own.

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Pawhut 55″ Cat Tree Scratching Post Condo Furniture


If you don’t think the SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo is right for your pet, that’s okay. There are other choices out there. Another superior product is the Pawhut Cat Tree.

Like any other cat, the favorite pastime of your feline companions is scratching. Without proper provisions, your home will be full of unwanted marks.

The Pawhut 55″ Cat Tree Scratching Post Condo Furniture can be your life saver as this Cat Tree offers a lot of scratching posts. You need not be chasing your cat anymore when the urge takes place.

Construction wise, this Cat Tree has a solid built wooden frame. It also has several platforms where your cats can use their abilities to climb or just simply relax.

The surfaces have soft-fur coverings for comfort. The multiple scratching posts are sisal rope covered to protect them from damage. It comes with two sleeping areas in case a “guest” drops by.

There is a hanging rope on the top to provide kitty with some playing time. The total height of the Tree is 55″ which can test and enjoy your cat’s climbing skills.

Climbing to the top platform will give the cat a good view of its surroundings. This will certainly be your cat’s favorite cozy corner where play and comfort abounds.


The SONGMICS multi-tier Cat Tower is relatively large. But it offers a number of activity features which can keep the cat to busy for long hours. These features will mean more stimulation for the pet.

More stimulation usually makes for happier pets and pet owners would like this. Consider these activity features of the SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo. It has various hanging playthings to entertain the cat and a hammock on the first level to sleep or play on.

The multiple levels are there for playing and climbing. It’s a condo-style unit with flat sleeping areas and the ever dependable scratching posts.

It is advisable to position this cat tree against a wall or better still, in a corner of your home. Doing this allows for additional support. It will also prevent it from falling over.

If you have children in the home, it is then highly recommended to follow such positioning. When looking at all of these features, is it worth buying? Yes, we believe it is.


SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts Review

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