What Size Do Yorkies Wear? (Collars, Harnesses, Clothes and More)

Because Yorkshire Terriers are some of the smallest dogs, they will usually wear small or extra small collars, harnesses, dog clothes, and use the same size crates, kennels, and dog gear. Very few Yorkies will need something in a medium. However, this will depend on the type of Yorkie in question. Obviously, teacup and miniature Yorkies will require much smaller clothing than standard or giant Yorkies.

However, it’s always better to measure your Yorkie to determine the best fit for the dog. This way you’ll get the best sizes possible, no matter if it’s for clothing, harnesses, collars, bedding or even a dog house.

What Size Collar Is Appropriate for a Yorkie?

Standard Yorkshire Terriers have a neck size of anywhere between six and 12 inches around. However, teacup Yorkies will range between four and eight inches whereas a giant Yorkie will probably be somewhere between 12 and 14 inches.

The collar shouldn’t choke the dog, but be snug enough to allow for some wiggle room. However, it shouldn’t be too loose so it doesn’t get caught on objects unnecessarily.

Which Harness Sizes Will Be Good for a Yorkie?

The harness size that will be good for a Yorkie will depend on the dog’s measurements. This will mainly revolve around the girths of the chest and neck to immediately behind the dog’s front legs. While the dog’s weight will be an important component to the size of the harness, the measurements will matter more.

What Size Clothing Should a Yorkie Have?

A small size for any clothing like sweaters and costumes should be sufficient for most Yorkies. However, you should use a tape measure and take your dog’s body dimensions. Measure the length and height of the dog along with the length and circumference of the legs. This includes the neck length and circumference along with the dog’s overall weight.

You want to make sure you have all the necessary information about your dog’s measurements before you go shopping. This is because some manufacturers base their sizes on how much the animal weighs rather than its physical dimensions.

How Should Clothing Fit on a Yorkie?

You want to ensure that any clothing you buy for your Yorkie is comfortable and fits snuggly. They shouldn’t be too loose and they also shouldn’t be too tight, especially around the neck. You want to make sure that things like sweaters don’t put pressure on the rib cage too.

Which Bed Size Is Best for a Yorkie?

When it comes to bedding the best size for a Yorkie will rely on the shape of the bed, where you plan to keep it and how much the pooch weighs. Of course, the dog’s overall length will also play into the size that will be best. Plus, not all manufacturers measure their beds equally, so double check the measurements and read reviews.

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Dog’s Weight


Bed Shape

1 to 10 pounds Extra Small (18 inches long by 13 inches wide) Rectangular; go up to 25 inches for a round bed or 28 inches for oval
11 to 25 pounds Small (19 inches long by 24 inches wide) Rectangular; go up to 30 inches for a round bed or 32 inches for an oval

What Dimensions Should a Dog House Have for a Yorkie?

In general, a dog house for a Yorkshire Terrier should be 25% larger than the dog’s total length. This means measuring the Yorkie’s nose to the tip of its tail and extending that number 25% (or multiplying the total measurement by 1.25).

Also, the house should have good ground clearance and the doorway should be at least one inch larger the height of the dog. Then, in regards to width and depth, it should be the same as the distance from the Yorkie’s nose to his behind.

For example, let’s say your Yorkie is 13¾ inches long nose to tail, 12¾ inches long nose to butt and 10½ inches tall: 13.75 x 1.25 = 17.1875. You will need to ensure the dog house has a minimum length of just over 17 inches with a doorway at least 11½ inches tall and a total depth of 10½ inches wide.

What Size Crate Should a Yorkie Have?

When wanting to size your precious Yorkshire Terrier for a crate, you take the measurement of nose to tail and extend that by two inches. For giant Yorkies, you may want to add as much as three or four inches. Ergo, on average, you’re looking at a crate ranging between 18 and 22 inches for a standard adult.

You shouldn’t need anything larger than 24 inches long for a Yorkie. This means that any small size should suit the dog well. But, also factor the dog bed into the equation if you plan on putting it inside the kennel as well.

Do Yorkies Like Large Crates?

No, Yorkies don’t like a spacious crate. Unless you plan on stuffing it with toys and a plush bed, get one that’s small and cozy. This will make your dog feel safe and make it warmer. Plus, a large crate may increase a Yorkie’s propensity toward separation anxiety if you lock it in there while away.

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Can You Use Cat Sizes for Yorkies?

Yes, you can use cat sizes for Yorkies. They’re relatively similar in size and shape. Therefore, Yorkies are one of the few dog breeds that can shift fluidly between certain products for cats and ones meant for dogs. This means you can opt for that cute shimmery cat bed for your Yorkie if you like it better than the ones available for small dogs.

Whatever you decide to get for a Yorkie intended for a cat, make sure it fits well and the dog likes it. However, if you have an exuberantly active Yorkshire Terrier that likes to chew on or destroy things regularly, you may want to go with items designed for dogs. This is because most things like collars, harnesses, beds and etc for cats are not nearly as durable.