What Size Collar does a Fox Terrier Need? (Solved & Explained!)

The Fox Terrier is an active terrier breed that falls in between a small and medium sized dog as an adult. As such, you may find that taking a precise measurement of your dog to fit their collar properly is necessary. The Fox Terrier will need an adjustable collar in either a small or medium size. 

Properly fitting your Fox Terrier is important because they are not in a specific size category. Therefore, whether you will need a small or medium collar will heavily depend on your specific dog. To ensure maximum safety, get an accurate measurement of their neck size.

Continue reading on to learn more about the history of the Fox Terrier dog, their breed standards including neck size, how to fit your Fox Terrier for a collar, and how to select the best collar for your dog.

What is a Fox Terrier?

The Fox Terrier made its debut in England in the mid-nineteenth century. Their ancestors are considered to include the Black and Tan Terrier, the Greyhound, and the Bull Terrier, and they were designed as fox and rat catchers capable of pursuing quarry underground.

The Fox Terrier was the very first breed to be approved by the English Kennel Club (EKC) in 1875. The breed has two types of coats which are smooth and wire-haired. Both of these versions were classified as the same breed until around 1985.

Though the smooth and wire-haired fox terriers are technically different breeds, they are the same size. Therefore, the collar sizing methods and recommendations can be applied to both versions of the fox terrier breed.

Fox Terrier Breed Standards

The fox terrier is well known for its short stature and relatively stocky build. In adult fox terriers, the height from the ground to their withers is supposed to stay under 16 inches, and smaller if the dog is a female.

Both the wire-haired and smooth coated fox terrier weighs around 18 pounds for a healthy dog. Fox Terriers that are indoor dogs without much exercise could expect to weigh slightly more. The length of the fox terrier from their withers to their tail is on average 12 inches.

What Size Collar for a Fox Terrier?

The height and weight of the fox terrier puts this breed in a small to medium canine size range. Because these dogs’ size can fall between two sizes, extra caution should be taken to ensure that the dog’s collar is properly fitting for maximum safety and comfort.

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Fox Terrier’s also have sensitive neck areas so if you are deciding between a small and medium collar, choosing the larger option is a better choice. This is because the medium collar, if adjustable, can be fitted exactly to the size you need. You risk not having enough space between the collar and the dog’s neck when selecting a small sized collar.

How to Measure Your Fox Terrier for a Collar

While you could go to the pet store and choose either a small or medium adjustable collar for your fox terrier, properly measuring and fitting your dog will provide your pup with a better, more comfortable fitting collar.

It can be tough to choose the size dog harness, coat, or collar your canine requires. It’s common advice to choose a size based on weight, however a 18lb Fox Terrier will fit differently than a 18lb French Bulldog because they have quite distinctly different body forms.

To measure your Fox Terrier for a collar you will need a fabric measuring tape. Hold the tape at one end and place it around your dog’s neck. Take the measurement that is located where the beginning of the fabric tape meets the rest of the measuring tape. This is the size, in inches, that you will need to choose the correct collar for your dog.

Best Collar Options for Fox Terriers

There are several different collar options that are great for the Fox Terrier breed. You should choose a suitable collar for your specific dog based on the types of activities the dog will be participating in, how active your dog is, and whether you need it for fashion, safety, or both.

Nylon Collars

A nylon, adjustable collar is quite possibly the best solution for any Fox Terrier. These simple collars are tough enough to withstand the seemingly endless energy level of the breed, while still having the fuctionality to hold identification tags and attach to a leash as well.

Nylon collars can be found at all pet stores and almost everywhere that sells even the simplest of pet products. They are priced cheap and are recommended for everyday use. Having the ability to adjust this collar is another bonus for a puppy that is growing quickly.

Leather Collars

Leather collars are more fashionable than functional but still have basic features like a d-ring to attach a leash and an o-ring for identification tags. Leather collars will require a more precise neck measurement as you can only adjust these collars in a few steps.

You should be cautious using a leather collar and leash on a Fox Terrier. This is because the Fox Terrier breed has sensitive neck areas. Leather collars do not have as much give as nylon collars and can restrict the dogs’ movement. If you are using a leather collar with a lead, be sure that your dog is not pulling too tightly.

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Martingale Collars

Another great option for a collar for a Fox Terrier is a martingale collar. Martingale collars are a gentle method of controlling your dog on a lead. These collars are ideal for dogs who pull or slip out of their collars quickly. Martingales prevent neck and throat injuries by creating a uniform strain around the neck.

The martingale collar is the perfect option for having more control over your high energy Fox Terrier in a safe manner. This collar takes the guesswork out of fitting your dog for a collar, as you do not need exact measurements