Should I Get an Automatic Dog Feeder? (Solved & Explained!)

An automatic pet-feeder can be a lifesaver if you’re out of the house a lot during the day or find yourself out of town overnight on occasion, but it’s essential to be aware of the drawbacks. While automatic feeders are convenient, they do have some drawbacks like malfunctions and creating a disconnect from your pet.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of buying an automatic pet feeder, such as weight control and malfunctions, so you can make an informed decision before buying.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy an Automated Feeder?

The best-automated pet feeders are meant to make your life simpler by allowing you to come and go without worrying about your pet going hungry at home when you’re trapped in a meeting that’s taking longer than you anticipated.

Automatic feeders will release food at certain times throughout the day in controlled quantities, preventing your pet from overeating. However, automated feeders have disadvantages, so they may or may not be the best option for you and your pet, depending on why you want one.

What is an Automatic Pet-Feeder, and How Does it Work?

Everything from the most incredible pet trackers and wireless pet cams to microchipped cat flaps and fancy laser toys has helped make a pet parent’s life more straightforward than ever.

Automatic feeders were one of the first innovations to hit the market, making mealtimes easier. Automatic feeders come in a wide variety of price points, from basic versions with basic scheduling and portion control to sophisticated wi-fi feeders that you can operate from your smartphone.

While most automated feeders are designed to contain the best dry dog food, certain types are specifically built to handle wet food if your hungry fur baby prefers it.

Automatic feeders take the burden out of keeping your pet’s stomach full, ensuring they never miss a meal, whether you need some more time in the morning to sleep in or you’re delayed in the office and won’t be home till late.

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What Are the Advantages of Using an Automatic Dog-Feeder?

You Can Feed Your Pet While You’re Away from Home

Automatic feeders can be a lifesaver if you’re out all day, often go away overnight, or occasionally find yourself running late. Pets frequently have internal clocks that dictate when they should be fed and, like people, can get irritable if this does not occur. An automated feeder will take care of the food, allowing you to focus on other things.

Meal Planning for Your Pets

When your pet identifies you with food, it makes you feel like their personal chef, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, with an automated pet feeder, you can plan up to 12 meals ahead of time and be certain that your pet will be fed without you having to lift a finger.

Automated Feeders Can Assist with Weight Loss

Our dogs aren’t always good at refusing food, and some will happily eat until they’re bursting at the seams. Automatic feeders are ideal for overweight pets since they deliver food in controlled amounts and portions, ensuring that your pet does not overeat.

Automated Feeders Can Recognize Microchips to Feed Your Pets the Correct Meal

A microchipped automated pet feeder might be well worth the expense if you have a multi-pet household. These tiny beauties not only perform everything a typical pet feeder does, but they’ll only open if the microchip encoded in the pet attempting to obtain access matches the one embedded in the pet attempting to gain access.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using an Automatic Dog Feeder?

Automated Feeders Have the Potential to Fail

No gadget or equipment is perfect, and it’s possible that your automated feeder could jam or malfunction, refusing to release food and leaving your pet hungry. That’s why it is never recommended to go away for the weekend and leave mealtimes to a pet feeder.

Doing your research before making a final purchase on an automated pet feeder will help you determine which brands are less prone to malfunctioning.

Automated Feeders Still Rely on You

Unfortunately, a pet feeder’s abilities are limited to dispensing food and not cleaning up or maintaining themselves, so you’ll need to keep an eye on it and clean it regularly to keep it in working order.

Automated Feeders May Create a Disconnect Between You and Your Dog

Pet feeders are helpful, but they can’t take the place of you or other human connections. They’re best utilized for those inevitable occasions when you have to leave the house, not as a substitute for a dog sitter or as a substitute for critical mealtime bonding with their favourite pet parent, regardless of how they’re promoted.

When You Feed Your Dog Yourself, You Are Aware of How Much They Eat

It’s simple to tell if and what your pet has eaten what you’ve put their food in front of yourself, but it’s not so straightforward with an automated feeder.

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You’ll need to keep note of when you last filled the hopper to make sure the food is being consumed, and you’ll need to keep an eye on your dog to make sure they’re still showing the same degree of interest in food and devouring it with enthusiasm.

Should I Get an Automatic Dog Feeder?

Automatic feeders, without a doubt, may make your life a whole lot more straightforward. The ability to plan meals and quantity sizes provides excellent peace of mind, not just in ensuring that your pet is fed on time but also in ensuring that they remain healthy.

There are other additional advantages, such as no more early morning wake-up calls. While automated feeders are handy, they do have some drawbacks.

Professionals don’t advocate using an automated feeder in place of a sitter if you’re going away for more than a night since they’re prone to malfunctioning. Those considerations aside, automated feeders are well worth the cost for day-to-day hassle-free mealtimes, allowing you to go about your day knowing your pet’s stomach is being cared for.