How Do You Set up an Automatic Pet Feeder? (Explained!)

Pet feeders are set up according to the manual they come with, which tells you how to preset the timings, the amount of food to be provided to the pets, the format of clock timer, and how to set up and record a personalized message to play while the pets are being fed. The feeding timings and amount can be adjusted to your pet’s preferences.

The rest of the article goes on in detail of how to set up an automatic pet feeder, listing any problems you may encounter while setting up, and how to overcome those problems.

How many parts does an automatic pet feeder have?

The automatic pet feeder usually looks like a blender, with one large capacity container to store the pet feed, and a control panel attached to the base with keys for setting feed timings and volume. There’s also a feeding container lid, a food tray, and of course, a user manual.

What do the control panel keys mean on the feeder?

Don’t get confused by the keys on the control pad, once you know what they’re used for you’ll have an easier time using them:

1.     ON – turns the feeder on and off

2.     CLOCK – displays clock set to current time

3.     TIMER – to switch between preset feeding times

4.     VOL – to alter and adjust feeding sizes

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5.     SET – to confirm and set the next feeding time

6.     START – start and confirm feeding schedule

7.     DAY – set the days to feed

8.     REC – to record messages for your pet

9.     PLAY – playback of your recorded message

How do I turn on the automatic feeder?

Open the battery outlet at the bottom of the feeder and place the batteries inside, close the outlet and turn on the switch. According to Smart Home, the feeder will start its cycle once the timings are set on the LCD (you’ll have 1 minute to set the current timings for the feeder to properly work).

The current timings on the automatic pet feeder are wrong; how do I set the correct hour and time?

Press the CLOCK key to set the hour, and the TIMER key to set the minute, once you’re done, press the SET key to confirm the time, and press the CLOCK key once again to choose between 12-hour or 24-hour format, then press the START key to confirm all settings.

I want to set the feeding time; what do the digits on the daily feeding display mean?

There are 4 digits on the LCD displayed along with a P (PM), a clock, and timer; the first digit means the daily feeding number, and the second digit is of no importance. The third and fourth digits represent the feeding time (in incremental hours) for example, 7AM, 6PM.

How do I set the desired hours for feeding?

Set the first feeding time by using the LCD display and numbers, by pressing TIMER. Press SET to continue setting other feeding times, and then press START to save or exit (repeat this process per desired feeding time and remember that most feeders such as Pet Safe allow only 4 feeding times per day).

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Can I change the feeding schedule I set before?

If you’ve already saved the feeding hours but want to alter them, simple press TIMER and then press SET (hold for 2 seconds). Then, press TIMER again and set the feeding number and hour, lastly, press SET (note that feeding times are to be set in an ascending order).

I want to set the portion size of the feed; how do I do that?

Press the VOL key to display the portion/volume, and press plus hold the SET key for 2 seconds until the fourth digit starts blinking. Press the VOL key again to set the desired portion size (0, 1, 2 or 3) and press START to confirm your settings before moving on (note: you can also repeat these steps to change the feeding portions).

What does feeding volume 0, 1, 2 and 3 mean?

Feeding size of 1 means a quarter cup of feed, and 2 means a half cup of feed, 3 meaning 3 quarters cup of feed. The number 0 means the maximum food portions that can be fed per day to your pet which is equal to 10 portions or 2.5 cups of feed.

How do I set the number of days to feed?

By pressing the DAY key your LCD will show the number of days it will feed your pet before it stops, and the number 0 would mean the feeder is set to feed your pet every day. Now press and hold SET until the LCD flashes, and press DAY to change the number of days (hold down the DAY key to skim through the choices of days in numbers).

How do I record voice messages to be played while my pet’s being fed?

Press and hold the REC key and wait for the red beeping light to flash on the screen, and then speak to the feeder to record the message (most feeders record only 5-6 second messages). Once you’re done, release the REC key to finish recording and press PLAY to playback your own recording (repeat the above steps to record again).

Can I review the settings I saved previously?

Yes, you can, simple press the TIMER key to view and skim through all your previously saved timings and hours (only the set feeding times will be displayed as digits on the LCD). Press the VOL key to review the portion sizes set, the DAY key to display the feeding days remaining, and the CLOCK key to display the current timings on the LCD.

How do I maintain and clean my automatic pet feeder?

If there’s food clogged at the bottom of your container, remove the lid and detach the food container to clean it. Use a wet cloth to clean the feeder base with the control panel and switch outlet, and wash the lid and container using water and dishwasher soap as you would your normal dishes (never use a dishwasher to clean your automatic pet feeder components).