How To Sell Dog Treats Online (Etsy or Amazon for Beginners)

Do you want to sell your handmade dog treats online? This blog post will teach you how to set up an account on Etsy or Amazon. It will also show you how to rank your dog treat listings to the first page or results.

You may be hesitant to sell online versus just selling locally. Sales tax can be a real hassle for instance. This article is sure to give you some ideas about why it’s worth selling online and how to avoid the pitfalls.

How to Setup Your Etsy Store

Here’s how you can easily set up your Etsy store to sell dog treats online.

Step 1: Make Your Account

You’ll need to make an account first. You can do this by linking your Google account, Twitter account, or other social media accounts. You also have the ability to sign up with a normal email and password.

Step 2: Set Up Shop Preferences

You’ll need to tell Etsy a few things about yourself and your store to get started. One of those is to tell them how you intend to use Etsy. Are you depending on your products to be a full income? Or is this a part-time job for you?

You’ll also need to select your country, language, and the method in which you prefer to receive payment.

Step 3: Name Your Etsy Store

You’ll be prompted to name your store next. Naming your business should be personal but also defined. It should tell your customers what they can expect at your store. Check the availability to ensure your store’s name is one of a kind.

Step 4: Create Listings

Etsy suggests that you have at least 10 listings, but you really only need one. They’ll provide you with an easy process where you can upload digital products or allow you to upload pictures of your physical goods.

Photos are required for your product. You’ll also need to fill out other information like what the product is called and any other details that consumers should know about your product.

Use keywords to make your Etsy shop stand out.

Step 5: Create Product Description

Within the listing portion, you’ll need to describe your dog treat. Use keywords to help users find your treats. Ensure that you include all of the ingredients used in the making of the treat in the event that a particular dog has a specific allergy.

Discuss benefits that your treat may provide their dogs.

Step 6: List Price

Once you know what price you want to sell your treats at, place it in the appropriate field. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay associated fees with using Etsy to sell your items.

Step 7: Add Payment Information

You have to include your credit card information in order to list it on Etsy. Any time you list a new treat, you’ll need to pay them 20 cents. They also charge shipping fees and selling fees. There’s also a payment processing fee.

Step 8: Edit Shop

To encourage customers to buy from you, you need to ensure your shop looks great. Adding photographs and personal stories can help customers feel connected to you. Use your storefront as the basis of your brand and grow your brand.

How To Rank Your Dog Treat on Page 1

Here’s how to make your Etsy store rank on page 1 for your dog treats.

Step 1: Sign Up for eRank

eRank is a useful tool that helps you understand what you’re doing right and wrong with your SEO. It gives you helpful suggestions on how to improve your SEO score. You’ll want to create an account with eRank and link your Etsy store to it.

Step 2: Choose Less Competitive Keywords

In the tag section, you’ll find a list of tags, or keywords, that other people in your market use. Red tags are highly competitive. It’s difficult for your product to be found amidst the others based on those tags.

Using less competitive keywords, or tags, brings your store to the forefront.

Once you know the tags you need to use, implement those keywords in your product descriptions and other places in your store.

Step 3: Log in as a Guest

Another method is to log in as a guest on Etsy. Then find your listing and click on your store. This tells Etsy that your store is interesting. The more often you do this, the more Etsy will believe that your store has something people want. It will push your store in front of others who may not be receiving as many views.

How To Setup an Amazon Seller Account

You can list your dog treats on Amazon by following these steps.

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

You’ll need to sign up for a seller account with Amazon. You’ll have two different models from which to choose. An individual seller pays less every month, but they’re not allowed access to some of the implements Amazon has that can make growing their business easier and faster.

The other account is for larger businesses and is more expensive to run every month. However, you’re allowed access to PPC which is Amazon’s own brand of advertising.

Step 2: File Your Business Information

Amazon will want your business address. If you make and sell your treats at home, then your home address is the one to use.

Filing as an LLC will allow you to create a business address.

You’ll also need to put in a contact address.

Step 3: Put in a Credit Card

You’ll need to attach a credit card to the account. It cannot be a debit card. Using a debit card will suspend your account.

Step 4: Proof of Identity

You also need to prove who you are. You’ll need either a passport or a driver’s license. You’ll also need a bank statement or utility bill.

Step 5: Submit

Once you have all the information and documents they need, you can submit your seller account. They may require more information. It takes a couple of weeks to approve your store.

Step 6: Prepare Your Seller Store

After you’re approved, you’ll want to use SEO keywords and tags in your product descriptions to start selling your dog treats.

How To Rank Your Dog Treats on Page 1 On Amazon

Here’s how to bring your dog treats to the first page on Amazon.

Step 1: Focus on Sales

One of the best ways to get your product to the first page is to make sales. That might mean paying for advertising, that might mean being present on social media, but you need to make sales. The more sales that you have, the more Amazon is going to push your store to the front.

Step 2: Choosing Amazon for Fulfillment

You may have your own method of storing and shipping your products. Choosing Amazon can give you benefits. One of those is making your treats available on Prime. Amazon likes stores that use their fulfillment program and is more likely to push them ahead of others.

Step 3: Improving Click-Through Rate

A higher click-through rate also means your store will be pushed to the front page. You can improve your click-through rate by implementing SEO in your product and store descriptions. You can also advertise on another website with blog posts using keywords and re-directing traffic to your Amazon store.

Step 4: Encourage Reviews

People who read positive reviews are more likely to buy the product. You should make it easy for your customers to review the product. If they have any problems, then you need to address them to ensure they still leave a positive review.


What About Sales Tax?

If you’re using Etsy, they have a policy in which they cover the state’s tax for you. It doesn’t cover all of the states, however, and not all products may be covered either. You’ll be responsible for paying those taxes.

You can track how much sales tax you owe every year through software like Taxjar.

Do Dog Treats Have to Be FDA Approved?

Dog treats do not have to be FDA-approved. They do need to be made from human-grade ingredients. They also need to list all of their ingredients on the packaging.

Can You Sell Dog Treats Online to Every State?

You can only sell dog treats within your own state. To sell to other states, you need a license. There is no single license that covers every state.

Can You Sell Dog Treats Online Internationally?

It’s difficult to sell dog treats online internationally because you need to follow their laws and regulations. They often require paperwork and microbes to prove that the treat is safe to consume. It’s better to open a business in the country and sell from there.

Should You Wholesale Online or Sell Retail?

Wholesale is a great option for those who don’t want to make the treat themselves and prefer to resell wholesale supplies. Selling your own retail may earn you more profit, but it does quire more work.