Is Rice Good For Dogs? (Solved & Explained!)

It might seem impossible to find food to feed your dog that isn’t the same old kibbles and bits. It seems that everywhere you turn, you’re finding out new foods that you aren’t able to give your dog because it’s toxic, unhealthy, or they just plain don’t like it. So are there any human foods out there that are fine for dogs to eat regularly?

What about rice? Is rice good for dogs? Well, although rice isn’t a perfect food for dogs for a number of reasons, it is still relatively safe to serve to them. Both white and brown rice are fine to feed to your dog in moderation. 

They can be served in combination with chicken or other proteins, or on their own. Make sure it is cooked well before serving, as undercooked rice can upset your dog’s stomach. 

So how should you prepare rice you make for your dog? What kind of rice is better for your dog? Are there health benefits or health concerns when it comes to feeding your dog rice? Read on to find out everything you need to know about whether or not rice is good for dogs. 

How often can you feed rice to a dog?

Dogs can eat rice every day, as long as they don’t eat too much. Rice can be a great way to supplement their dry food or some of the proteins your dog might eat such as chicken. Not only will it improve the taste, but it will also make your dog’s food easier to swallow and digest. 

How much rice is good for dogs to eat?

Dogs can eat rice, but they shouldn’t be eating it in too high of a volume. Your dog’s intake of rice should never be more than 10% of their daily caloric intake. In other words, not more than 10% of the calories (or total food, really) they eat. For larger dogs, a quarter cup of rice should be just about enough. For smaller dogs, an eighth cup might be better.

Since rice is fine for dogs in the short term, this is something you can kind of eyeball. Stay conservative with your estimations, though. 

Is white rice good for dogs?

White rice is just fine for dogs. Although it’s a tad lower in fiber and slightly higher in calories and carbs than brown rice, white rice is still a fine part of a meal for your pup. White rice is quite good for dogs struggling with digestive issues, as it is easy on the digestive system. 

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Is brown rice good for dogs?

Brown rice is also perfectly fine for dogs to eat. It’s a bit higher in fiber and lower in carbs and calories than white rice, meaning you can probably serve a little bit more of it to a dog, provided the dog isn’t suffering digestive issues. 

Brown rice is still easy to digest, but not quite as easy as white rice. Still, it’s a great option as far as alternative dog foods are concerned. 

What health benefits come with eating rice for your dog?

Rice has a number of health benefits that come along with your dog eating it. It is a fine way to get some fiber in your dog’s diet, which will help solidify your dog’s bowel movements and make for a healthier digestive system. 

It also has a bit of protein, which is an essential nutrient for all dogs. Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and iron are also present in rice and promote good physical health for your pup. 

Rice is especially good for dogs who can not eat gluten, as it is a great way to provide these dogs carbohydrates. 

What health concerns come with eating rice for your dog?

Since rice is such an inoffensive food, there are very few concerns that come with eating it. Namely, however, overserving rice to your dog can lead to weight gain due to the high amounts of calories and carbohydrates in the dish. Be conservative with how much rice you’re giving man’s best friend. 

How to prepare rice for your dog

When you prepare rice for your dog, you should simply be boiling it or using a rice cooker. Avoid using any seasoning, sauce, salt, butter, or oil, as these can make your dog’s stomach upset. Serve the plain rice on its own, with the dog’s dry food, or with a protein such as chicken, also unseasoned and unsalted. 

Can rice really settle your dog’s stomach?

You may have heard a rumor that white rice can settle your dog’s stomach. While it isn’t quite true that white rice will cure gastrointestinal distress in dogs, it is a great food to feed dogs who are undergoing digestive issues.

This is because it is very easy on the stomach, and will not contribute to further disrupting your dog’s digestive system. Over time, your dog’s body will re-regulate itself. So yes, in a way, rice can definitely settle your dog’s stomach. 

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Other carbs that are fine for dogs

There are a few other carbs that are fine for dogs to consume in moderation. Unsalted, unseasoned, and well-cooked pasta, much like rice, can be consumed by dogs and be fine. Whole wheat, barley, potatoes, or oats are also fine to feed to your dog if you think it needs some more carbs in its diet. 

Can you mix rice with other foods and feed it to your dog?

Absolutely. This is actually the biggest strength of rice as dog food. Mixing your dog’s dry food or chicken with rice can make the food easier to digest, more pleasant to eat, and more attractive to your dog. 

This can be done with both white and brown rice and is a great way to give your dog a delicious, well-rounded, and nutritious meal. Just make sure that all of the food you’re serving has no human seasonings, salts, oils, or butter. These will upset your dog’s stomach.