Do Raccoons Use Dog Doors? (Solved & Explained!)

Raccoons tend to avoid people but they will come through your dog door if they are hungry and smell food.

Therefore it is important to keep food (including dog food) away from the dog door. This way Raccoons will be less tempted to come inside.

Alternatively, you can use an electric dog door that remains locked for anything except your dog.

How Do I Keep Racoons Out Of My House?

Raccoons will enter your home either from a dog door or through an open window. The best way to keep raccoons out of your home is to secure your ground-floor windows and doors at all times and use an automated dog door.

If a Racoon is already in your home you can tempt them out with a trail of treats, and other methods

  1. Leave marshmallows and other soft sweets on the ground, leading to an open door.
  2. Stand behind them a turn on the vacuum cleaner, the noise will startle them and they will find an exit to flee
  3. Get behind them and bang a stick or other large object on the ground, warning them to leave the home
  4. Grab a large blanket or duvet and use it to nudge them out of the house. You the duvet to protect yourself against attack

Do Dog Doors Let Other Animals Inside?

Standard non-electronic dog doors will allow other animals to enter your home unless you manually lock it.

Standard dog doors cannot detect what or who is passing through, whereas electronic dog doors with microchip technology can.

With a electric automated door, the door will remain locked until your dog, wearing the matching microchipped collar, approaches.

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The door will only open for pets wearing the microchipped collar and will keep other animals out.

How Do I Keep Wild Animals Out Of My Dog Door?

The best way is to get an automated dog door that will only open for your pet. If this is not an option for you then an airtight dog door is the next best thing.

Wild animals are primarily driven by food and lead by the sense of smell. If your dog door is located in the kitchen, then it is likely that they will be attracted to the smell of cooked food and will try to enter your home.

Airtight dog door prevents the smell of food from reaching the outside. Therefore wild animals will not be tempted to enter via the dog door.

The door must remain closed during and after cooking. The smell of cooked food can linger, so if you have your door open throughout the cooking process and later close it, animals still may be tempted to come in via the dog door.

Can a Raccoon Get Through An Automatic Dog Door?

Nothing can get through your automatic dog door except for the dog that is wearing the electronic collar.

Automatic doors are always locked for anyone except your dog. However, there is an option to lock the door for your dog too if you wish to keep your pet inside at night or when you are out of the house.

Raccoons will not be able to enter automatic dog doors. They may try, but the flap will only open if any animal wearing the signaling collar approaches. The flap automatically locks again once your pet has passed through the door.

How Small a Dog Door Can A Racoon Use?

Raccoons can typically get inside all commercially available dog doors.

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Raccoons can climb into holes that are between 3 – 4 inches wide. The smallest standard dog door is around 5 – 7 inches wide.

The only possibility is to make your dog door smaller yourself but filling it in with wood and a molding, but this may prevent your dog from using it unless you own a miniature breed.

Do Rodents Come Through Dog Doors?

Rodents can come in through a variety of different-sized dog doors. However, it is rare if you lock your dog door at night.

Rodents and other small mammals are more active at night than they are during the day. 

If rodents were to use your dog door it would be in the twilight hours, so making sure your dog door is securely closed during nighttime is the best way to keep rodents out of your dog door.

How Do I Stop Rodents Coming in Through My Dig Door?

If rodents are coming in through your dog door there are a number of different things you can do to stop them.

  1. Get an automated dog door that only opens for your dog
  2. Sprinkle cayenne pepper outside and inside the door
  3. Place sticky humane traps on the inside of your dog door, against the walls
  4. Do not leave any crumbs or bits of food on the floor close to your dog door

Do Rats Use Dog Doors?

Yes, rats will use a dog door if they have a good enough reason to come inside of your home. Rats are primarily attracted to food, especially strong odors.

If you have rats in your area and need to keep them out of the dog door, make sure that you remove all household waste from inside your home and keep your doors closed when cooking food.

Also, pet your dogs’ bowls away from the dog door, and make sure the area is well sanitized. This should help keep rats out by not giving them a good reason to enter in the first place.

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Can Large Wild Animals Come Through A Dog Door?

Any wild animal that is the same size or even slightly larger than your dog will be able to get in through your dog door. Even other humans can get through dog doors if they are large enough.

Some pet owners have reportedly found coyotes in their homes after they came in through the dog door. 

This is particularly distressing as coyotes are a danger to your dogs and even to you if they get inside your house.

Therefore it is advised to get a small a dog door as possible and if you live in an area with medium-sized dangerous creatures nearby you should always lock your dog door at night.