Can You Put a Dog Flap in a Fire Door? (Solved!)

You can put a dog flap in a fire door, but this kind of installation is not a good idea and in some instances it will be illegal so check your local regulations. Installing a dog door into a fire door reduces the overall integrity of that door and will negate its fire rating. You are better off installing a wall door nearby instead so that your fire door is both fully functional and retains it\s fire rating.

Today we’ll answer the most popular questions trending on the web this week about dog door installation – most specifically, where they may be effectively installed. Let’s take a look at what people are asking this week!

Can you put a dog flap in an interior wall?

Yes, you can certainly install a dog flap in an interior wall and it’s actually a good idea. Interior doors tend to be hollow, as they don’t require the same thickness and durability from a security perspective as your front and back door. This makes installation tricky and it’s quite possible to damage your door frame.

Installation with wall mounts, however, is actually easier and gives your dog their own little door. It’s both a sensible solution and a charming one.

Can you put a dog flap in a brick wall?

You can install a dog flap in just about anything, brick walls included. It is best to go with a professional for a brick install, however, unless you have masonry tools such as a reciprocating saw and hammer drill at your disposal and the expertise to use them.

That said, installation in brick is definitely an option, just be sure to go with an electronic door or a sturdy aluminum-framed dog flap option with 2 flaps for added insulation.

Can you put a dog flap in a plastic door?

Yes, you can, but generally you’re only going to be able to use a door which is small enough for either a large cat or a small breed of dog.

These doors will support a small door, but larger doors need to factor in weight and rough usage from larger animals, so plastic doors will not be suitable for this type of install.

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Can you put a dog flap in a metal door?

Yes, you can install a dog flap in a metal door, though it will require professional assistance if you aren’t comfortable cutting measuring and cutting the aperture on your own. If you have the skill, however, then it’s basically the same as installing in a wooden door and results in a much more durable door!

Can you put a dog flap in a garage door?

Yes, provided that you have either a single-piece garage door or that you are installing a dog door that is small enough to install properly on a sectional one. The latter will only be a good fit for small doggie doors, unfortunately, as sectional garage doors will typically have sections which are too small for larger ones.

Can you put a dog flap in a uPVC door?

Yes, you can install a dog flap in a uPVC door, provided that it is a small one. For a larger doggie door, you’re going to need to install a flat uPVC panel in order to have the required space and weight support.

Alternately, you can also do a wall install to avoid risk to the somewhat fragile plastic door in the first place!

Can you put a dog flap in a hollow core door?

You can, but you need to be careful to avoid damaging the frame of your hollow core door. It is recommended that all cutting be done very carefully with the door positioned on top of two sawhorses so that you have better access to the door and less chance of any mistakes that might require a replacement.

Can you put a dog flap in a glass door?

Yes, installing a dog flap into a glass door is definitely an option. The easiest way to go about it is to measure the dog door or simply provide it to your Glazier.

They can make a glass pain with the necessary dimensions cut in advance or possibly even install it into the pane for you at a small additional cost.

Can you put a dog flap in a glass patio?

Patio dog doors are a great option for renters. This is because you can purchase a special pane that already has the dog door installed so that installation is simply a matter of removing the ‘old’ half of the sliding door and replacing it with the new.

If you decide to move, the old pane may simply be reinstalled, restoring the patio door to its original configuration. If you are renting and did not know about these then congratulations – your dog can still have a dog door if you would like that!

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Can you put dog flaps in double glazed doors?

While you certainly can install dog flaps into a double glazed door, it might be better to consider a wall install. Double glazed doors are designed to give superior insulation, by means of two panes of glass which are airtight in the middle.

Installing a dog door negates the advantage of this, but you can retain the value of your glazed door investment by installing the dog door in a wall instead and insulating it well by means of a double flap or an electronic proximity lock.

Are doggy doors easy to install?

Yes! Dog doors are actually not all that difficult to install. Typically, you just need a screwdriver, a drill, and a saw to create the necessary hole that you’ll be fitting the door into. That said, if you aren’t confident installing it on your own, you can certainly go with a pro.

On the lower end, installations can be done sometimes for as little as $75, with the average cost ranging from $75 to $300. So, if you aren’t sure, then shop around – you might just find a great deal and that way, any installation mistakes will be safely covered by the contractor’s insurance!