Pug Lab Mix: Is A Pugador Right For Me? (Solved!)

A Pugador is a mix between a Pug and a Labrador Retriever. They are often favored for their playful and loving personalities, as well as their mix of the two parent breeds’ physical characteristics. Some key traits of the Pugador include being low-maintenance dogs that are great with kids and other pets, as well as being relatively easy to train. On the downside, they can be prone to obesity if not exercised regularly.

The best pet owner for a Pugador is someone that understands the unique features of both of its parents. The Pug and Labrador are two very different types of dogs. Your Pugador will have a mix of these traits. You may find that your Pugador is more similar to a Labrador than a Pug. Or the opposite may be true.

Pugs are sometimes stubborn but are relatively relaxed indoors. Labradors require a bit of time outside to release their energy. They were once working dogs. Your Pugador may need the same level of activity. The right owner for a Pugador can determine their dog’s energy requirements and satisfy them.

This might mean taking them out for a walk or playing with them. At the very least, Pugadors should have 50 minutes of playtime a day.

The right Pugador owner is also aware of the potential health consequences of owning a Pugador. You may need to research the various health concerns from both Pugs and Labradors to understand what health problems your Pugador may inherit.

That all being said, the right owner of a Pugador is someone that is relatively active, has access to a yard or dog park, and can give their dog plenty of affection.

How Big Will A Lab Pug Mix Get?

The size of the Pugador is determined by its sex and which parent it ends up favoring. Females are typically smaller than males. They also weigh less. Pugs are small dogs whereas Labradors are medium-sized.

As a result, your Pugador will be a mix of the two. The average size of males is 17-19 inches in height. Their weight is 30-50 pounds. The average size of females is 15-17 inches. Their weight is 25-45 pounds.

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Your Pugador may be smaller or taller than the average size. If it favors its Pug parentage, then it will be on the smaller size. It may also have a boxier face and a squat nose. The shape of its body may also be boxier.

If the Pugador favors the Labrador, then it may be taller. It will have a more athletic build. Its face will be longer.

This may also affect its coat style. Both the Pug and the Labrador have double-coats. That means they’ll shed a lot, particularly in the summer month. If the Pugador favors the Pug side, then the hair will be shorter. It will also be denser.

If the Pugador favors the Labrador side, then the hair will be closer to medium length. The hair may also be looser.

Are Pugadors Good Dogs? What Is Their Temperament?

All dogs’ temperaments vary. However, by examining the general attitudes of the parent breeds, you may be able to determine the temperament of your Pugador.

The Pug is a friendly dog. It does display acts of stubbornness from time to time. This means that it might not want to follow commands. The Pug prefers to do its own thing or do certain actions when it wants to. This can make training a bit difficult. They are not aggressive and can be playful.

Labrador Retrievers are extremely loyal dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, Labradors are sociable and friendly. They’re able to bond with the entire family. They also get along well with other dogs. They are known for being energetic. As sporting dogs, they’re used to being part of hunts or playing games that require them to chase down a ball or target. Because of this, you may find that the Pugador has bursts of energy that need to be released.

The Pugador will likely share some of its traits from its parents. You’ll experience a friendly dog that is ready to love anyone it meets. The energy level may be difficult to estimate since the Pug doesn’t require as much time outside as the Labrador. It will be determined by which parent your Pugador favors.

You shouldn’t have any problems with the Pugador getting along with other pets or family members. They’ll create quick bonds with everyone.

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You may run into a few problems with training. Your Pugador may be a bit stubborn at times due to its Pug heritage. However, you can likely encourage the Labrador to come out through the use of treats, praise, and other enticements.

Do Pugadors Bark A Lot?

Like any dog, Pugadors will likely bark. The Pug tends to bark at other dogs and people. The Labrador is a little more relaxed. You can help reduce the amount of barking your dog does by socializing with other people and dogs. They’ll become less excited when they see a stranger or other dogs.

Sometimes they may bark because they have a lot of energy. Giving them the proper amount of exercise can exhaust them.

Finally, you should keep them mentally stimulated. Some dogs bark because they’re bored. Introducing puzzle games and chew toys can keep your dog occupied.

Do Pugadors Get Attached To One Person?

Pugs can bond with anyone. However, they do tend to bond to one person over others. Labradors love everyone all the same. They may have a favorite human, but they love to share their attention equally.

As a result, your Pugador may be quick to love everyone in the family. However, if you handle them the most or play with them the most, then you’ll likely become their favorite human. They may be more open to training from you or want to spend time with you.

What Is A Pug Lab Mix Called?

A Pug Lab mix is called the Pugador. It derives its name from Pug and part of the Labrador breed name.

What Is A Pugador?

A Pugador is a hybrid. It’s a species of dog that has a Pug and Labrador Retriever as its parents. Because it’s a hybrid, it is not a breed that is accepted by the American Kennel Club. It’s also a relatively new hybrid.

Pugador Puppy Video

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