How Do I Program My Petsafe Feeder? (Solved & Explained!)

Programming your Petsafe feeder takes a few simple steps, including setting the right time and programming when you want the feeder to release food. The steps may vary slightly depending on which model you have, but overall, Petsafe feeders are very easy to use.

A Petsafe feeder can ensure you keep track of how much your pet is eating without having to do all of the guesswork yourself. They can also make sure your pet gets food in a timely manner when you’re out of the house for a long time. 

How Do I Program My Petsafe Feeder?

After you put the batteries inside your feeder, you will start by setting the current time. This is very easy to do with the arrow buttons on your feeder. You will then program how many feeds you want to set up, as well as what time you want the food to dispense. 

To do this, you will use the arrow buttons again, as well as the checkmark to move on to the next step. Once you have all of your feeds programmed, you are finished. The programming will be saved until you decide to change it. If you have to change the batteries, you will need to reset your programming. 

How Do I Reprogram My Petsafe Feeder?

If you want to change the times of your feeder, you will want to remove the old feeding time that you’ve previously programmed. You will use the arrow buttons to find the feed you want to stop, and then press the suspend button. There is also a resume button you can press when you want to start that feeding program again. 

How Do I Lock My Petsafe Feeder?

The buttons on your Petsafe feeder will automatically lock after a couple of minutes. This means your pet will have a very hard time accidentally redistributing their food should they manage to press a couple of buttons. In order to unlock your buttons, you should press the up arrow and the enter button simultaneously. 

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How to lock the actual device will vary depending on which model you have. However, once you load your food in, you should hear the mechanism snap into place when it’s shut properly. 

How Does The Petsafe Feeder Work?

When it’s time for your pet to eat, there is a container portion of the feeder that will drop food into the bowl, based on how much you want them to eat and at one time. Different models hold a different capacity of food per section. 

Additionally, some models will open up a latch automatically or rotate when it’s scheduled to, so you’d have to load the food into that section ahead of time. 

How Much Food Does A Petsafe Feeder Hold?

Depending on which Petsafe feeder you have, your feeder can hold up to 24 cups of pet food. You should only be loading your feeder with dry food or kibble. The system is not built to handle or measure wet food of any kind. You can program your feeder to disperse up to 12 meals a day, depending on your pet and how you are choosing to feed them. 

How Can I Stop My Pet From Eating Too Fast?

Some pets are prone to scarfing down their food so quickly that they can make themselves sick. If your pet has a habit of doing this, you can program your feeder to disperse food at a slower pace. 

This will make the food for each programmed meal come out of the feeder slower, so they can only eat a little bit at a time. 

Can I Monitor My Petsafe Feeder When I’m Not Home?

There are Petsafe feeders that can be connected to your smartphone, giving you peace of mind that your pet is being fed adequately when you’re not home. You can also access several of the controls from your smartphone when you have it enabled. 

For example, you can set it up so that you receive alerts when the food is running low in your feeder. You can also control the schedule for feeds through your phone, and give your pet a little snack by communicating with the feeder to release a small amount of food. 

How Do I Clean My Petsafe Feeder?

Cleaning your feeder is very important to ensure that buildup doesn’t cause your pet’s food to get dirty. It’s crucial to read the disassembly instructions of your particular feeder model very carefully to ensure you take it apart properly. Thankfully, it’s very easy to do so, regardless of what feeder you have. 

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Your manual will also advise you of which parts are washable and which parts are not. The bowl that your pet eats from should be washed every day. 

What Types Of Feeders Does Petsafe Make?

Petsafe makes feeders that are suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes. They have several models that disperse a different amount of meals. They are constructed in such a way that your pet will have a very hard time trying to eat their food outside of meal time. 

Feeders are available in many designs to customize the experience to your pet and how they tend to enjoy meals. If you have a pet that likes to nibble on small amounts of food throughout the day, feeders come with bowls divided into smaller sections. If your pet eats larger amounts at once, feeders come with bowls configured to two or three divided sections. 

Are Petsafe Feeders Worth It?

Petsafe feeders vary in price, but the cost is worth it if you want to control your pet’s eating while at work or out for the night, or even when you’re sleeping. Using a Petsafe feeder can help control the amount that your pet eats, and makes sure they don’t miss a meal when you’re gone. 

Given that obesity and weight issues can lead to many health issues for your pets down the line, implementing a feeding schedule is beneficial for you and for them.