Do Petsmart Groomers Get Tips? (Solved & Explained!)

Petsmart groomers do get tips on occasion. Not every customer leaves a tip, so they really appreciate it when a satisfied client leaves them a gratuity. If you are happy with the work your groomer performed, it’s encouraged to leave them a tip for the service.

If you made an appointment to take your dog to see the groomers at Petsmart, you may be wondering whether or not you should leave them a tip. Since the groomers at Petsmart are performing a service, tips are welcomed. If you’re interested to learn more about tipping Petsmart groomers, you’ve come to the right page. Keep reading to learn more.

Do the Groomers at Petsmart Recieve Tips?

The groomers at Petsmart are extra cautious to make sure your dog stays comfortable while they attend to its grooming, so many people leave them a tip for the effort they put into their service. A groomer is more than happy to receive a tip because it helps them financially and shows them that the client appreciated the job they did.

Keep in mind, if you are on a tight budget, giving a tip to the groomer is not mandatory. Some regular clients will only tip their groomer on special occasions as a thank you for the service.

How Much Should You Tip a Groomer at Petsmart?

The amount of money you give as a gratuity is completely up to you. Many people will give 15 % of what they had spent on services.

However, if you don’t want to figure out the math at checkout, any amount between $2 and $10 is acceptable. However, if your dog needs extra care, a higher tip between $20 and $25 is encouraged.

Why Do People Tip Dog Groomers at Petsmart?

It’s common to tip a hairstylist for the work they have performed, so the same standard is applied to groomers. Many dog owners will claim that their groomers deserve a higher tip than hairstylists because it’s not uncommon for a dog to urinate on a pet groomer.

A dog groomer is also at risk of getting bit by a dog they are unfamiliar with or have to deal with a puppy that won’t stay still as they are trimming their fur. Since groomers need to be more patient than hairstylists, many clients feel as though they have earned their tips.

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Do I Have to Tip the Petsmart Groomer?

It’s not frowned upon to pay for your services without leaving a tip, as many clients don’t leave tips. Many customers have noted that Petsmart charges high-end prices for grooming, so they feel as though a tip would go over their budget.

Whether or not your leave a tip is completely optional. While groomers at Petsmart do appreciate tips, they don’t expect them.

Why Should You Tip a Petsmart Groomer?

A Petsmart groomer makes your life easier by putting your dog’s well-being first, so a token of gratitude is always accepted with appreciation. These groomers do a fantastic job with all types of dogs and they are great for scheduling in last-minute appointments,

Often, a groomer will throw in additional services without any extra charges. They also have a special way of making the animal feel comfortable, even if they are the timid type.

Do Tips Help Petsmart Groomers?

It was reported on Indeed that Petsmart groomers in the US make an average of $14.99 per hour. This is 10 percent less than the national average for experienced dog groomers.

They receive a low hourly rate with a 50 % commission on the jobs they perform. For this reason, a tip that sits between 15 and 20 % can go a long way towards improving how much they earn on the job.

Is $20 Too Much to Tip a Petsmart Groomer?

As long as the $20 tip isn’t more than you can afford, this is a very generous tip to give your pet groomer. Keep in mind, your pet groomer is very precise with how they tend and care for your dog during their appointment.

They will go the extra mile to make sure your pooch is well taken care of while in their hands. This is why a $20 token of gratitude is not considered too much.

Should I Tip My Petsmart Groomer Around the Holidays?

If you take your pooch to the groomer regularly, it may be too expensive to leave a large gratuity often. For this reason, you may want to stick to tipping around the holidays and special occasions.

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When you reserve your tips for these occasions, it’s appropriate to tip a higher amount. The suggested tip for the holidays is between 30 and 40 % of the service cost.

Am I Tipping Too Low at Petsmart?

There’s no such thing as a tip that is too low because the groomers do not expect them. Their main priority is the dogs, so if their customers are on a tight budget, they don’t want them to feel pressured to leave a gratuity.

Most Petsmart employees have noted that the average tip they receive is around $5. Any gratuity they receive is enough to make them smile and they do not view a tip of any amount as too low.

Will the Petsmart Groomer Be Upset if I Don’t Leave a Tip?

Many customers don’t leave a tip behind after their service, so your Petsmart groomer will not have any hard feelings if they don’t receive one. When the groomer has finished their services, they will return the dog to you and then you will pay at the front of the store.

This means you won’t be in contact with the groomer while paying. For this reason, a lot of clients don’t even realize that they can leave a tip for the service.

Do You Tip Petsmart Groomers For Only Clipping the Dog’s Nail?

It is acceptable to leave a small tip if you’ve only requested to have your dog’s nails trimmed. This can be an amount between 15 and 20 %.