How Much Do Petsmart Groomers Make a Year? (Solved!)

Petsmart groomers in the US make an average of $29,980 per year. According to, Petsmart groomers earn $14.99 per hour. This information was received from over 1,500 past and present Petsmart groomers in the US. 

If you love working with dogs, you may be interested in a career as a dog groomer. Many pet stores, like Petsmart, hire groomers to work in their locations. If you’re interested in finding out how much a Petsmart groomer makes in a year, you’ve come to the right page. Keep reading to learn if Petsmart groomers are paid well.

How Much Money Do Groomers At Petsmart Make?

The average hourly wage for a dog groomer at Petsmart is $14.99. According to Finatopia, if an employee earns $14.99 per hour and works 40 hours per week and 50 weeks per year, they will earn $29,980 annually.

A part-time groomer will likely bring home less money per year, but their hourly rate will be the same as a full-time employee.

Are Petsmart Groomers Paid Well?

Petsmart groomers are underpaid compared to the wages other dog groomers in the US are making. According to Indeed, groomers at Petsmart earn 10 percent less than the national average.

Even in cities where dog groomers at independent locations are earning $20 or more per hour, Petsmart keeps the average wages on the low end of the scale.

Do All Petsmart Groomers Make the Same Amount?

It’s important to remember that $14.99 is the national average for Petsmart groomers and doesn’t mean this is how much every groomer is making. According to statistics on Glass Door, groomers could make anywhere from $4 to $50 in an hour.

This is because groomers get a base pay per hour at the salon and earn commission on each job. Therefore, if they have no jobs they won’t earn any commission for the hour, but if they have a big job with extra add-ons, they could earn a higher rate.

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How Much Commission Do Petsmart Groomers Make?

According to the official Petsmart site, groomers will get a 50 % commission on top of their hourly rates. There are also many perks to this job position, as groomers will receive paid time off, health benefits, and a discount on Petsmart products.

Dog groomers are also responsible for having their own tools. Petsmart groomers will receive a 35 % discount on all grooming tools.

Is Being a Groomer at Petsmart Worth It?

According to employee reviews on Indeed, Petsmart is a very reliable and reputable company to work for. There is a steady customer base, so groomers typically have a full schedule.

The team at many Petsmart locations is known to be friendly, which makes for a positive working environment. However, some groomers have noted that the job is very repetitive compared to other dog salons.

Will Pet Groomers Earn More in a Year if They Are Self-Employed?

How much a self-employed pet groomer makes depends on a lot of factors. While there is potential for them to make between $75,000 to $100,000 a year, that is not guaranteed.

A self-employed dog groomer will only earn money when they have clients booked. If a groomer has a slow day with few clients working at Petsmart, they will have still earned their hourly wages.

Why Should Pet Groomers Work at Petsmart?

Every pet groomer needs to start their journey somewhere, and Petsmart is a great place to get the experience you’re after. One of the main advantages is that Petsmart has a dog grooming academy valued at $6,000 that trainees get to attend for free.

This allows people to learn all the basics and techniques needed to succeed on this career path. The job also allows new pet groomers to build up their portfolio with every new dog they serve.

Is Petsmart a Good Company To Start a Career With?

If you have no experience in the industry, Petsmart is one of the best companies to apply to. This is because the company has several training courses, which include safety training and on-site training.

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New dog groomers have a lot of support and guidance from their team leader at Petsmart so they will feel comfortable and confident with every job they take on. This company is known for having the best-in-class safety and technical training.

Does Petsmart Offer Bonuses to Pet Groomers?

Petsmart wants to make sure every new groomer starts their career off on a good note, so they are offering sign-on bonuses to all new groomers. There are two different bonus options that a pet groomer can choose from when joining the Petsmart team.

The first option is a $1,500 cash bonus for new pet groomers. The other option is $1,000 and a brand new grooming tool kit.

Is There Room For Career Growth as a Dog Groomer at Petsmart?

One of the perks of working for Petsmart is that there is room for growth and career development. If you want to continue your career path with Petsmart, there are opportunities to relocate or move up to District Academy Trainer or Salon Leader.

However, if your dreams are to become a self-employed dog groomer, your Petsmart job can set you in the right direction. You will be able to meet and impress many clients and build up your reputation in the community.

Do Petsmart Dog Groomers Have Overhead Expenses?

The groomers at Petsmart don’t have to worry about covering any out-of-pocket expenses for their careers. Petsmart is responsible for insurance, taxes, building space, and equipment.

Since the company offers grooming tools as part of the hire-on bonus, new employees don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to get the tools they need.

Do Petsmart Groomers Get Discounts?

Petsmart groomers get a lot of perks with their jobs, and one of those is discounts on Petsmart products. If a groomer has pets to care for at home, they will up to 50 % on merchandise from Petsmart.

Groomers will also receive a 35 % discount on additional grooming tools they want to invest in.

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