Do Petsmart Groomers Get Commission? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, in addition to an hourly wage, a PetSmart groomer may also earn up to a 50% profit in commission for each dog that they groom. Tips are allowed as well, and PetSmart groomers also enjoy a 15% PetSmart overall discount, along with a 35% discount on grooming tools.

This allows you to collect tools over time if you are looking to go solo and during this time, PetSmart groomers also enjoy medical, vision, and dental insurance, as well as lodging, travel, and even phone discounts.

It’s a pretty good place to get started if you are looking to become a professional dog groomer!

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about PetSmart professional grooming perks and considerations. We’ll cover popular questions, such as ‘what happens if you break your 2-year contract?’, ‘What do apprentice groomers make?’, and more.

Read on to find out some of the finer points of being a PetSmart Professional Groomer!

Do PetSmart groomers get other perks besides commission?

Yes, there are plenty of perks for working as a PetSmart professional groomer. Included are medical, vision, and dental insurance, as well as the SaveSmart 401k plan, as well as a standard 15% employee discount – except where grooming tools are concerned. With grooming tools, PetSmart Groomers get a 35% discount.

Employee discounts for travel, hotels, and phone services are also available, so all in all it’s a pretty good gig!

Do PetSmart groomers get free safety certification?

Yes. By the time that they have completed their apprenticeship and become Professional PetSmart groomers, an employee will have accumulated 800+ hours of grooming experience with close to 200 breeds of dog.

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Safety certification will be obtained and must also be kept up with so that it is always current, as this is required to groom at PetSmart professionally.

How do PetSmart groomers get paid?

PetSmart groomers get paid weekly and the pay includes an hourly rate, as well as commission, and they are also compensated with a 15% employee discount, as well as a 35% discount on grooming tools.

While they must stay with PetSmart for a period of two years, part of that agreement includes their actual grooming training, so there are some definite perks for PetSmart groomers and apprentice groomers.

Do PetSmart groomers get tips?

Yes, tipping is allowed at PetSmart and people commonly do tip their groomers, much like they would with a human stylist. This can definitely supplement the income, as the ‘standard’ tip is around 15%, while exception work often earns a 20 – 25% tip.

While this is not guaranteed income, it certainly can and does occur, and is a great way to save up for discount grooming supplies when one is planning on becoming an independent groomer.

Does PetSmart really pay for groomer training?

Yes, PetSmart does pay for grooming through their apprenticeship program. Apprentice groomers ear around $11 per hour, while working with a professional groomer to build up their skills. From here, if the apprentice shows promise, then PetSmart will typically enroll them in a 160-hour, 4-week course to learn to groom professionally.

This involves a contract where the groomer agrees to work for PetSmart for a period of no less than 2 years, otherwise the grooming college course must be paid for. While that seems like a long time, the experience gained is invaluable and it gives you a time period to build up tools to prepare for your own grooming business!

How much do you make as an apprentice PetSmart groomer?

On average, most apprentice groomers will be making around $11 per hour, although the actual range is approximately $10 up to $15 per hour. A lot will vary on location, of course, as well as previous experience that might make an apprentice a more exemplary worker than most.

That said, the eventual free professional training is a definite perk and should be considered along with the monetary compensation part of the employment arrangement.

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What happens if you break PetSmart grooming contract?

If you break the contract that you have made with PetSmart after receiving your professional grooming training and safety certificate, then you will be required at the very least to pay for your attendance at the grooming college.

Contracts tend to be changed, over time, so you will need to review your specific contract in order to determine the full impact, but you will definitely have to pay for the grooming college if you don’t live up to your end of the deal.

What kind of grooming services do you do at PetSmart?

There are a number of services which PetSmart professional groomers have been trained to provide. Examples include ear cleaning, hair removal, nail trimming, de-matting, bathing, and styling.

It’s pretty much the standard fare in the grooming world, so PetSmart groomers are in a very good position to go solo eventually if they so desire, making this a very popular ‘stepping stone’ in the grooming community for those who are patient enough to learn through both training and heavy experience.

Do PetSmart apprentices have a lot of experience by the time they go pro?

Yes, by the time an apprentice ‘goes pro’, they will have more than 800 hours of hands-on experience with close to 200 breeds of dogs. That’s pretty impressive, but considering also that after they go pro, they will need to stay with PetSmart for a period of 2 years.

This means that if they decide to strike-out on their own, that groomer is going to be quite experienced indeed!

How soon can you go solo when you are a PetSmart groomer?

PetSmart pays for your education and training, but very little in life is truly free. As part of the deal, an apprentice groomer is expected to stay for a period of no less than 2 years working for PetSmart.

Overall, it is not that huge of a time investment in the long run, but expect that you will be working for 2 years as a Professional PetSmart groomer unless you break your contract – at which point you must pay for the grooming college training which you have received.