How Do Petco Groomers Get Paid? (Solved & Explained!)

A Petco groomer can get paid anywhere from $9 up to $25 per hour and payment is done on a biweekly basis. This also comes with perks, such as a 20% employee discount, insurance for medical, dental, and vision, discount cellphone plans, flex pay, and disability pay. Add in their 401k and it’s a fairly decent compensation package.

If you start here as an apprentice groomer, you can also get a very thorough education in dog grooming, as their course takes about 20 weeks and gets you 800 hours of coursework that can make you quite an effective groomer indeed.

The yearly average for this job is around 25k, which is a little lower than PetSmart’s reported 31k average, but their grooming training is much more extensive at 800 hours versus PetSmart’s 160.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about working at Petco in regards to their apprenticeship training and the pay and duties of professional groomers who work there. Stay with us to learn more to help you decide if Petco might be the place to groom or at least, to get your grooming career started!

Do Petco groomers make commission?

Yes, Petco groomers can earn up to a 50% commission along with their hourly, plus tips are allowed as well. This can help to bring up one’s income and is especially good for saving to purchase grooming tools if you intend to eventually become a solo professional groomer.

Factored in with the free training that Petco offers to make you a professional groomer, this can be an excellent starting point for your grooming career.

Do Petco groomers accept tips?

Yes, Petco groomers are allowed to accept tips, though tips are not required. That said, most people tend to tip around 15% for a job well done, and 20% up to 25% for a very excellent one.

It all depends on your performance and customer satisfaction, so this extra income is usually both financially and for building good morale.

How much does a pet groomer trainee make at Petco?

The average hourly for a Petco apprentice groomer is around $9 per hour, as compared to PetSmart’s $11 per hour. That said, it is actually a range, so your starting hourly could actually be anywhere from $8 up to $14 per hour while you are apprenticing to a professional Petco groomer.

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When you are a professional groomer, the range goes up to $9 to $25 per hour, so there is certainly a nice light at the end of the tunnel if it turns out that you are very good at your job!

How much do Bathers at Petco make?

On average, a dog bather at Petco will make around $12 per hour, although this rate can change based on location, experience, and skills.

The hourly range for this position Starts at $9 per hour and can go up to as much as $17 per hour, so your own hourly rate may well be a little below or appreciably above the standard 12$ hourly rate.

Is Petco grooming training more extensive than PetSmart?

Actually, yes. PetSmart grooming training, aside from the apprenticeship period, consists of a 4 week, 160-hour course where you will learn the finer points of professional grooming. By this time, you’ll have over 800 hours of hands-on experience, as well as safety certification, but the actual course only takes 4 weeks.

By comparison, Petco will give you an apprenticeship, but your formal education is quite a bit longer. Petco provided a 20-week, 800 hour course in pet grooming that is quite a bit more extensive. As such, they are well-worth considering when you are deciding just how much education you’d like to start your new career off with.

Do you need experience to be a Petco groomer?

Petco prefers if you have at least 1 year of experience as a groomer, but if you already have training then they will sometimes still hire you.

If your performance does not meet their expectations, then likely you will be demoted to a Salon apprentice, so that you can get a little more experience and some thorough training in order to improve your skills to meet Petco’s exacting requirements for professional groomers.

What does a Petco pet stylist apprentice do?

A Petco pet stylist basically learns the ropes of both the dog grooming and business aspects of a grooming salon. Aside from bathing, brushing, styling, and other grooming duties, they are expected to also perform administrative tasks as well as customer service.

The grooming portions are done with the assistance of a seasoned groomer, so that their skills will improve enough to qualify for more formal training.

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What benefits do Petco employees get?

Petco employees do get a number of benefits, such as a 401k plan, disability assistance, flex accounts, and insurance covering medical, as well as qualifying dental and vision expenses. This also comes with a 20% discount on Petco items and employees can even get cell phone discount plans as part of their employment perks.

Aside from this, if you are considering a career in pet grooming, Petco offers a very comprehensive training program that consists of a 20-week, 800-hour education in the finer points of Pet Grooming. This is a pretty substantial amount of training and this should be considered if you are thinking about becoming an apprentice groomer at Petco.

Does Petco give raises?

Raises do happen, though generally it is more about promotion than a yearly thing. That said, a lot will vary on the location, as well as the performance of the employee, so nothing is ‘set in stone’.

Bonuses are sometimes given, but like raises this is going to depend a lot of the location, management, performance, and overall profit of the individual store. Statistically, Petco bonuses are mostly of the ‘sign on’ variety, given as incentive for an already experienced hire, rather than a performance-based bonus.

Be sure to check with your local Petco and do not be afraid to ask about this when you are deciding if you would like to start an apprenticeship there or simply to work as a full-fledged professional groomer at Petco.

Does Petco pay their groomers weekly like PetSmart does?

Payment at Petco is a little different from PetSmart, in that it is biweekly rather than weekly. This is fairly standard, although if a weekly salary is better for you during an apprenticeship or when working as a full professional groomer, then PetSmart may be a better fit for you.