Do Parti Yorkies Bark a Lot? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, Parti Yorkies can be quite boisterous and bark at times. They may bark when they are playing games or to get your attention, and sometimes when they see guests coming to the house. 

Sometimes, this is not appreciated by their owners. Especially for families living in apartments. Before your Parti Parti Yorkie makes a habit of barking a lot, you can stop this behavior with a little training and positive reinforcement.

What Does Low-tone Barking Mean?

Barking in a low tone is usually an indication that Parti Yorkies sense danger. It sounds like a deep growl, broken by small ‘woofing’ sounds. This type of barking is usually directed towards any stimulus from the outside and maybe a harbinger of danger approaching…

In reality is it probably just a neighbor passing, another dog, a cat, or a speeding motorcycle. Parti Yorkies can make many different sounds besides barking, and these sounds have different meanings. 

You can tell what your Parti Yorkie wants from the type of bark that they make. Parti Yorkies may also make different sounds when they are in different moods. These sounds can range from groaning, squawking, and growling.

What Does Growling Mean?

Growling is typically a verbal warning. The growling tone is against danger, or in self-defense. But not always. 

Parti Yorkies are instinctively territorial. If someone or another dog approaches this area, Parti Yorkies can force the other person to retreat by warning them with a growl, it is also a sign of curiosity, Parti Yorkie may growl at the shaking of a bush without knowing what is causing it.

Although Parti Yorkies are small breed dogs, they are quite brave. In particular, male Parti Yorkies may not like it very much when they see other male dogs and may make a growling sound. 

This is common in some unsocialized Parti Yorkies. That’s why you should socialize your Yorkie as much as you can. Whenever possible, take your Parti Yorkie to dog parks and let them play with other dogs.

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Why Do Parti Yorkies Make High Pitched Noises?

This sound is often associated with your Parti Yorkie wanting your attention. Parti Yorkies that make this noise probably want to play and spend time with you.

Why Do Parti Yorkies Whine?

If Parti Yorkies are having an emotional episode, they can sometimes make this noise. It may be a feeling of longing, or they may be asking you to take them out, or they may be bored and in need of a cuddle. 

If the whining is severe, your Parti Yorkie may be in pain. When Parti Yorkies are in exceptional amounts of pain they will make a whining noise that is not directed at you or any other stimuli.

In such cases, you should try to understand what the situation is and take your Parti Yorkie to the vet if the whining is prolonged. It is also not uncommon for Parti Yorkies to exhibit aggressive behavior when they feel severe discomfort. 

Parti Yorkies feel very vulnerable in such situations and perceive everything they encounter as a danger. In such cases, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

What Does Howling Mean in Parti Yorkies?

Howling is an instinctive habit that all dogs inherit from wolves. Dogs communicate with each other by howling frequently. It is a way of saying ‘I am here!’ so that their pack members, or potential competition, know their location.

If your Parti Yorkie has suddenly started howling, it’s probably because they heard another dog’s howl or bark.

Dogs sometimes communicate with each other by howling instead of barking, or a mixture of both. This is something they do instinctively.

Parti Yorkies (and other dogs) may howl when certain frequencies are played. The frequencies can be received at the same level as a howl from another dog, causing your Parti Yorkie to howl in return.

How to Train a Yorkshire Terrier Not to Bark?

Just as we humans communicate with each other by talking, dogs communicate with each other by barking, howling and body language.

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You cannot stop your Parti Yorkie from barking completely. But in some cases, Parti Yorkies barking can cause a number of problems, and you can greatly reduce the amount of unnecessary barking with a little training.

Parti Yorkies tend to bark when they sense danger around them or at external stimuli. To prevent this, make sure your Parti Yorkie gets used to all these stimuli. 

For example, if you have a Parti Yorkie that barks at the doorbell, you have to make them feel comfortable with the sound of the doorbell and what to expect.

Their thought process is similar to when you move into a new house or stay at a friends for the night and unexpectedly hear the neighbors or the creaking of pipes that you are not used to. 

For the first few nights, these noises may wake you, or make you feel anxious, but as you get used to them and know that they are, you begin to relax, and eventually, you barely notice them at all.

In order to prevent your Parti Yorkie from barking, you must find these triggers and make them realize that they are ordinary things by rehearsing the situations with them, and rewarding them with a treat when they do not bark.

Are Bark Collars Recommended For Parti Yorkies?

A bark collar must only be attempted if all other training methods have failed and your Parti Yorkies’ barking is severe.

Also, if your Parti Yorkie is barking because of anxiety, a bark collar will likely make them worse as they may begin to associate the source of their anxiety with physical shocks from the bark collar.

Normally, a bark collar is not a highly recommended method, but if your Parti Yorkie has a barking problem that is not associated with psychological issues, you can try this method if nothing else is working.

Why is My Parti Yorkie Barking at Night?

Parti Yorkies can sometimes bark more at night than during the day. This may be due to something they sense but cannot see.

If your Parti Yorkie is barking all night long, you should make daytime exercises a little more frequent, making your Parti Yorkie sleepy at night and less likely to wake up to external noises.

During the daytime, your Parti Yorkie may not be able to detect the sounds of other animals because of the noise of people in the street. 

But when night falls and things calm down, these stimuli become more audible. Your Parti Yorkie will likely respond to these stimuli out of a protective instinct.