How To You Paper Train A Yorkie (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

A Yorkie is an affectionate, adorable, and sweet little dog, but they do require training as with any other dog. When you have to leave your pup at home, you want to ensure they are properly trained in the home to avoid messes. 

Paper training your Yorkie does take some time and patience, but it’s definitely worth it to ensure that when nature calls, they have a safe space to go to the bathroom at home without causing any damage. 

Why Paper Train My Yorkie?

It is inevitable that you will have to leave your Yorkie at home at some point, as much as you might want to bring them everywhere with you. Training them to go to the bathroom on paper or training pads means no messes or stains to come home to. 

Are Yorkies Difficult To Paper Train?

Each dog will come with their own unique temperament, but generally speaking, a Yorkie should not be too difficult to house train. They love being told they are doing a good job, and they love making their pet parents happy. 

That being said, when a Yorkie is still a young puppy, it shouldn’t be expected that they will come home knowing how to communicate their bathroom needs. Expect a few accidents before getting them trained, and don’t lose your temper with them. 

How Can I Ensure The Most Success Paper Training My Yorkie?

First, be patient with your Yorkie and don’t expect the impossible. You are not going to house train or paper train your Yorkie overnight. 

You also won’t have much success paper training your Yorkie if you don’t have everyone in the household on board. Be sure to go over your game plan with others in the home and make sure everyone is an active participant in the training. 

Can I Just Put Paper Everywhere Around The Home?

It’s best to have one or two areas at the most to set up paper for your Yorkie to use when they have to go to the bathroom.

It can be way too confusing for them to try and learn multiple areas they should go potty. This might make them think that the entire house is their own personal bathroom, which defeats the purpose of house training them. 

How Can I Keep The Yorkie’s Attention Towards Their Designated Potty Area?

When you are in the midst of paper training your Yorkie, try keeping them centralized to that general area as much as possible. Be sure that they get used to that area, and be sure there are no barriers to entry for them.

You also want to make sure there isn’t anything in the area that might scare them or make them feel unsafe, as it’ll be nearly impossible to get them to release their inhibitions, so to speak, when nature calls. 

Can I Set Up Their Paper In A Crate?

It’s not recommended to train your Yorkie to use a crate as their bathroom area. Yorkies aren’t the biggest fans of crates, and won’t like to be isolated in such a small space when you’re not home. 

Plus, having them confined in a small space that might get full of their excrement in a short time is not an ideal environment for a happy pup. 

How Can I Set Up A Safe Space To Keep Them Enclosed In When I’m Not Home?

You can opt for a gate to keep your Yorkie in one room when you’re out, so that you don’t keep the door closed and have them feeling trapped. However, be sure there isn’t anything in the room that they could hurt themselves on. 

You can also consider setting up a spacious play pen area where there is an area set up for their paper training, as well as a separate area for food, and a separate area for a bed and toys. 

This might be an option if you have a more open floor plan in your home, but be sure you can separate those designated areas. No one wants to potty where they eat their breakfast, including your Yorkie. 

How Can I Encourage My Yorkie’s Use Of The Paper To Go Potty On?

You want to make a concentrated effort on congratulating your Yorkie when they successfully go to the bathroom on their paper or training pad. Use a specific phrase that is designated only for when they do this, such as “good potty” or “good job using the potty.” They will associate this action with this phrase. 

Be sure to reward your Yorkie after they have used their paper to go potty on. This could be a little scruff of the chin or a pat, and/or a treat. Consider having a specific treat that they enjoy, but only get when they use their paper to go potty on. 

It doesn’t take super long for a Yorkie to develop a good habit when they are congratulated and rewarded, so stay consistent with this until their paper training becomes second nature to them. 

Wouldn’t It Be Better To Just Train Them To Go Outside?

There will be a time to train them to go to the bathroom on walks or in the backyard, but trying to get your Yorkie to learn too much at once can be overwhelming for them. 

Training them to be house broken first is ideal so they are prepared for those times when you cannot be home to take them for a walk each time they need to go to the bathroom. 

When you’re starting out with their paper training, be sure to train them to go in their designated area on the paper before taking them for a walk, so they know what their bathroom option is if they cannot go outside. 

Are There Any Other General Tips That Are Good To Know?

Just as it’s important to remain patient and avoid punishment when your Yorkie is still learning, it’s also important to be patient when waiting for them to use the bathroom. 

If they know all eyes are on them when it’s time to go, it might make them nervous, and they won’t feel comfortable enough going.