Is Owning a Dog Daycare Profitable? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, dog daycare is a highly profitable business, especially if you are purchasing a franchise, such as K9 Resorts. Highly recognized franchises such as these can make as much as $400k in the right locations, though even without a franchise you can do pretty well.

On average, dog daycare owners can make anywhere from $25k per year up to $149k. It’s all going to depend on the quality of your service, local demand, and the diversity of your offerings.

Consider a business model that includes extra such as product sales, training, and grooming and then you’ve got a potential moneymaking beast on your hands. Just get creative with your offerings and make sure to advertise your services through social media and on Google businesses.

If you can make your business stand out, it’s definitely a service that is in demand.

In today’s article, we’ll answer questions about various aspects of owning a doggy daycare. Did you know that dog daycare licensing is only for the day, not overnight boarding? What about how much land you’ll need just for play space?

Read on to find out important answers that you need to start your doggy daycare business the RIGHT way – that important data is waiting below!

How do dog daycares make money?

It all breaks down to the number of dogs and the services offered. For instance, if it’s 30$ a day to board dogs, and another 30$ for an hour of socialization training per day, then 50 dogs getting all the services then you are making $3000 per day.

More services is the key point here. Offer things like socialization and obedience training and be sure to have products that you can sell at a markup – even better, products that you produce right along with them. That way the standard boarding fee isn’t your only income.

As you can see with the training example, extras can make a big difference, but you’ll also need to factor in the required staff and insurance.

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Do I need a License for dog daycare?

While there is no federal requirement for special licensing beyond your business license, you will need to check your city and state laws for Doggy Daycare before you can get started. Likely you will need to have your facility inspected and to pay a fee based on the size of your business before you can get started boarding dogs.

What is required to open a doggie daycare?

You will need to get licensing in accordance with city and state laws in your area and you will either need to build your own facility or rent one locally.

When you are licensing your business, keep in mind that doggie daycare licenses are for day care only – you may well need a different license if you will be having dogs overnight, plus licensing for selling treats, and you are going to need general liability insurance.

Beyond this, once you’ve got your kennels, feeding supplies, products to sell (shampoos, grooming kits, dog treats) then you’ll need to have an advertising scheme.

Social media is a good start, as you can attract a lot of attention through Google business and Facebook – especially if you have videos showing the cleanliness of the facility and segments of the training offered as well.

Other than these basics, it’s just going to take time for you to build up a regular clientele so that your business becomes popular and prosperous.

How many dogs can you have in Doggy Daycare?

That’s going to depend on your facilities and your staff. While 1 staff member for every 15 dogs will work, having 1 staff member for every 10 dogs is a better ratio for providing a much more quality experience for the dogs.

If you really want the best, then 1 staffer for every 8 dogs is going to be best, but you’ll have to use your best judgement on how you would like to handle it. Remember – more dogs is not definitely better.

It’s all about making the experience as stimulating for the dogs as possible so that their owners don’t pick up stressed-out doggies when they get back from their outings.

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Can you get a loan to start a daycare business?

You might qualify for a federal loan, based on the facility and the services that you are planning to offer. You’ll want to check with the Small Business Administration kennel rules to see if your business qualifies. If it doesn’t, consider tweaking your business model a bit.

You can get a really great start with the right changes if it means federal funding will be at your disposal, so this is definitely something to consider!

What makes a good dog daycare?

The best dog daycares provide plenty of toys, treats, fresh air, and the stimulation of playing with other dogs and with staffers. A recent study showed that dogs in daycare or kennels sometimes view the experience much like a human would view a vacation.

As many owners dread having to drop off their beloved pets, if you can provide a stimulating experience so that their dog is always bouncing and happy when their owners arrive, then your business success is going to be all but assured!

How much profit does a dog daycare make?

The overall range is actually pretty wide, with the lower end of a dog care owner’s salary being as low as 25k, which higher-end doggy daycares might make as much as 149k per year.

Franchises, especially, make a lot of money, with recognized names such as ‘K9 resorts’ making as much as 400k for boarding and basics alone – not even factoring in product sales! It’s a lucrative market out there, with 68 to 70% of Americans having a pet in their household.

Can you run a doggy daycare from home?

Yes, you could run a doggy daycare from home, although this will seriously limit the amount of kennel space that you’ll have and thus how many dogs you could take care of. That said, provided that you have state and city licensing needs met, a home doggy daycare is certainly doable.

You can advertise your services on social media and even though you cannot house a lot of dogs, you can definitely put a focus on things like interaction, socialization training, and even provide grooming and sell homemade dog treats (though you will need to license all aspects of your business and purchase liability insurance).

Do you need planning permission for dog daycare?

Yes, you are going to need planning permission for your doggy daycare, unless you are purchasing a property that is already outfitted for the type of business venture. Check your state and local laws and be sure that everything is clean and orderly – as an inspection of the premises is going to be required to get licensed.

How much land do you need for doggy daycare?

Ideally, you are going to need anywhere between 40 and 70 square foot of space just for the dogs to play in together. The kennels will also need their own space, with a long kennel for about 27 dogs measuring in at 30 feet by 67 feet, by way of example.

You may also need some smaller, sperate kennels for the occasional dog that isn’t socialized or who doesn’t play well with other dogs for other reasons that will require separate housing for safety.